To make it easy for you to find the right partner, we independently vetted and reviewed Google Ads agencies. After 100 total hours of researching agencies, considering their case studies, reviews, testimonials, client rosters, and interviewing Google ads experts, we put together this list.

Here, you’ll find:

  • A list of the top Google Ads agencies worth exploring
  • Highlights from each of these agencies
  • Benefits of hiring an agency to manage your Google Ads
  • Various services these agencies offer


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Let’s cut to the chase — I know why you’re here.

You’re looking for the best Google Ads agency to bring in a bigger return on investment (ROI) for your paid search campaigns. Good thinkin’.

Once you’ve decided to partner with a Google Ads agency, the journey is just beginning. Now, you’ve got to research agencies to see which one aligns with your goals, communication style, budget, industry, and more. 

Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve taken our years of paid search knowledge and gathered some of the best names in the biz.

Below is a rundown of eight outstanding Google Ads agencies worth considering to ensure your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are targeted, optimized, and achieving the maximum ROI. 

First, let’s get to the list:

Top 8 Google Ads Agencies

  1. HawkSEM
  2. Jellyfish
  3. 3Q/DEPT
  4. Wpromote
  5. Tinuiti
  6. MuteSix
  7. Rise Interactive
  8. Spinx Digital

Read on to learn more about these agencies’ specialties, client reviews, and their (impressive) results.

  1.  HawkSEM

    HawkSEM Website Homepage Screenshot
    HawkSEM (yes, that’d be us) is a Google Ads agency based in Los Angeles. While Google Ads is our specialty, we offer a full suite of digital marketing services, such as:

    • Paid social (like LinkedIn and Facebook Ads)
    • Organic social
    • Non-Google search engine ads (like Amazon and Microsoft Ads)
    • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) 
    • Content strategy and creation
    • Email marketing

    HawkSEM is a Google Premier Partner, meaning we’re among the top 3% of Google Ads agencies in the country. We’ve been recognized for driving client growth, maximizing the success of clients’ campaigns, and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise.

    Our PPC advertising experience has also led to us becoming a Microsoft Advertising Partner and a Meta Business Partner. This means we have dedicated team members partnering with us on these platforms, giving us insider access to the latest beta and newly-launched features.

    And since we love data so much around here, we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. HawkSEM has a:

    • 98% client retention rate
    • 4.5x average return on investment (ROI)
    • 5-star Google Business Profile rating

    HawkSEM client results

    As a Google Ads agency, our expert marketing team has served clients like Nike, DIRECTV, Verizon Digital Media, Honda Motor Co., and Sierra Nevada University. But what results can HawkSEM offer you with Google Ads, you ask? Let’s zoom in on a real use case.

    Enterprise-class software company Peer Software wanted to give its marketing efforts a facelift. Goals included growing brand awareness, increasing sales, and driving leads through ad campaigns on an international scale.

    We worked with Peer Software to create ad campaigns for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising platforms that were hyper-targeted and addressed their audience’s pain points. As a result, they were able to increase conversions by 128%, increase clicks to the website by 126%, and cut their cost per conversion nearly in half.

    With HawkSEM’s senior-level marketing scientists working hands-on with you, we can help you perfect your Google Ads account and campaigns. (As a bonus, you get access to our unique ConversionIQ system that helps scale campaigns, optimize creative assets and focus on more profitable customers). Through all this and more, you can be confident you’re set up for success.

    Best for: B2B, B2C, ecommerce, SaaS, finance, healthcare, education, and professional services

  2.  Jellyfish


    Jellyfish wants to help brands create a platform for themselves via digital strategy, conversion optimization, paid media, video production, and email marketing.

    This agency has worked with impressive clients such as eBay, Disney, Spotify, Slack, Samsung, Uber, and They also boast an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Featured Customers.

    Jellyfish worked with Sunfoil Sunflower Oil (South Africa’s title sponsor for cricket competitions), a company that was associated more with sports than with the kitchen. Sunfoil Sunflower Oil wanted to change that.

    They’ve employed multiple strategies on social media, websites, Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, and email. Jellyfish partners include Google, Meta, Salesforce, and Amazon. Along with Google Ads services, they offer clients strategy building, market intelligence, data gathering, training and development opportunities, and more.

    Best for: Larger enterprise brands

  3.  3Q/DEPT

    3Q Dept

    3Q/DEPT, formerly known as 3Q Digital, is the self-proclaimed “largest independent growth marketing agency in the world.” While providing a broad list of services such as SEO, content marketing, paid search, business strategy, and creative help, the company essentially segments its expertise within two domains: full-service digital and strategic advisory.

    The agency has clients like Pandora, Skechers, TurboTax, Square, and Nextdoor as part of its portfolio.

    Here’s a closer look at a time when 3Q/DEPT was able to leverage Google Ads to create excellent results for their client, Blurb:

    Blurb is a DIY book-making platform allowing people to create, publish, and sell books, magazines, and art. The company had heavy competition with paid search ads since their competitors kept bidding on the necessary keywords.

    To mitigate this, Blurb partnered with 3Q/DEPT, which optimized Blurb’s Google Ads account, changed the way customers were tracked, and created non-brand campaigns that resulted in stronger cost per click (CPC) and cost-per-rating (CPR). Despite Blurb reducing its budget by 17%, the end result was an improved return on ad spend (ROAS) and more bookings.

    Along with paid search, 3Q/DEPT offers customers services such as paid social, SEO, CRO, and ecommerce campaign management.

    Best for: National lead generation and ecommerce businesses

  4.  Wpromote

    Google Ads Agency

    With an impressive list of clients such as Adobe, TransUnion, Whirlpool, Zenni, and Frontier Airlines, Wpromote has quickly become one of the most sought-after service providers in the digital marketing space.

    In its own words, the company builds solutions to tackle the “gnarliest digital marketing challenges.” Paid search, content marketing, search engine optimization, digital experience, and performance creative are just some of the services Wpromote provides.

    Wpromote has received awards and accolades from Adweek, Campaign US, US Agency Awards, and The Drum.

    Wpromote’s POLYWOOD case study is just one example of how the company leverages Google Ads. The agency analyzed competitor trends and employed conversion-focused strategies to reach POLYWOOD’s target demographic. They were able to help the outdoor furniture purveyor see a 985% increase in quarterly sales year over year (YoY), and cut cost per order in half.

    Along with Google Ads, Wpromote offers clients services in the realms of paid social, influencer marketing, content marketing, SEO, and performance creative.

    Best for: Small businesses to medium enterprise companies

  5.  Tinuiti

    Tinuiti Website Screenshot

    As a performance-focused, audience-centric marketing agency, Tinuiti wants to provide each customer with a personalized experience while keeping their privacy in mind.

    To wit, they’ve garnered a long list of partners who believe in Tinuiti’s vision, leading them to manage media funds of $3 billion for their clients.

    One of the reasons Tinuiti has been so successful is because of its program Mobius, which provides smart insights and optimized marketing strategies for clients.

    Presently, the company provides a host of services such as paid search, paid social, lifetime marketing, SEO, and Amazon Ads.

    Here’s how Tinuiti stands with respect to Google Ads and paid search in general:

    Jerome Furniture wanted to target past customers through search marketing, so it implemented strategies on Google and Microsoft (the brand also explored channels like Hulu, Pinterest, Meta, YouTube, and TikTok). Through its partnership with Tinuiti, Jerome Furniture was able to increase ROAS by 54% and the AOV skyrocketed by 121%.

    Along with the usual digital marketing services mentioned above, Tinuiti offers affiliate marketing, shoppable media, performance creative, mobile app marketing, streaming, and more.

    Best for: Multichannel Fortune 1,000 companies

  6.  MuteSix

    MuteSix Marketing Agency

    MuteSix is an online advertising agency specializing in direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital marketing. The agency offers services such as Amazon Ads, Google Ads, paid search, content creation, copywriting, and graphic design.

    Actions speak louder than words, so let’s get to the results – MuteSix:

    • Delivered 40 billion impressions for clients in 2021
    • Generated over $1.5 billion in direct revenue from ads for clients
    • Helps clients’ revenue increase by an average of 50% after a year
    • Has helped more than 30 clients receive venture capitalist (VC) funding after partnering with their agency

    Who are these clients, you may be wondering? Butter Cloth, Pluto, Burst, Ring, and Ministry of Supply are just a few of the names you’ll see on their roster.

    GreenPan wanted to scale using Meta Ads and paid search. So, MuteSix helped the cookware brand achieve its business goals by using Google search ads, display ads, shopping, and discovery.

    MuteSix segmented shopping campaigns, researched insights on their target demographic, and promoted GreenPan’s products on-site. Through these efforts, GreenPan saw ROAS grow by 5%, and conversion rates increase by more than 14% month over month.

    Best for: Ecommerce companies and larger brands

  7.  Rise Interactive

    Rise Interactive Screenshot

    Rise Interactive is an award-winning agency that operates in the domain of performance marketing, digital marketing, customer experience, and analytics.

    Much like many other agencies in this list, Rise Interactive provides services such as:

    • Paid search
    • SEO
    • Amazon ads
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Email marketing

    Rise Interactive knows what it’s doing, and its client list is proof. On it, you’ll see brand names like COUNTRY Financial, Navistar International, Ulta Beauty, Reynolds Consumer Products, and ColourPop Cosmetics. The company has also been granted accolades from the Global Agency Awards, DotCOMM Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, and Global Social Media Awards.

    Let’s zoom in on one of their satisfied customers. NorthShore University Health System wanted to market its healthcare solutions without spending too much on resources. So, the agency leveraged targeted PPC campaigns and developed an SEO strategy to achieve the organization’s goals.

    Rise Interactive also analyzed data and metrics from paid search campaigns, used short-tail keywords to their advantage, and restructured the client’s entire paid search account. The efforts resulted in a 490% increase in appointments and a 27% increase in organic traffic.

    As far as services go, Rise offers paid search, Amazon, marketplaces, email, social media, affiliate marketing, and more.

    Best for: B2B, lead generation, and ecommerce businesses

  8.  Spinx Digital

    Spinx Digital Marketing Agency

    Spinx Digital is a marketing agency specializing in web design and development, along with paid search. Their client roster covers an array of industries, from beauty, law, hospitality, and automotive to entertainment, fashion, and food producers.

    Aside from the aforementioned services, Spinx provides solutions such as SEO, graphic design, ecommerce, social media marketing, and CMS management.

    Spinx takes every client through its signature “connect, create, and evolve” process to:

    • Help target audiences form an emotional connection with the brand
    • Create solutions using technology and creative strategies
    • Help brands grow through evolving strategies and solutions

    Bega, Spexster, BSM Consulting, the Los Angeles Police Department, Willkie Insurtech, and Paul Hasting are just some of Spinx’s client roster names.

    The agency works to set itself apart through its expert offerings which include:

    • Enterprise CMS solutions
    • Strategy and planning
    • Website solutions
    • Traditional digital marketing services

    Best for: Travel, automotive, and fashion brands

Why invest in Google Ads?

HawkSEM Director of Marketing Operations, Jenny Palmer, puts it best: “Because your competition already is.”

In other words, your competitors will take your share if you don’t invest in your own Google Ads campaigns. Furthermore, Palmer explains that you can’t put all your digital marketing eggs in one basket: “You need to have an omnichannel approach.”

Finally, the Google search stats are undeniable: There are more than 3.7 billion Google searches conducted every day and 76% of all global searches take place on Google.

In the second quarter of 2022 alone, Google’s revenue topped over $69 billion — up from around $62 billion in the same quarter of 2021. Businesses are investing in Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) now more than ever.

What are the benefits of hiring a Google Ads agency?

Now that you’ve got your handy list of agencies, let’s look at the advantages of hiring a PPC agency.

  1. Agencies know how to reach the right customers

    Setting up a Google Ads account is one thing. Creating effective ads that reach your target audience, beat your competitors, deliver intent, and answer their questions? That’s quite another.

    To understand the nuances of your target demographic, effective digital marketing agencies take a deep dive into your data and conduct independent research.

    Once an agency has your data, it uses your unique Google Ads account to target (and retarget) your ideal audience.

    And remember, great Google Ads agencies will take the time to dig into existing Google Analytics and other demographic metrics to see who you think your audience is, which audience segments you might be overlooking, and brainstorm new keywords and campaigns to connect with them.

    Ad Locations

  2. Agencies know which keywords are worth bidding on

    Keyword research is an integral part of any Google Ads campaign.

    However, instead of bidding on the keywords Google auto-suggests, the right digital marketing agency should be able to take things a step further by using search query reports (SQRs) to understand which keywords in your industry gather the most traffic and conversions.

    Agencies can then analyze these keywords to ensure your ads see the best CTRs, then conduct A/B tests to see how your audience interacts with each keyword. They can then rework your Google Ads strategy to get you the best results possible.

  3. Agencies know how to optimize your ads and campaigns

    Keyword research and A/B tests are just one of the many ways to optimize your campaigns for better PPC management.

    Aside from that, Google Ads agencies can also make data-driven decisions to improve the quality of your ad copy (thus reducing the price you pay per bid).

    They should also prioritize aligning your landing pages with your paid search ads to ensure a consistent message and streamlined process to turn a clicker into a qualified lead.

FAQs about Google Ads Agencies:

  • How much do Google Ads agencies charge?

    Google Ads Agencies can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 and up per month. This will vary from agency to agency, and of course, depending on your goals and ad budget.

    Generally, Google Ads agencies will either charge a flat fee, a percentage of ad spend, a performance-based fee, or an hourly fee.

  • How long does it take to see results in Google Ads?

    It takes about three months to see results. Once you’ve written your ads, chosen keywords, and set a location for your ads to appear, Google Ads has to review your submissions to ensure they meet their standards before they can start running and yielding results.

    After you submit your assets, the review process begins automatically. Google Ads will review your headline, description, keywords, location, and any video or images that will appear. Most ads will be reviewed within one business day, but it may take longer if the asset is more complex.

    All in all, it can take between two to four weeks to pick up momentum, and you will start to see results within about three months.

  • How do I choose the best Google Ads agency?

    Look for their qualifications, relevant experience, and a detailed plan on how they will achieve your goals before you start working with them. Choosing the best agency for your business also depends on factors like your goals, bandwidth, and budget.

    If you simply want to launch a paid search program or clean up outdated campaigns, your goals will be different than a brand with a robust Google Ads program that wants to scale.
    In terms of bandwidth, different agencies will have different levels of involvement and communication. So companies may want to hand over the proverbial keys to their program, while others may prefer a more collaborative experience.

    We mentioned cost above, but we know budget is a big factor in deciding on which agency to partner with as well. Some agencies are most cost-effective and work with smaller businesses, while others that charge more will generally work with bigger, more enterprise-level brands.

    Lastly, there are factors that aren’t as easy to quantify. When you’re discussing a potential partnership, don’t ignore your gut. You want to feel confident after having conversations with your agency partner – not tense, nervous, or unsure.

    If you don’t feel comfortable providing feedback to the agency, or you feel like they’re not being transparent or honest with you, then you may want to reevaluate your partnership.

The takeaway

Hiring one of these Google Ads agencies is a worthwhile investment if you want to scale your business, increase your ad spend, and capture more clients.

If you’re on the hunt for a digital ad agency that goes the extra mile, delivers results, and works as a partner (not just a service provider), you’re in the right place.

To see what all HawkSEM can do for your Google Ads program and your overall digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.

This article has been updated and was originally published in January 2023.

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