HawkSEM: How Negative Keywords Benefit Your PPC Campaigns

How Negative Keywords Benefit Your PPC Campaigns

Taking advantage of negative keywords with your PPC campaigns can do wonders for eliminating window shoppers and bad leads while maximizing your ad spend....

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PPC for schools tips

How to Get Started with PPC for Schools

Digital marketing in the education space is often about improving ROI and enrollment while beating out the competition. Here's how PPC for schools can help....

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ppc management stats

The Latest PPC Management Stats to Know

Like everything else in the digital marketing world, paid search is always evolving. Stay in the loop by learning the latest PPC management stats....

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HawkSEM blog: PPC lead scoring

How Lead Scoring Benefits Your SEM Program

Set up a lead scoring system so you can focus on leads that will generate maximum revenue for your SEM program with the least amount of effort — and time....

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PPC ROI: A Simple Formula to Calculate Lead Value

By taking a scientific approach to calculating revenue, you can feel confident that you have a handle on your true lead value....

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HawkSEM blog: Scary PPC Problems (And How to Fix Them)

4 Scary PPC Problems (And How to Fix Them)

We’ve highlighted 4 common problems people run into with their PPC, complete with solutions that can help turn things around....

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blog - PPC myths

Busting the Top 8 PPC Myths

Don't fall for these common PPC myths when it comes to your paid search efforts -- here's the truth behind the misconceptions....

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competitor analysis for PPC tips

How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis for PPC

Conducting a competitor analysis for PPC can give you the tools to optimize your paid search ads and beat the competition. Here's how to do it right....

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hawksem blog: PPC KPIs

How to Determine KPIs for Your PPC Program

When it comes to defining your digital marketing goals and determining your PPC KPIs, here's what you should keep in mind....

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hawksem blog: ppc service agency

Success Secrets for Picking a PPC Service Agency

Partnering with an agency for your PPC service can get you more visibility in search results, boost your ROI, and more. Here’s what to expect from the partnership. Here, you’ll find:...

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