Written by Caroline Cox on Nov 25

hawksem m-commerce infographic - the trend of m-commerce marketing

From mobile shopping for the holidays to personalized ads, here’s what hundreds of consumers think about the m-commerce experience.

As smartphones become more and more entwined in our everyday lives, brands are taking note. Savvy marketers are constantly experimenting with how they can reach consumers in new ways, such as through social media ads, better site experiences on mobile, and much more. So it makes sense that mobile or “m-commerce” continues to rise in popularity. 

Business Insider Intelligence predicts m-commerce volume will hit $488 billion, or 44% of e-commerce, by 2024. We wanted to know how today’s smartphone users leverage mobile shopping, what they like and dislike about the experience, and where they see this trend headed in the future. 

Below, hear from hundreds of people about how they shop from their phones, view targeted mobile ads, and their thoughts on m-commerce as a whole. Download the full infographic here.

The survey participants

Of the more than 500 U.S. smartphone users we surveyed:

  • 37% were 18 to 34 years old
  • More than half were between 35 and 54
  • And 12% were 55 or older 
  • 59% of respondents identified as female
  • 41% identified as male

hawksem m-commerce infographic survey results

Mobile Shopping

More than 94% of participants have made a purchase via their smartphone or tablet, while 87% have done so in the past 3 months.

Mobile Ads

More than 80% said they’d been served a product or service ad while using their smartphone in the past 3 months.

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Increased Reach & Exposure

When asked, “Have you ever purchased something you discovered through a mobile ad on your smartphone?,” 68% said yes.

Purchasing Gone Wrong

Of survey respondents who said they’d started but failed to complete a mobile purchase, some reasons why included:

  • The site had a bad mobile experience (22%)
  • The item was out of stock or not in their size (20%)
  • The site took too long to load (16%)
  • They didn’t have their card information available (13%)

“The convenience of ordering on my phone” is the main reason why 69% of participants opt to shop via mobile

A Personalized Experience

When asked whether they prefer generic ads or ads tailored to past purchases and interests, 44% said they favored tailored ads, 27% prefer generic ads, and nearly 29% weren’t sure.

Shopping for Must-Haves

For the bulk of essentials shopping (things like groceries and medications):

  • 20% of survey participants purchase these items via desktop
  • Nearly half purchase via their phone or tablet
  • 4% said they mostly use a smart home or voice-activated device
  • 27% shop for them in person

(Numbers for non-essentials shopping were similar.)

The Future of M-Commerce

In response to “Do you think you’ll shop from your phone more in the future?,” nearly 73% said yes.

58% said they’re “very likely” to make a holiday-shopping purchase via their phone this year, while nearly 30% said they were “somewhat likely.”

Download the full “The Trend of M-Commerce Marketing” infographic here.