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Apotheke Boosts Return on Social Ad Spend by More Than 60% Through Partnership with HawkSEM


Apotheke Co. (apothekeco.com) is a beloved Brooklyn-based luxury lifestyle fragrance brand. Since 2011, the team has grown to offer an array of products, including candles, reed diffusers, soap, lotion, home accessories, and more.

Not only does Apotheke make it easy to shop their curated roster of products online, but they’re committed to ethical manufacturing processes, sustainably sourced ingredients, reducing environmental impacts, and giving back through partnerships with multiple nonprofits and donation centers. 

The Challenge:

In addition to helping with paid search efforts, Apotheke was looking for a partner that would drive a social strategy – not just implement social ads. 

As an elevated, luxury brand in a competitive space, they knew it was vital for them to find a partner that understood how to position their products to their audiences. They also made it a top priority to focus on acquiring new customers while also retaining brand loyalists.

The Solution:

After digging into their current strategies and plans, the HawkSEM team got to work on expanding Apotheke’s efforts. We expanded the brand’s reach by implementing social shopping, resulting in hundreds of purchases through Meta Shops (Facebook and Instagram’s parent company).

From there, we expanded into social formats that humanized the brand. We worked with influencers who unboxed products, described the fragrances, and showed it in a home and lifestyle setting. This helps compel users to buy while differentiating Apotheke from competitors.

Lastly, we increased year-over-year return on ad spend (ROAS) while shifting away from always-on sales and offer codes. This opened the door for more high-intent audiences in the market for luxury goods.

“The Hawk team is a seamless extension to ours; quick to adapt, incredibly knowledgable, and always available. They have streamlined and optimized each channel with incredible detail all the while passionately striving to exceed our goals.” – Carli Lampley, Chief Marketing Officer, Apotheke Co.

The Results:

While partnering with HawkSEM, Apotheke was able to: 

  • Increase conversion rates by 25%
  • Grow year-over-year ROAS by more than 62%
  • Decrease total ad spend by nearly 30%

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