The Challenge of Cost-Effective PPC

So you’ve finally made the commitment to go all-in on a full scale PPC campaign. That’s great, yet there’s just one problem: so have quite a few others. Competition for keywords drives the prices publishers will charge for them up. Ultimately, you could easily see yourself spending more to generate new leads through PPC than you could recoup through actual transactions.

7 Tips to Keep Costs Low

That’s not to say that there are no ways for you to essentially achieve an ROI from PPC. Such techniques do exist; you just have to recognize them, and have the wherewithal to see them through:

  • Start by looking within: Look at your best customers. Analyze the feedback that they give as to what marketing tools brought them to you, and then focus your new acquisition campaign on that content.
  • Focus on specific keywords: Analyze search queries and results to see what specific keywords or phrases are uniquely relevant to your company. Too often, companies allow vagaries to limit the effectiveness of their search words or terms.
  • What makes your ad “clickable?”: The “clickability” of your ad depends largely on the relevance of the keyword it’s built upon. Connecting keyword relevance to click conversions allows you to enhance your ad’s effectiveness.
  • Eliminate strays: While many focus all of their attention on creating new content, you should also not forget the potential of that which you already have. Examine your paid ad for language can be misleading and produce unwanted or unproductive clicks, and then eliminate it.
  • Look at what you’re offering: Are you losing customers because you offer too much online, thus giving them no incentive to convert from casual observers to paying customers? Remember to give them what they want initially, yet leave them wanting more.
  • Look at what you can pay, not what you’re willing to pay: Review the historical PPC conversion data from other companies within your industry, or your own if you’ve already engaged in PPC advertising. Do you notice a steady conversion rate? Comparing the difference, if any, between your goal customer acquisition cost (CAC) and the actual conversion rate gives you a baseline figure at which you should pay in order to make ensure your PPC campaign’s profitability.
  • Optimize: While focusing on a baseline of profitability keeps your head above water, you don’t want to end up simply treading it over the long-term. Look for every opportunity to improve your conversion rates compared to your CAC.

Contrary to popular belief, you can help set the price for your PPC, allowing you continuous and cost-effective customer inflow with a near guarantee of high conversion rates. Yet reaching such an internet marketing utopia requires a fair deal of savvy. Don’t worry, we’ll provide the savvy. Our team here are HawkSEM knows what it takes to mount a successful, cost-effective PPC campaign. Let us put that knowledge to work for you. Give us a call and let’s see if we can help reach your goals.