Written by Caroline Cox on Nov 4

Got lackluster landing pages? This guide is for you.

If paid search was a basketball team, landing pages just might be the MVPs.

That’s because they do a lot to “carry the team” once your ad has successfully garnered a click. Landing pages are tasked with engaging the viewer, informing them about what you offer, and finally, getting them to take that next desired action.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not exactly.

Like much of digital marketing, landing pages are part art, part science. Along with a strategic design and targeted copy, you’ve also got to factor in things like form length, testing, optimization, and more. But don’t let the prospect overwhelm you.

This guide covers:

  • Psychology tricks for landing page success
  • Examples of effective landing pages
  • Design tips to create a better user experience
  • Easy-to-follow landing page element checklists


Download the free guide here.

A Modern Marketer's Guide to Effective Landing Pages