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Nava Health Nearly Doubles Conversions & Cuts CPA by 40% Through Partnering with HawkSEM

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Nava Health (navacenter.com) is an innovative group of holistic health and treatment centers focused on integrative medicine to treat the whole body. Launched in 2012 and with locations in both Virginia and Maryland, the company focuses on five key areas of wellness: hormone balance and sexual health, stress management, sleep, weight and digestion, and inflammation control.

Nava Health has set itself apart through the unique Nava Method. This method uses a proprietary algorithm that takes into account a patient’s family history, health concerns, wellness goals, and blood work results. This info allows them to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses root issues rather than just symptoms. 

The Challenge:

The Nava Health team had big plans to scale. Their main goals were to increase lead volume and conversions, resulting in more qualified patient visits through their brick-and-mortar doors. They’d worked with a digital marketing agency in the past. However, they didn’t feel like their account had gotten the attention it needed to thrive. They embarked on a new search, which led them to HawkSEM.

The Solution:

First, our team familiarized themselves with Nava Health’s industry, target audience, and current strategies in play. From there, we worked with them to enact new landing page tests. We also added new content, created brand-new campaigns, and debuted new site designs. Additionally, we conducted bid strategy updates, moving from tCPA in all campaigns to tROAS in bigger campaigns and Max Conversion in smaller campaigns. 

We also prioritized uploading offline conversions to properly track actual appointment visits along with calls and online form fills. Along with the results below, Nava Health has increased their monthly budget and hired additional staff members to accommodate their newfound growth.

“HawkSEM has been instrumental in helping Nava Health achieve its goals in driving new client acquisition. With their rigorous account management, we have successfully tripled the prospect volume without increasing our cost per acquisition.” – Nava Health CMO Suzanne Coblentz

The Results:

While partnering with HawkSEM, Nava Health was able to: 

  • Increase impressions by more than 42% 
  • Garner a whopping 588% more form submissions
  • Reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) by 39%

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