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Tech Company Prismatic Partners with HawkSEM for Boosted SEO Efforts & Sees Top-Ranking Keywords Grow by 228%

prismatic case study by hawksem

Prismatic (prismatic.io) is an award-winning integration platform for B2B software companies. Their developer-minded product helps businesses build integrations fast and deliver a native integration marketplace experience.

The startup brand was founded to make it easier for B2B software teams to provide seamless customer integrations. To date, they’ve worked with companies across several industries, from fintech and agriculture to healthcare and more. 

The Challenge

Prismatic came to us for help boosting their SEO. As a startup that, at the time, was new to an existing industry, Prismatic’s main challenge was identifying and ranking for keywords that matched their service offerings. 

Their product is an embedded iPaaS, which is different from traditional/enterprise iPaaS. They were running into hurdles due to the fact that there wasn’t a high search volume for their specifically targeted terms.

This required the HawkSEM team to develop a strategy to target higher volume-related terms while focusing on ranking for the industry and client-specific terms. Overall, Prismatic wanted to build its organic exposure and increase its ranking keywords and positions.

The Solution

First, we got acclimated to Prismatic’s current efforts, industry landscape, and target audience. From there, our team conducted thorough keyword research. This process included identifying current rankings, higher-volume industry-related keywords, and a competitor GAP analysis. 

From this research, we could identify a content strategy focused on both client-specific keywords and higher volume keywords that were related to the company’s services. We conducted a content audit and worked with Prismatic to optimize existing page meta titles, descriptions, and header tags.

Next, we developed content topics that targeted higher-volume related keywords to increase keyword rankings and new users. Finally, our team assisted Prismatic’s writing team to create long-form resource guides that were optimized for targeted keywords and to be used as pillar topic pages.

The Results

Since partnering with HawkSEM, Prismatic was able to: 

  • Increase top 3 keyword rankings by 228%
  • Boost ranking keywords by 67%
  • Increase SERP featured snippets three times over

About HawkSEM

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