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CLK Supplies Locks In More Conversions, Cuts Costs & Boosts Brand Awareness Through Partnership with HawkSEM

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CLK Supplies (clksupplies.com) works to support the locksmithing industry by providing high-quality lock and key supplies.

What started as a small local business more than a decade ago has grown into a country-spanning business. They work with more than 60 manufacturers and serving customers across the U.S. and Canada.

CLK Supplies doesn’t just set itself apart through its hands-on services and wide range of key blanks, key machines, rekeying supplies, hardware, and automotive accessories.

The team has also built a robust online learning center, featuring videos, classes, guides, and other resources to help industry professionals hone their craft.

The Challenge:

Recently, the CLK Supplies marketing team has focused on boosting the brand’s ecommerce sales. They were also looking for insights and help to push a new product they were launching, specifically through video ads. 

As their existing agency partner, they turned to us. In turn, we worked to help them craft the strategy, direction, and paid search (or PPC) campaigns to make it happen.

The Solution:

To help the CLK team meet its goals, we worked to build and launch campaigns that would garner a high return on ad spend (ROAS) and increase sales. Specifically, we leveraged Performance Max and branding campaigns. 

After checking out their current video efforts, we provided suggestions based on proven strategies we’ve seen work in the past (including elements like messaging and logos). We also focused on driving awareness through targeted YouTube campaigns that highlighted CLK’s virtual classes. 

“HawkSEM not only manages the day-to-day ads for us, but they also stay on top of the latest strategies and changes in the ever-evolving ad world. They regularly come to us with new strategies and, most importantly, keep our ads profitable.” – P.J. Slauson, President & CEO, CLK Supplies

The Results:

In less than a year, while partnering with HawkSEM, CLK Supplies was able to: 

  • Increase year-over-year conversions by 32%
  • Cut cost per conversion by 20% in the same timeframe
  • Grow conversion value by 42%

About HawkSEM

Our mission as an agency is to improve your digital marketing results dramatically. HawkSEM brings a mix of senior industry experts, ConversionIQ (our smart way of marketing to drive more revenue), and constant optimization to transform your paid search, paid social, remarketing, SEO, content marketing, and everything in between.

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