Digital Marketing Strategies to lower CPA for SaaS Companies

Far too many companies in SaaS only associate PPC with improving Cost per Acquisition (CPA). While you’ll find a wealth of information linking the two, that’s not to say that each is mutually exclusive to the other. Lowering your CPA is a broad-based task, with PPC being just one tool available to you to accomplish this. As you’ll see, there are other digital marketing strategies that you can also employ in order to bring on new business without having to break the bank.

Good Ole’ SEO

With all of the new online marketing trends that are so popular today, many overlook the effectiveness of plain old SEO. These words aren’t meant to downplay the complexity of this style of marketing, but rather to show that you don’t need to overhaul your content in order to make it effective at bringing in new business. By simply understanding search engine algorithms and how to mold your content to better accommodate them, you eliminate the need to throw a lot of time and resources in developing brand new advertising campaigns. By learning to master the intricacies of SEO, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Self-reliance
  • ‘Evergreen’ sustainability
  • Greater ROI
  • More leads and sign ups
  • Free or expensive traffic increases

Mastering Your Poker Face

In the world of internet marketing, if SEO is card counting, then content marketing is mastering your poker face. Rather than understanding how the search engine ranking system works and manipulating it to work in your favor, content marketing is understanding your customer base and tailoring your content to them. Yet knowing your customers entails a lot more than just having their names and e-mail addresses on file. You need to understand what really makes them tick when it comes to doing business, such as their:

  • Buyer Personas and Backgrounds
  • Intent
  • Problems & Expectations
  • Values

What makes content marketing such a cost-effective method at improving your CPA is that you already possess most of the information needed to improve your content. A thorough analysis of your sales history and the feedback provided by customers will give you a wealth of information on just what content really hooks customers. Add in to that a detailed analysis of keyword trends and their conversion rates, and content marketing allows you a virtual sneak peek inside of customers’ heads without them even knowing it.

Understanding just how to use SEO and content marketing to bring new visitors to your site is key if you hope to see high conversion rates from your online traffic. Combine these two marketing strategies with a successful PPC campaign, and you’ll immediately see your site turn into a powerful sales tool. We here at HawkSEM can help to turn this dream into a reality for you and your company. With our expertise in developing highly successful and cost-effective sales campaigns, we helped countless other clients to strengthen their online presence and achieve a greater ROI from their marketing dollars. We invite you to join those ranks. For more information on our digital marketing strategies, contact us today.