Written by Caroline Cox on Feb 14

Mommy’s Bliss Increases Total Keyword Rankings by 79% — No E-Commerce Necessary

Mommy’s Bliss (mommysbliss.com) offers a family of wisely crafted products for mom, babies, and kids that are safe, gentle, and trusted by moms everywhere. Founded by pediatric nurse, midwife, doula and mom Roshan Kaderali, the company began with a “magical” product called Gripe Water used to ease infant colic and fussiness in Scotland. 

After realizing it wasn’t available in the U.S., Kaderali made it her mission to bring the remedy stateside, and the company was born. These days, Mommy’s Bliss also offers products like probiotics for babies, immunity boosters for kids, and prenatal vitamins for moms-to-be, exclusively through physical big-box retailers like Target.

The Challenge

As Mommy’s Bliss grew, the marketing became more of an undertaking. After conducting a big site transition and working to clean up SEO efforts, the team realized they needed an agency to manage it all, so the brand could continue to make updates and add new products. They also wanted help building a solid backlinking strategy. That’s where HawkSEM came in.

The Solution

After moving away from a previous agency and bringing some of their operations in-house, Mommy’s Bliss realized they still needed help with an SEO strategy and daily management. After partnering with HawkSEM, Mommy’s Bliss instantly had a dedicated senior-level marketing scientist consistently managing their SEO efforts. Through following SEO best practices, including backlinking, they were able to see significant overall growth in web traffic from organic search, both month over month and year over year. 

“We use our website as an educational resource for our consumers, so it’s important to have good content and a clean site to help pull them in. Being in an industry where we are selling to new moms, we know they are looking for a lot of information on our product before they give it to their newborn or kids. We want to make sure they are getting the right information on our products on our own website. HawkSEM has been great! They are strategic as well as easy to work with.” – Nicole Hoenig, Digital Marketing Manager, Mommy’s Bliss

The Results

While partnering with HawkSEM, Mommy’s Bliss was able to: 

  • Increase organic sessions by more than 65% year over year
  • Double goal completions 
  • Increase total keyword rankings by 79%

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