Written by Caroline Cox on Nov 10

MileIQ’s Long-Term SEO Plan Expands Global Reach, Increases Organic Site Traffic by 125%

The mission of MileIQ (mileiq.com) to be the most seamless and stress-free mileage logging mobile app. Acquired by Microsoft in 2015, MileIQ automates the mile-logging process through their precise recording, one-swipe classifications for business or personal travel, and special features that let you customize your log for more accurate deductions and reimbursements.

The Challenge

MileIQ wanted to improve their SEO, increasing the year-over-year amount of high-quality organic traffic to their site and app. Their goals included more organic rankings, higher rankings overall, and leveraging higher volume search terms. They knew that more traffic was great, but more high-quality traffic meant conversions — that’s where HawkSEM came in.

The Solution

Knowing that better SEO doesn’t just happen overnight, the HawkSEM team undertook various efforts to continuously improve MileIQ’s organic footprint and site traffic. They focused on elements like featured snippets by answering common search questions concisely through in-depth information to gain more authority.

The team expanded MileIQ’s global reach to align with new national and international markets through new content and backlink strategies. They also prioritized updating older content, ensuring their site map was accurate, improving page speed, and optimizing their entire website through meta tags, page titles, descriptions, and more.

The Results

While partnering with HawkSEM, MileIQ was able to: 

  • Grow year-over-year organic site traffic by 125%
  • Drive nearly 4,000 new first-page keyword rankings
  • Increase organic sessions by 207%

About HawkSEM

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