Peninsula More Than Doubles Their Return on Ad Spend (Without Increasing Their Budget)

The Goal

Increase new policy sales

How We Did It

Product: Unbeatable rates and service SoCal

Strategy: Find hidden gems the big names missed

Peninsula Employee

Peninsula General has been providing low-cost auto and home insurance to individuals and families in California since 1986. Peninsula General offers some of the lowest rates available by representing A+ rated companies like Mercury Insurance.

The Challenge

The team at Peninsula General Insurance was looking for a strategic SEM agency to help them get more out of their Google Ads (formerly AdWords) budget.

  1. Acquire more qualified leads that would translate to paying customers
  2. Staying within a certain budget

In the past, Peninsula had just a 15% return on ad spend (ROAS). This presented a huge opportunity to drive down the overall cost per acquisition (CPA) and increase ROI 2-3x.

The Solution

The HawkSEM team met with Peninsula General to have an in-depth discussion about key goals, customer persona, unique selling points, and competition. Armed with important details from this kick-off meeting, we were then able to pull together game-changing data that set the stage for Peninsula General’s soaring PPC success.

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We crafted new high-converting ads

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New campaigns dominated many low-cost keywords missed by the competition

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A new PPC landing page designed to enhance their PPC results even further

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There was an almost immediate increase in conversions due to the clean, professional, and easy-to-absorb design

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The landing page was so well-received by Peninsula’s clients that the HawkSEM team ended up doing a full website re-design to match

Peninsula Website Screenshot

The Results

Today, Peninsula General pays 66% less per lead than they did before, and our partnership continues to grow and provide them with the results they deserve.

Peninsula relies heavily on HawkSEM to continuously drive new qualified home and auto insurance leads, a key aspect to the company’s success. We continue to develop new strategies to improve results, optimize the best-performing keywords and ads, and make ongoing modifications. All of this has led to increased performance month over month for Peninsula General.

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