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Our ultimate goal is to improve your digital marketing program to get you dramatically better results.

At HawkSEM, we offer a unique blend of experienced industry experts, ConversionIQ (our smarter, revenue-driven way of marketing), and thoughtful, consistent optimization to transform your marketing programs, from paid search and content to SEO, paid social, and everything in between.

Having the right plan in place is the foundation of a successful SEM program. That’s why we focus on building integrated strategies that focus on increasing ROI by targeting the right audience at the right time.

We’re passionate about working with market leaders, makers, and disruptors. Instead of just focusing on your budget, we take the time to immerse ourselves in your current business model, assess our options, and determine the best way forward from there.

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The Results Our Clients See

California State University, Northridge doubled qualified leads while cutting CPA in half

Wyndham Capital Mortgage gained 250% more PPC conversions despite strict FTC guidelines

Campaign leveraged PPC to drive 7.5 times more online revenue while decreasing digital costs

Escape the Room garnered more than 4 million monthly impressions to maintain top industry status

Sierra Nevada University revamped its targeting, tracking, and landing pages for a 309% increase in conversions

AppDynamics grew its market share by 20% year-over-year

What We Do

PPC Management

We’re big fans of paid search/PPC around here. It’s the key component to our digital marketing programs, thanks to the high intent and ROI it can offer through our use of smart technology that attributes keywords to revenue.

As a results-driven SEM company, we find our answers in the data. That’s why we make sure all campaign tracking is set up properly so we can analyze it, provide actionable insights, and execute the right strategy to get the best results. All of our strategies and optimizations are created by humans, not automated robots, which is instrumental to our SEM clients’ success. We do the work, and you reap the rewards.

Once our team has taken the time to learn about your business, goals, competitors, and current performance, we go the extra mile to make sure we’re aligned and set up to get you the results you want. Whether you have an existing account or want us to want us to build a brand-new plan from the ground up, we’ll analyze your industry, create an in-depth proposal, and complete an actionable road map to achieve your desired results.

Landing Page Design & Optimization

A landing page is one of the most effective SEM strategies around, taking a user from an organic search result, paid search ad, or marketing promotion straight to a page on your website that delivers a clear next step.

We know what elements make up a good landing page, and we’ve helped numerous clients optimize their existing pages or launch brand-new ones that are consistent, eye-catching, and designed with CRO in mind.

Our SEM team makes sure your landing page has a clear message, a strong CTA, and eye-catching imagery or graphics that align perfectly with your brand and website. You want a landing page that’s set up to convert, easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and seamless on the back end, so the leads can start flowing in.

Shopping & Feed Management

E-commerce brands have multiple outlets for showcasing their products online, thanks to SEM strategies on platforms like Google Shopping, Amazon Advertising, and Microsoft Shopping. Search, social, and display ads allow you to target your audience, boost your CTR, and increase sales.

The real-time product feeds we create and optimize will allow you to maximize sales while growing your customer base.

The Shopping campaign experts on our SEM team will help you set up your feeds, make sure your products are optimized and organized, and arm you with the strategies that’ll help you climb to the top of search results. We’ll walk you through all the steps, from choosing a product data input method and setting up your campaign to experimenting with ad types, conducting a strategic product push, and more.


There are plenty of reasons why people navigate to your website without converting. Maybe they were just browsing to assess their options or weren’t in a rush to make a final decision.

We leverage remarketing to remind those who have previously interacted with you about a product or service they’ve expressed interest in already.

Remarketing isn’t just for e-commerce brands. Remarketing is a strong SEM technique across multiple industries and verticals, and it can be done successfully using many channels and platforms, from Google Ads to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Google Premier Partner
+ Microsoft Advertising Partner 2021

How We're Different

There are a lot of SEM agencies out there — this is why we stand out.

Capture · Connect · Cultivate

The exclusive ConversionIQ System is our smart way of marketing to drive more SEM revenue. We don’t simply focus on traffic. We capture visitors through consistent messaging. Then, we connect detailed cross-channel ad data for end-to-end revenue attribution. Lastly, we cultivate insights from the data to continuously improve performance and, ultimately, drive more revenue.

Marketing Scientists at Heart

We know effective marketing is part art, part science, and HawkSEM is run by our team of creative marketing scientists. We don’t have a separate dedicated analytics team because every account manager is a data-driven SEM scientist well-versed in thinking outside the box.

Senior Talent Only

We only employ senior managers, which means we don’t have any junior marketers working on your account. Because of that, we don’t simply make suggestions about how your SEM could improve — we’re strategists who execute. Rather than giving you a to-do list, we come up with best practices and make them happen for you.

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