Get to know us

HawkSEM is a results-driven digital marketing agency with roots in paid search that date back more than a decade. Our founders are based in Los Angeles and lead a remote team of marketing experts in over 15 states across the country.

As our team grows, so do our specialties
Our integrated approach to digital marketing includes a variety of service offerings, including:

  • Paid Search/PPC
  • SEO
  • Performance Display
  • CRO
  • Shopping Feed Management
  • Paid Social
  • Content Marketing

Mission: Possible

Our ultimate goal

We use our collective expertise to continuously improve clients’ digital marketing programs and provide impressive, measurable results. Our 98% retention rate speaks for itself.

How’d we get here?

By practicing what we preach. Through our own ConversionIQ System (which we like to call “our secret sauce”), ROI-driven strategies, and commitment to staying on top of the latest and greatest industry developments, we’ve been able to grow our client base through a steadfast commitment to their success.

HawkSEM is looking for dedicated team members who are in it to win it, ready to hit the ground running, and look forward to growing with us year after year.

Our team

We’re a diverse, knowledgeable team of digital marketers specializing as SEM and SEO managers, lead strategists, sales executives, designers, and content marketers. Meet our team.

What makes us unique?

We believe that even a great digital marketing program can be improved. Our team is made up of multifaceted SEM and SEO managers who are trusted with full autonomy and strategic ownership over client accounts.

  • handsClient-facing relationships
  • diff-signStrategy development
  • clikconHands-on execution

Our clients

Through preliminary audits and transparent communication, we partner with clients who don’t have the time or resources to effectively manage their digital marketing in-house:

  • eterprises

    Mid-market and enterprise companies

  • speaker

    National lead generation and
    e-commerce campaigns

  • briefcase

    SaaS, education, finance,
    healthcare & more

Our culture

The remote team at HawkSEM believes in consistent, open communication. Our passion for digital marketing and constant knowledge-sharing keep us connected, no matter how many miles and time zones are between us.

Most team members are part of smaller pods and work directly with a team lead on strategy — always collaborating, never micromanaging.

What makes a member of the Hawk flock?

  • Frequent collaborator with a love of learning
  • Obsessed with results
  • Passionate about the ever-changing world of digital marketing
  • Adaptable and willing to learn new strategies
  • Self-driven with an autonomous work ethic
  • Strong GIF game is a bonus
  • slack-logo
  • video-img
  • Slack and Google Meet are our go-to platforms for connecting to share everything from a new Search Engine Land article to a personal win that’s worthy of a virtual high-five.
  • Our perks

  • balance

    Work/life balance

    Gone are the agency days of working 60+ hour weeks. We know the best results come from people with the time and energy to live their lives.

  • globe

    Work where you want

    HawkSEM has been a fully-remote agency since day one, which enables us to source the best talent from all across the country.

  • refresh

    Never stop learning

    Keep your skills sharp and expand your digital marketing knowledge via industry conferences, webinars, and internal development opportunities.

  • doller

    Earn what you’re worth

    We’re happy to offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience as well as performance bonus incentives.

  • rest-time

    Take some time off

    We offer paid vacation days, all major holidays off, and sick time.

You’re also probably wondering...

What’s the path for growth as an SEM and/or SEO Manager?

High-performing team members have the opportunity to become team leads. Lead Strategists are seasoned Hawks who are always promoted from within and trusted to take on the responsibilities of a manager while also acting as a second set of eyes and sounding board for other managers in their pod.

What makes someone successful in this position?

  • Self-driven and autonomous work ethic
  • A passion for digital marketing
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A willingness to learn and adapt to new strategies
  • Readiness to hit the ground running with a plug-and-play approach

What does a week in the life of a Hawk look like?

  • Checking emails and organizing your schedule daily
  • Client updates and reporting
  • New client calls and onboarding
  • Campaign set up, keyword research, and account optimizations
  • Meeting with team leads

What resources would I manage?

SEM Managers:

2 internal designers, 3 internal developers

SEO Managers:

Our content team, 3 internal devs, 2 internal designers

What platforms and tools does the team use?

Google Ads, Google Ads Editor, Google Analytics, Microsoft Bing Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Ads, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, SpyFu, Google Data Studio… if it’s effective, we use it.

How will my performance be measured?

There are tangible measurements like client retention, client feedback, and upselling. We’ll also keep an eye on the intangibles like internal activity, knowledge sharing, and going the extra mile.

What hours would I be expected to work?

Local 8am-5pm schedule. No need to wake up at 6am on the West Coast for a 9am East Coast meeting.

Spread your wings

We’re looking for a few awesome people who share the same relentless drive for results.

View Open Positions Below

  • sem_manager

    SEM Manager

    Are you a digital marketing wiz specializing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? Can you show us your ability to optimize paid search campaigns on platforms like Google and Bing?

  • seo_manager

    SEO Manager

    Do you have a passion for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy? Can you show us your ability to achieve top search engine rankings on platforms like Google and Bing?

  • digitalmarket_manager

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Are you a digital marketing pro with expertise in both paid and earned media? Can you show us your ability to optimize paid search, paid social, and organic search campaigns on platforms like Google and Bing?

  • success-manager

    Client Success

    Are you a digital marketer with a passion for building relationships and driving client retention? Do you make your clients smile with a curiosity that identifies new opportunities?

  • pmm-icon

    Paid Media

    Are you a digital marketing specialist with a focus on both paid search and paid social media? Can you drive engagement and conversions on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn?