Easly Partners with HawkSEM to Build an Innovative SEO Strategy Meant to Last

Capital-as-a-service funding solutions platform

Easly is a Canada-based CaaS platform that provides innovative companies of all sizes in the region with funding that suits their needs. Their mission is to provide advances on Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) refunds and other government-funded investment tax credit and grant programs. They facilitate growth through non-dilutive financing that allows the companies they work with to retain their equity.

The Goal

Build a successful (and scalable) search engine optimization strategy

The Challenge

In October 2020, Easly came to HawkSEM for help with search engine optimization (SEO) services on their newly built website. Before working with us, the company had few digital efforts to speak of.

The Results

  • Increased referring domains by more than 2,500%
  • More than 40 featured snippet results on Google
  • Increased the brand’s keyword portfolio by more than 1,500%

HawkSEM built an SEO strategy that has worked well for us. The team members responsible for our account have always been very responsive and friendly. They possess deep and up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing SEO landscape and use it to keep our website trending toward positive growth.

Marc Perri

Marketing Manager, Easly

Easly Quote

The Solution

After digging into their company, we saw how Easly’s niche is limited in terms of traffic potential and inquiries. Therefore, to win big in the SR&ED and grant financing space, we knew there was a distinct need to publish quality content, capitalize on site visits to promote conversion rate optimization (CRO), build up the site’s domain authority, and conduct technical SEO clean-ups to adapt to the Google algorithm’s ever-changing standards.


Create more than 70 content pieces on-site that are SEO optimized and touch multiple points of the conversion funnel


Build domain authority through off-site SEO and creating linkable content for natural backlink accrual

Page Speed

Enhance site-speed and conduct technical SEO optimizations

User Experience

Improve mobile and desktop user experience for CRO

The Impact

When we partnered with Easly on their SEO efforts, they were ranking for 20 keywords total, with no first-page non-branded rankings or featured results.
After we implemented various enhanced SEO best practices mentioned above, Easly ranked for more than 325 keywords in Canada, their target region. We were also able to increase their domain authority by 150%, and increase their site speed 3.5x. Lastly, we systematically on-page optimized all pages and posts, and revamped their homepage to incorporate more CTAs to increase conversions.

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