Written by Caroline Cox on Jan 30

Escape the Room Garners More than 4 Million Monthly Impressions to Maintain Top Industry Status

It’s a race against the clock to solve a series of challenging puzzles before your time is up! Escape the Room brings together friends, family, coworkers, and more to experience interactive, immersive games set in hyper-realistic situations with elaborate environments. It’s a fun and entertaining experience that makes participants put their heads together and think outside the (literal) box. Since 2013, Escape the Room has grown to more than 18 cities — and counting.

The Challenge

The team behind the live game and entertainment company wanted to keep growing their brand while expanding their online footprint through both paid and organic digital marketing efforts. They had the structures in place, but needed to optimize processes to take their digital marketing to the next level. That’s where HawkSEM came in.

The Solution

HawkSEM partnered with 16 Escape the Room locations to help manage their search, display, remarketing, paid social, and SEO efforts. After ensuring they had the proper tracking in place, we reworked a handful of key display and remarketing assets, helped roll out new ad extensions and location-based campaigns, and penned new ad copy to boost their clickthrough rate (CTR). On the SEO side, we helped them craft new website designs, publish new content, and added new SEO elements like meta descriptions and title tags. We also prioritized mobile responsiveness and switched out a few assets to make the sites more lightweight and speedy.

The Results

While partnering with HawkSEM, Escape the Room was able to: 

  • Reach an account-wide peak of 62% impression share
  • Drive a record number of clicks and impressions
  • Reach an average account-wide ad position of 1.1, an all-time high for the brand at that time

About HawkSEM

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