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Rachel’s Challenge Grows Leads By 4X While Cutting Cost Per Conversion in Half Through Partnership with HawkSEM

Rachel’s Challenge (rachelschallenge.org) is a nonprofit organization focused on helping to prevent school violence, bullying, prejudice, and self-harm. They do this through live and virtual student assemblies and intervention programs that foster connection, hope, and resilience.

The nonprofit is named after Rachel Scott, a 1999 Columbine High School shooting victim. So far, Rachel’s Challenge has trained more than 30 million students, educators, and parents, saving hundreds of lives annually.

The Challenge:

Rachel’s Challenge came to us for help with their PPC (paid search) and SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. They wanted to increase the number of leads for their team and book more school assembly events. 

They also wanted to raise more funds through donations and start taking full advantage of the $10,000 monthly grant allotment in their Google Ads account. 

The Solution:

The HawkSEM team started by conducting extensive keyword and topic research for Rachel’s Challenge’s target audience. We also performed ad quality optimizations to expand the organization’s reach and increase mid to bottom-funnel traffic to their site (while being limited to the $2 max cost-per-click limitation for grant accounts).

From there, we built out a robust pillar page strategy paired with relevant blog content to build topical authority on conversion-focused, bottom-funnel content while optimizing keyword placements, interlinking, and metadata. This helped improve clickthrough rates and ad rankings on the search engine results page. 

Lastly, we created timely, industry-specific long-form content, such as white papers, to build thought leadership and generate more qualified leads.

“I’ve been working with HawkSEM for approximately two years. They are an outstanding digital marketing agency. From the initial consultation to ongoing communication and reporting, the team has exceeded my expectations. Their approach is tailored and highly effective. We’ve seen significant increases in web traffic, leads, and conversions since partnering with them. They take the time to explain complex concepts, and they always make themselves available to answer any questions I have. I highly recommend Hawk to anyone looking for a whip-smart, super-strategic, highly effective, reliable agency. They’re the best.” – Kristi Krings, CEO of Rachel’s Challenge

The Results:

While partnering with HawkSEM, Rachel’s Challenge was able to: 

  • Boost leads by 415%
  • Increase donation clicks by 225%
  • Cut cost per conversion nearly in half
  • Double organic sessions and donation clicks from organic

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