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Moneta Group Boosts Organic Keyword Portfolio More Than 3X Over Through Partnering with HawkSEM for Expanded SEO

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Moneta Group (monetagroup.com) is a wealth management firm helping individuals, families, and businesses plan for their financial future with confidence. They focus on strategies for spending, earning, saving, and taxes in a way that promotes security and longevity. 

Along with these business goals, Moneta’s mission has a strong focus on community and philanthropy. For more than two decades, they’ve facilitated and encouraged employees to give back and volunteer through Moneta’s Charitable Foundation. 

The Challenge

Moneta’s team was seeking to improve SEO and gain local organic visibility in four key markets. They also needed help expanding their nationwide keyword reach. Lastly, they wanted to attract more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) to consume their online marketing content. This way, they could establish more authority with their target audience, allowing them to successfully win out over competitors in the space. 

The Solution

After taking the time to dig into Moneta’s ideal client personas, we worked to establish local SEO in the four key markets. We built geo-specific web content for each market aimed at capturing local queries. We also developed the citation profiles for each market’s office. This helps to further solidify each office’s independent local ranking signals.

To expand the overall keyword reach for the Moneta website nationwide, we first researched keyword gaps when compared to top competitors. From there, we prioritized filling those gaps. We targeted keywords with the lowest competitive metrics. Next, we built a content calendar to capture those keywords systematically in order of least resistance.

To improve relevant traffic to the Moneta website, we took a three-pronged approach that consisted of strategic keyword development, consistent backlink development from relevant websites, and ongoing on-page optimization of older Moneta content. 

Through this approach, the HawkSEM team was able to improve the performance of older content while simultaneously adding new sessions and users with new keyword additions.

The Results

Since partnering with HawkSEM, Moneta was able to: 

  • Increase net organic keyword portfolio by 326%
  • Grow organic keywords in positions 1-3 by 164%
  • Boost Google Analytics goal completions by 23.5%

About HawkSEM

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