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Timbuk2 Boosts Revenue More than 50% While Slashing Cost Per Order Through Partnership with HawkSEM

timbuk2 hawksem case study

Timbuk2 (timbuk2.com) is a San Francisco-based accessories brand. It specializes in backpacks, crossbody slings, messenger bags, and carry-ons that are as durable as they are stylish. 

With tailor-made products designed for on-the-go ease, Timbuk2 has made a name for itself in the industry through highly customizable bags, inventive collabs (such as their partnership with gaming brands ASTRO and League of Legends), and a focus on sustainability through the use of recycled materials and responsible sourcing.

The Challenge:

Timbuk2 came to the HawkSEM team looking to accomplish a few key goals. Namely, they wanted to increase new customer acquisition (with sustainable returns), boost their social presence, and better understand full-scale funnel touch points. 

Moreover, the Timbuk2 team was on a mission to scale revenue and marketing spend without negatively impacting return on ad spend (ROAS) through paid search and social media efforts.

The Solution:

The HawkSEM team started by refining Timbuk2’s marketing funnels through tighter retargeting and prospecting by leveraging cross-platform journeys. From there, we dug into the brand’s campaigns, making granular adjustments to optimize for top-performing parameters. 

Next, we worked on refreshing ad copy, ensuring the messaging was on point for their audience. We also implemented new bidding strategies to improve Timbuk2’s priority key performance indicators (KPIs).

Lastly, we created robust segmentation between branded and non-branded efforts as a way to drive new customer acquisition and retain existing customers to turn them into repeat buyers.  

The Results:

In the first nine months of partnering with HawkSEM, Timbuk2 was able to: 

  • Increase year-over-year net revenue by more than 56%
  • Increase average order value by 21%
  • Decrease cost per order by nearly 18%

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