Written by Caroline Cox on Aug 24

Verizon Digital Media Increases Year-Over-Year Impressions Four Times Over While Cutting CPC in Half

verizon digital media

Telecommunications company Verizon’s media platform delivers premium experiences consumers demand with an industry-leading platform renowned for performance, reliability, security, and scale. 

Verizon Digital Media features high-performance video streaming capabilities, a reliable CDN, and a secure experience to ensure you’re always meeting the needs of your business. 

The Challenge:

Verizon Digital Media came to us wanting to increase conversions and grow their brand awareness while also lowering their cost per lead. Even though they’re a well-known, successful brand, the competition in their industry is fierce. They knew they needed a cutting-edge digital marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd. 

The Solution:

First, our team took the time to analyze Verizon Digital Media’s digital marketing and paid search initiatives. We worked with their in-house team to add display opt-in to their search efforts and help them expand globally into other networks for greater reach and opportunities.

Additionally, we optimized the ad copy for each keyword through single keyword ad groups (SKAGs), expanded their extensions, restructured their campaigns by product, and created a more customized approach for sending traffic to the right pages. 

verizon digital media

The Results:

While partnering with HawkSEM, Verizon Digital Media was able to: 

  • Grow conversions by more than 3,200%
  • Lower average cost per click by more than 37%
  • Cut cost per conversion in half

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