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DILO Attracts Nearly 50% More Organic Clicks in Just Six Months Through Partnering with HawkSEM

DILO (dilo.com) is a full-service emission-free gas handling product and service provider. The company specializes in SF6 and Alternative Gases, Noble Gases, and High Pressure Tube Unions. The original company, DILO GmbH, was founded in Germany in 1951. Reinhold Probst founded DILO Company, Inc. in 1990 in Clearwater, Florida.

Since then, DILO has made a name for itself in the energy field through products that boast safety, economic efficiency, and a technological advantage. The company has multiple product lines and service offerings, along with safety and handling training opportunities and educational seminars to boot.

The Challenge:

DILO conducted a site redesign in 2019. Afterwards, they lost some of their strong keyword rankings and saw organic traffic decrease. They knew they needed to reestablish their brand as an industry leader by regaining rankings for some of those high-value keywords. They also wanted to increase organic exposure across the board to respond to emerging competitors. 

The Solution:

After digging into DILO’s current SEO efforts, we were able to pinpoint a handful of fixes to ensure their site was optimized, speedy, and easy to navigate. We then conducted audits on technical SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO). From there, we worked with their team to optimize existing site content and ensure future content is optimized with elements like targeted keywords and meta tags. 

We also created a sitemap and robots.txt file to make it easy for search bots to crawl their site and get all the information they need to surface DILO in search results. Lastly, we helped them strategize future content ideas and helpful visuals like infographics to position them as thought leaders and grow their organic traffic. 

“It’s been a pleasure working with the HawkSEM team. Yara and Vane are extremely knowledgeable and always explain complicated SEO things in a way that even I can understand. They take the time to listen to our concerns and provide solutions and feedback that make our jobs easier. The writers and designers do a great job at creating content for our specialized and niche industry, which is a real challenge. I’m really pleased with the success and results we’ve seen in just a few months of working together.”

– Lina Probst Encinias, Marketing and Training Manager, DILO Company, Inc.

The Results:

While partnering with HawkSEM, DILO was able to: 

  • See a 36% increase in organic clicks in 6 months
  • Increase Google clicks for high-value keywords by 24% in 3 months
  • See a 46% increase in Google impressions in 3 months

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