Written by Caroline Cox on Oct 9

eThink Sees a 74% Increase in First-Page Keyword Rankings and 370% Boost in Organic Users in Just One Year

ethink case study - hawksem

eThink (ethinkeducation.com) empowers organizations to maximize their learning initiatives by providing a fully-managed digital learning platform, best-in-class content, and the eLearning services that help organizations create dynamic and customizable learning programs that effectively meet their needs. 

eThink is the premier provider of the open-source Learning Management Systems (LMS) Moodle and Totara, as one of the largest Certified Moodle Partners worldwide and the 2018 Global Totara Partner of the Year.

The Challenge:

eThink’s marketing team is modestly sized, but their goals were big. They had new projects they wanted to get off the ground, but didn’t have the bandwidth to tackle them alone.

In particular, they were interested in addressing SEO improvements on their website. After working with a local partner that wasn’t meeting their needs in terms of results, organization, or communication, they knew they could find an agency that was a better fit. 

The Solution:

The HawkSEM team hit the ground running with eThink’s SEO efforts. After fixing hundreds of technical site updates such as broken links and missing page titles, we helped publish dozens of new blog posts, created 17 pillar pages, acquired a handful of quality backlinks, and audited hundreds of existing content pieces.  

These efforts not only resulted in ranking for hundreds of new keywords (nearly half of which landed on page 1 on the search engine results page), but they were able to see significantly more site traffic in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., eThink’s top three business territories.

“After speaking with Hawk, we were impressed with their team’s digital marketing expertise and felt hopeful that their team would be able to provide us with the results we were hoping for.” 

– Kate Dwyer, eThink’s Director of Marketing

The Results:

Through partnering with HawkSEM, eThink was able to: 

  • Increase site traffic by 205%
  • Increase first-page keyword rankings by 74%
  • Generate 2x the opportunities and close 3x the deals generated from the website alone compared to last year

About HawkSEM

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