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CDL Consultants Partners with HawkSEM to See More Than Double the Conversion Volume & Qualified Call Conversion Rates

cld consultants - hawksem case study

CDL Consultants is a nationwide, award-winning industry leader. Its team works in the realm of roadside reduction, dismissal, and mitigation for tickets, citations, and violations. 

For more than 16 years, they’ve worked with trucking industry professionals to help them reduce tickets and violations as well as conduct reviews for potential CSA implications.

The Challenge:

CDL Consultants wanted to drive more qualified leads, particularly through phone calls. Simultaneously, they were looking to achieve a better cost per lead

The team also struggled with irrelevant leads coming through regularly because of work from a prior marketing agency partnership. 

The Solution:

The HawkSEM team knew steps could be taken to qualify callers more efficiently. Once we gathered the necessary information, we created call extensions. These extensions would only mark calls that were a certain number of minutes to record as conversions in Google. From there, we applied the same settings for our landing page numbers.

Because of the irrelevant leads CDL Consultants was seeing, our team knew they needed new negative keywords added. We also knew regular maintenance of this list was crucial to keep this from happening and resulting in future wasted ad spend. From there, we worked to fine-tune ad copy headlines and landing page copy to help prevent more irrelevant clicks (from non-CDL-related searches).

With these strategies feeding high-quality leads into Google, we knew that leveraging smart bidding to maximize high-quality conversions would increase quality and volume in the short term. In the long run, it would also open up opportunities to improve profits with a lower cost per acquisition (CPA) through closing more deals.

To further improve lead quality, we also leveraged responsive search ads with multiple headlines to test new copy that would deter non-CDL drivers from clicking the ads. Ultimately, we were able to double quality conversions. This ultimately led to much more closed revenue. 

The Results:

While partnering with HawkSEM, CDL Consultants was able to: 

  • Increase conversion volume by 124%
  • Decrease CPA by nearly 22%
  • Increase qualified call conversion rates by more than 108%

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