Written by Sam on Oct 7

Not sure where to begin? This is for you!

Think all PPC agencies are the same? Think again.

A recent eMarketer survey found that companies leave agency partners for a variety of reasons that can be chalked up to misaligned expectations about anything from pricing and value (33%) to being unhappy with the strategy (%13) or needing different capabilities (14%).

Ensuring you’re on the same page from day 1 can make or break the relationship.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for PPC management, but the tips in this guide will help you hire the right agency for your unique business needs.

This guide covers:

  • Phase 1: How to prepare for your agency search
  • Phase 2: How to interview agencies with your goals in mind
  • Phase 3: Getting started with your new agency
  • Plus a handy checklist to leverage during your evaluation!

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