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What Do Paid Social Services Include?

We can’t vouch for every social media marketing agency out there, of course. But, at HawkSEM, we pride ourselves on offering a range of paid social deliverables to help you reach and exceed business goals. These marketing services include:

In-depth paid social audit

Ads across platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, X/Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest)

Identification of key platforms and opportunities

Campaign strategy and execution

Target audience research (demographics, interests, email lists, remarketing)

Audience builds

Ad copy creation

A/B and ad format testing

Placement testing

Facebook pixel and LinkedIn insights tag implementation

Conversion tracking

Bidding strategy and optimization

How Much Do Paid Social Services Cost?

While specific needs and social media marketing goals may be different for each business, here are a few general pricing guidelines:


Our starter paid social plans


Full-service paid social management


For larger brands who need more resources

Here are a few things we consider when determining costs:

  • Business goals
  • Speed (desired time to goal)
  • Competition
  • Account size
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No Contracts

We don’t believe in locking you into a contract. We believe that earning your trust should be based on great results and a great relationship.

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Detailed Plan Before Working Together

Our team will be more than happy to do a free audit of your existing social efforts and provide a detailed plan of what to expect even before we start working together.

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No Setup Fees

While other agencies charge upfront or setup fees, we don’t do that here at HawkSEM.

How Long Does It Take?

We’ve been around long enough to know: paid social wins are a marathon, not a sprint. We believe in an intelligent, measured, strategy set up to stand the test of time.

Core phase (0-3 months):

This is when we research, create benchmarks, identify low-hanging fruit (those “quick wins”), and build the foundation.

Amplification phase (4-8 months):

From there, we create predictability, conduct any necessary pruning and optimizing, and determine how to defend — and boost — your position in the marketplace.

Domination phase (9-12 months):

Finally, we focus on market leadership, expansion, and scaling through increased impression share and more.

The Top Paid Social Media Platforms

It can be dizzying trying to keep up with the latest apps and online trends. (Hint: That’s another benefit to partnering with a paid social agency.) However, there are a handful of key players with ad offerings that we think are worth exploring.

Meta Ads (aka Facebook)

  • Awareness ads
  • Consideration ads
  • Conversion ads
  • Instant Experience ads

LinkedIn Ads

  • Sponsored content
  • Message ads
  • Text ads

Instagram Ads

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Paid partnerships
  • Explore ads
  • In-stream video ads

YouTube Ads

  • Discovery (display)
  • Overlay ads
  • In-stream skippable ads
  • In-stream non–skippable ads
  • Bumpers
  • Sponsored cards

TikTok Ads

  • In-feed
  • TopView
  • Branded Hashtag Challenge
  • Branded effects

X Ads (aka Twitter Ads)

  • Follower ads
  • Promoted ads
  • Twitter Amplify
  • Twitter Takeover

Pinterest ads

  • Video
  • Shopping
  • Static
  • Carousel
  • Collections

Reddit Ads

  • Text ads
  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Conversation placements
  • Product ads
  • Megaposts
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything)
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The HawkSEM Difference

We can help expand your paid and organic social presence through dynamic content creation and targeted social media campaigns that’ll keep you top of mind. Not only that, but we track and analyze all data gathered throughout the campaign so we can continue to optimize and grow your program.

Along with being marketing scientists at heart, we’ve got the know-how to back it up. As a team of all-senior managers, we’ve seen how crucial it is to help our clients strategize and execute while focusing on tailor-made action plans every step of the way. While automation, AI, and machine learning technology are all exciting developments, our years of industry experience have shown us that there’s no substitute for the human touch when it comes to building your marketing strategy.

Another perk of working with us: ConversionIQ, our exclusive marketing platform that gathers all of your marketing data (from social media channels to Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and more) into one centralized hub.

Results From Our Services

Used LinkedIn to increase leads by 3,000%

Vios Fertility/Kindbody
Increased website sessions by 128%

Boosted average order value by 21%

Increase CTR to 28% higher than platform average

Increased organic sessions by 200%

Apotheke Co
More than doubled return on social ad spend

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ConversionIQ is our proprietary methodology built to drive actionable insights, full-funnel attribution and high-quality conversions that continuously improve your bottom line.

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Paid Social vs. Organic Social: What’s the Difference?

Much like paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics complement one another well, including both paid social ads and organic social posts in your marketing plan can help you create a more complete, well-rounded social media approach. And just like paid search and SEO, each requires a unique approach.

Organic social posts have plenty of benefits. They can help your brand:

  • Stay competitive
  • Increase awareness
  • Promote new offerings in a cost-effective way
  • Stay top of mind
  • Foster brand trust and loyalty
  • Illustrate your brand’s ethos and personality

In contrast, paid social media ads allow you to reach your target audience in a way that’s direct, seamless, and cost-effective, especially when compared to other digital marketing methods.

Paid social media marketing refers to sponsored or promoted content on social media apps. These posts (which can be images or videos) generally appear in a platform’s feed, timeline, or homepage.

Paid social content marketing is effective because it allows brands to:

  • Connect with potential customers in a non-intrusive way (since they’re already scrolling on their phones or other devices)
  • Grow their reach by targeting a variety of audience members
  • A/B test visuals like images and video
  • Maintain market share rather than getting lapped by other brands leveraging these apps
  • Generate leads and boost conversions
  • Nurture relationships to boost customer acquisition

What’s more, most audience demographics use at least one social media app, so the chances are high that your ideal clients are on social media.

Helpful Resources

Whether or not you decide to work with us, we care about providing helpful, accurate content that educates and informs. Here are just a few articles we’ve crafted to make paid social media management easier and more effective:

FAQs About Ecommerce Marketing Services

What is a paid social agency?

A paid social agency is a team of digital marketing experts that help brands develop strategies, build ad campaigns, and create optimization plans for paid social media marketing initiatives.

What are paid social media marketing deliverables?

Deliverables typically include a paid social audit, competitive analysis, market research, campaign build and execution, data analysis, and optimization.

How much do paid social agencies cost?

You can typically expect to spend around $1,500-$10,000 and up each month. However, prices will vary depending on a number of factors, including the platform you choose — for instance, Instagram ads will cost you significantly more than Twitter/X ads.

Which top paid social media platforms are worth exploring?

The current top social media platforms that offer advertising are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter/X, Pinterest, and Reddit.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Paid Social Agency

Think all you need to achieve success on social media is a Gen Z intern or two? Think again.

The only thing constant about social is change – these apps are always evolving, with new features, ad offerings, and updates on the reg. Not only that, but today’s biggest platform could get overshadowed tomorrow by the Next Big Thing.

Whether you’ve got a full-time social manager or are just getting started on these apps, it might be time to partner with a paid social agency if:

  • You’re itching to scale
  • Your current efforts have hit a wall
  • You simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to manage these campaigns
  • Your current in-house marketing team could use some extra help
  • You’re looking for improved performance from these efforts
  • You’ve been burned by a paid social agency in the past
  • You’re looking to expand your audience and grow your reach

Hitting “like” on any of these? Then we should talk.

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The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to amp up your profiles, grow your reach, and boost your paid efforts, enlisting an agency to partner with you on social media management is worth the investment – particularly if you opt for an experienced, data-driven agency like HawkSEM.

In addition to social media advertising services, our full-service team of digital marketing strategists can help you build and optimize additional marketing channels and tactics, including:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns
  • SEO
  • Content strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Remarketing and retargeting
  • Landing page and conversion rate optimization
  • Ecommerce shopping and feed management
  • Performance display
  • & more
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At the end of the day, we know the most effective marketing centers on people and connections, not just search engine results.

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