Written by Caroline Cox on Sep 22

Wyndham Capital Mortgage Gains 250% More PPC Conversions Despite Strict FTC Guidelines

Wyndham Capital Mortgage (wyndhamcapital.com) has become one of the fastest-growing mortgage companies in the country by helping their customers save money and find the right home loans at the best rate. Whether purchasing or refinancing, Wyndham makes themselves stand out by offering a wide range of mortgage products tailored to their customers’ needs.

The Challenge

Wyndham Capital Mortgage wanted to increase the number of high-quality leads they received online. With every aspect of digital marketing, they also had to be careful to adhere to strict FTC guidelines. From ad copy to landing pages, accuracy and clarity were of utmost importance, alongside proper tracking and targeting provisions. That’s where HawkSEM came in.

The Solution

HawkSEM restructured Wyndham’s Google Ads account, providing deeper segmentation with more precise ad groups and tailored messaging. The team created custom landing pages and continuously tested ad copy and landing page copy for consistency and optimal performance. HawkSEM also worked closely with them to establish a clear lead score quality so they could optimize not just for conversions, but for quality conversions and more revenue.

The Results

While partnering with HawkSEM, Wyndham Capital Mortgage was able to: 

  • Increase lead volume three times over
  • Increase conversions 250%
  • Decrease cost per lead by 45%

About HawkSEM

Our mission as an agency is to dramatically improve your digital marketing results. HawkSEM brings a mix of senior industry experts, ConversionIQ (our smart way of marketing to drive more revenue), and constant optimization to transform your paid search, paid social, remarketing, SEO, content marketing, and everything in between. We go above and beyond, working with you to create the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business. Want to know more? Let’s chat.