blog - PPC myths

Busting the Top 8 PPC Myths

Don't fall for these common PPC myths when it comes to your paid search efforts -- here's the truth behind the misconceptions....

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competitor analysis for PPC tips

How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis for PPC

Conducting a competitor analysis for PPC can give you the tools to optimize your paid search ads and beat the competition. Here's how to do it right....

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hawksem blog: PPC KPIs

How to Determine KPIs for Your PPC Program

When it comes to defining your digital marketing goals and determining your PPC KPIs, here's what you should keep in mind....

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hawksem blog: ppc service agency

Success Secrets for Picking a PPC Service Agency

Partnering with an agency for your PPC service can get you more visibility in search results, boost your ROI, and more. Here’s what to expect from the partnership. Here, you’ll find:...

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hawksem blog: ppc optimization

6 PPC Optimization Strategies for 2020

Are you confident your digital marketing campaigns are bringing you the highest ROI? Here, we break down the top PPC optimization strategies for 2020....

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hawksem: e-commerce PPC blog

PPC Tricks Every E-Commerce Business Should Know

Get the latest tips and tricks that'll take your e-commerce PPC ads to the next level, from proper product feeds to remarketing and everything in between....

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hawksem: ppc lead gen

PPC Marketing for Lead Generation: 5 Actionable Ti...

PPC can be a game-changing marketing strategy. Here are some actionable tips for PPC lead generation to get more (qualified) leads in your pipeline....

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HawkSEM: PPC expert article

5 Things Every PPC Marketing Expert Should Know

The right PPC expert can take your paid search to the next level — here’s how to find the right one for you....

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HawkSEM: PPC mistakes

7 Common PPC Mistakes — and How to Avoid Them

From setting it and forgetting it to casting a too-wide net, these are common PPC mistakes brands can make with their programs — and how you can avoid them....

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HawkSEM: PPC audit

How to Conduct a PPC Audit – And Why You Sho...

Let's walk through the steps it takes to conduct a proper PPC audit and learn why it could be the key to your campaign's success....

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