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You have an established SEM campaign that brings in moderate results, but it is time to move that campaign to the next level. In order to make the most of your marketing dollar, you must think differently about your strategy. Your digital marketing strategy should focus on “money keywords.” If you are like most companies, you bid for ad placement based on your position goals. You know the traffic you can expect, and you even go so far as to multiply your expected traffic by your conversion rate to get an anticipated ROI. Unfortunately, this is inefficient; it is actually contradicts the digital marketing strategy you should have in place to achieve results.

A Better Way to Design High ROI SEM Programs

Rather that plan your expected ROI after setting up your campaign, it should be the driving force in how you strategically plan. After all, you would not do any of this if you could not expect a ROI. If your end results are the reason for all your work, then it is logical that they should be behind the strategy.

1. Plan Your Intended ROI—It is always good to reach for the stars, but in order for your campaign to be successful, you need a reasonable ROI goal. If you have any questions about what you should be able to expect from a strong campaign, SEM experts can help get you on track.

2. Revisit Your Keywords—Not all keywords are as effective as others. While you certainly want to invest in a range of keywords, you may be better off changing your order of importance. If some keywords have consistently proven unprofitable, you may be better off dropping them altogether. Plan based on the ROI you can expect from each keyword on your list. It is crucial that you have proper tracking in place so you can properly plan for this.

3. Structure Your Campaign—Based on your ROI goals, you should figure the cost per acquisition (CPA) that is within your budget and that will generate a profit. When you compete for ad spaces strategically, you know when to put more money into an ad, and when to withdraw money from another. With proper planning, you can creatively structure your campaign to achieve your goals.

Use Your “Money Keywords”

Your “money keywords” are the keywords that bring you the required ROI to make the campaign worth your time and expense. In other words, they are your best performing and highest ROI generating keywords. The most effective way to transform your SEM program to reach the next level is to work with an experienced and ROI focused digital marketing agency that generates results.

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