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DesktopReady Drastically Improves Organic Presence on the SERP with HawkSEM

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DesktopReady (desktopready.com), a child company of Anunta, is the premier all-in-one virtual desktop solution. They provide automation and services to deliver secure, cloud-based online workspaces.

The service allows employees to stay connected to their company’s server and one another through a virtual desktop deployment model. To date, they’ve served more than half a million remote desktops users — and counting.

The Challenge

When DesktopReady came to us, they had very little organic presence after recently launching a new website.

Because of that, our aim was to grow visibility on all search engines. They also wanted to position the company as a top competitor in the desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) space in terms of on-site content.

The Solution

To start things off, we conducted a thorough technical SEO audit. This allowed us to identify and correct any glaring issues or warnings that could be affecting a search engines’ crawlability. 

Next, we began optimizing existing content to target key terms. We also created new content for the blog and pillar pages to target various levels of the funnel and drive more traffic.

In addition to on-site and content work, we worked to secure new and authoritative backlinks to help build the new website’s backlink profile.

We also audited and recommended a number of optimizations to DesktopReady’s social profiles and YouTube channel, all in an effort to affect off-site SEO elements that are considered in Google’s ranking algorithm.

The Results

Within six months of partnering with HawkSEM, DesktopReady was able to: 

  • Increase users by 409%
  • Grow backlinks from 822 to more than 1,340
  • Increase the terms they rank for on the SERP from 4 to 468

About HawkSEM

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