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Written by Caroline Cox on May 15 , 2020

Sierra Nevada University Revamps Targeting, Tracking & Landing Pages for a 309% Increase in Conversions

sierra nevada university

Sierra Nevada University (sierranevada.edu) is a picturesque private university located on the shores of Lake Tahoe. As one of the top colleges in Nevada, SNU offers undergraduate and graduate degrees along with athletic programs and a bustling campus life, perfect for adventurous types and bookworms alike. 

The Challenge

Sierra Nevada University says their previous agency took a “kitchen sink approach” to their PPC program. They focused a lot on clicks and bid on a ton of keywords, which didn’t allow for much focused targeting. They felt like HawkSEM approached digital marketing in a more modern, focused way that lent itself well to the niche-based marketing they wanted to pursue. They also wanted to partner with an agency that would be transparent and results-driven. 

The Solution

The main things the HawkSEM team did to turn things around for Sierra Nevada University were to restructure campaigns, clean up keywords, improve conversion tracking, and expand geographic targeting based on target audience. We also launched more CRO-focused landing pages (specific to each program, with a form at the top of each page) and ran successful display and YouTube campaigns targeting users near the campus. In turn, we saw less wasted ad spend, increased site traffic, and more.

“We love working with the team, and everyone has been super great. I appreciate that, when we want something done, we don’t get a suggestion — we get implementation.” – Daniel Kelly, Sierra Nevada University’s director of marketing

The Results

While partnering with HawkSEM, Sierra Nevada University was able to: 

  • Increase overall conversions by 309%
  • Decrease overall cost per conversion by 43%
  • Increase CTR for search campaigns by 135%

About HawkSEM

Our mission as an agency is to dramatically improve your digital marketing results. HawkSEM brings a mix of senior industry experts, ConversionIQ (our smart way of marketing to drive more revenue), and constant optimization to transform your paid search, paid social, remarketing, SEO, content marketing, and everything in between. We go above and beyond, working with you to create the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business. Learn more at hawksem.com.

Caroline Cox

Caroline Cox

Caroline is HawkSEM's content marketing manager. She uses her more than 10 years of professional writing and editing experience to create SEO-friendly articles, educational thought leadership pieces, and savvy social media content to help market leaders create successful digital marketing strategies. She's a fan of seltzer water, print magazines, and huskies.

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