Written by Caroline Cox on Aug 2

AppDynamics Sees a 20% Conversion Rate Increase with Strategic A/B Testing

appdynamics case study

AppDynamics (appdynamics.com) is a computer application company based in San Francisco. The brand’s software helps big-name enterprises like Expedia quickly catch any issues or bugs on their mobile apps or websites.

The company, acquired by Cisco in 2017, aims to give other businesses better visibility into their back-end operations so they can understand and optimize accordingly to accelerate growth and success.

The Challenge:

The AppDynamics marketing team was looking for an agency that was experienced, forward-thinking, results-oriented, talented, and data-driven.

They wanted to partner with us to help them manage their global PPC campaigns, create and optimize effective text ads, create and manage landing pages, increase online sales, accelerate growth, and gain market share.

The Solution:

After digging into their accounts and campaigns, we discovered various inefficiencies standing in the way of the AppDynamics team achieving better performance.

We consulted with their team, created a more targeted keyword list, penned improved ad copy, created more than 200 direct landing pages, implemented additional tracking tools, and provided daily support. We restructured a good number of the brand’s key campaigns and helped manage bids that balanced their costs and growth.

The Results:

While partnering with HawkSEM, AppDynamics was able to:

  • Increase their conversion rate 20% with strategized A/B testing 
  • Double their targeted traffic
  • Grow from 40 targeted landing pages to more than 200

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