Written by Caroline Cox on Nov 20

Missed our live webinar? Or simply want to revisit?

8 Steps to PPC Success for SaaS Brands

With long sales cycles and an emphasis on demos, SaaS companies have a unique set of marketing obstacles. The same goes for advertising on platforms like Google and Bing.

This webinar covers 8 steps SaaS brands can take to achieve PPC success. Steve Dang, Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy at HawkSEM, walks us through his top PPC tips to drive maximum impact.

This webinar covers topics like:

  • Your landing page is your lifeline: make it count
  • Focus on credibility to drive leads
  • Know your ICP — and leverage this audience intel
  • Make retargeting your best friend

Steve provides actionable advice with tactical takeaways. Finish this video smiling — with a solid to-do list for you and your team.

Full webinar recording: