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HawkSEM is in the top 3% of agencies offering ecommerce marketing services.
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Medium to large brands in the B2B SaaS, ecommerce, education, healthcare, technology, legal, financial services, industrial, real estate, and franchise sectors

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Tinuiti is a full-funnel marketing agency with one goal: to get you to your “Marketing Bliss Point.”
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Large retail, ecommerce, fashion, consumer goods, technology, and lifestyle brands with a substantial marketing budget

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We thrive on defying convention and accelerating growth — so does WPromote, which is why these SaaS SEO experts earn a spot on our list.
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Rapid growth startups to global SaaS companies

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Got your sights set on an agency that works strictly with tech and SaaS businesses?
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Technology and SaaS brands of all sizes in all sectors

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Power Digital describes itself as “a marketing firm powered by possibility pursuers” — a philosophy that fits perfectly with our ethos.
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Small, mid-level, and enterprise SaaS companies, B2B, and B2C brands

The best SaaS SEO agencies are software industry experts who harness data to craft winning strategies and consistently show strong growth and ROI for SaaS brands just like yours. Here are an industry leader’s draft picks.

Here, you’ll find the top 8 SaaS SEO agencies:

  1. HawkSEM
  2. Tinuiti
  3. WPromote
  4. Directive Consulting
  5. Power Digital
  6. Silverback Strategies
  7. Rise Interactive
  8. Seer Interactive

We’ll also cover:

There are over 30,000 SaaS companies, millions of potential customers, and more than $600 billion in potential revenue.

If you want in on these profits, you’ll need a sharp search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to get your SaaS products in front of your audience.

But only a top-notch SaaS SEO agency can pave the way to the top spot on the search engine results page (SERP). As one of the top 3% agencies in the country, we know exactly what it takes to elevate SaaS brands’ SEO to meet and exceed business goals.

Curious about who stands alongside us? We’ve rounded up eight of our favorite SaaS SEO agencies that deliver exceptional organic growth, razor-sharp optimization, and maximum ROI.

1. HawkSEM


When we say HawkSEM is one of the best SaaS SEO agencies on the market, we aren’t just blowing smoke. Our full-service digital marketing agency boasts a solid stack of case studies and glowing testimonials from SaaS clients.

Our award-winning SEO team specializes in data-driven strategies that perfectly align with the distinct needs of SaaS businesses. From technical SEO audits that comb through your internal linking and SaaS website architecture to high-quality content creation that educates target audiences and enhances your domain authority, we’ve got every angle covered.

For example, SaaS monitoring and analytics platform Datadog came to us struggling with poorly optimized campaigns, ineffective keywords that ate up their budget, and subpar landing pages. We came on board to revamp their campaigns, fine-tune their keyword strategy, and prime their landing page for conversions.

The results? Sales demos shot up by 75%, and cost per acquisition (CPA) dropped by 40%, all while maintaining a stellar click-through rate (CTR) of over 3%.

Oh, and did we mention our proprietary marketing tech? ConversionIQ is a powerful tool that leverages real-time, actionable metrics to optimize your SEO campaigns and deliver an average 4.5x ROI for your SaaS business.

SEO services:

  • SEO strategy and development
  • Content marketing and optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Keyword research
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Error and algorithm resolutions
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) and organic integration
  • Link building
  • Schema markup implementation
  • Backlink audit, cleanup, and monitoring
  • Data and analytics


  • Microsoft
  • Agent Find
  • Verizon
  • Merrill Lynch
  • ADT

Best for: Medium to large brands in the B2B SaaS, ecommerce, education, healthcare, technology, legal, financial services, industrial, real estate, and franchise sectors

2. Tinuiti


Tinuiti is a full-funnel marketing agency with one goal: to get you to your “Marketing Bliss Point.” It does this through a recursive process known as “The Clarity Loop” that measures strategic performance and optimizes every phase of your SaaS SEO plan.

Its marketing team consists of over 1,000 employee-owners who manage about $4B in digital media. And the agency’s track record? It’s equally impressive, touting game-changing results for numerous well-known clients, many of which are repeat customers.

It also has its own proprietary tech, aptly dubbed Bliss Point, which combines advanced analytics with both traditional and digital ad strategies.

For SaaS brands laser-focused on strong brand visibility alongside lead generation, Tinuiti is a clear contender.

SEO services:

  • Content creation and strategy
  • Technical SEO optimization
  • Site migration management
  • Blog and social media amplification
  • Rich snippet optimization
  • Specialized projects


  • Poppi
  • Nautica
  • Honest Co.
  • Olly
  • Wag!

Best for: Large retail, ecommerce, fashion, consumer goods, technology, and lifestyle brands with a substantial marketing budget

3. WPromote


We thrive on defying convention and accelerating growth — so does WPromote, which is why these SaaS SEO experts earn a spot on our list. The agency has racked up a roster of awards, including Innovative Agency of the Year (more than once) and The Drum’s Most Effective Use of Data.

Its secret sauce? Polaris, an exclusive marketing platform that offers a 360-degree view of your marketing efforts, along with advanced metrics and predictive insights.

This agency is well-versed in SaaS, too. Take its partnership with Intuit QuickBooks.

WPromote optimized its site architecture for better user experience (UX), and streamlined content to target more relevant keywords in organic search. This made it easier for potential customers to find and engage with QuickBooks.

Thanks to Wpromote’s SaaS SEO strategy, increased organic traffic and conversion rates naturally followed.

SEO services:

  • Local and international SEO
  • Site migrations
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • CRO
  • SEO content optimization
  • Voice search
  • Organic shopping
  • App store optimization
  • Strategy and development


  • Adobe
  • Dataiku
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Peacock
  • TaxSlayer

Best for: Rapid growth startups to global SaaS companies

4. Directive Consulting


Got your sights set on an agency that works strictly with tech and SaaS businesses? Meet Directive Consulting, a full-service agency that specializes in SaaS marketing and promises a data-backed strategy for each and every client.

Its exclusive focus on this industry means it knows the SaaS business model, lengthy customer journey, and unique market dynamics. And with over 200 leading tech companies in its portfolio, this agency has the case studies to back up the hype.

So, how does Directive do it? Its “Customer Generation Methodology” aims to drive traffic and generate customers with a genuine interest in purchasing. This involves a blend of SEO, PPC, content marketing, and CRO to attract, engage, and convert potential customers into bonafide, paying ones.

SEO services:

  • Content marketing
  • Webpage creation
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content calendar development
  • Custom tool and link creation
  • CRO
  • Technical SEO optimization


  • Bill.com
  • Calendly
  • Uber Freight
  • Sumo Logic
  • ZoomInfo

Best for: Technology and SaaS brands of all sizes in all sectors

5. Power Digital


Power Digital describes itself as “a marketing firm powered by possibility pursuers” — a philosophy that fits perfectly with our ethos.

Its cutting-edge Nova Intelligence tech helps dig deep into audience research, analyze each client’s market, and uncover key insights. This helps the agency craft SEO strategies that touch every part of the SaaS marketing funnel.

Its partnership with Genesis Mining (a cryptocurrency cloud mining company) is a testament to this agency’s SaaS expertise. With lead generation top of mind, Power Digital overhauled its SEO content — focusing on keyword research, on-page, and off-page elements, digital PR, and conversion tracking.

In just six months, Genesis Mining saw its conversions skyrocket by nearly 200%. Now that’s power.

SEO services:

  • Analysis, strategy, and development
  • SEO audit
  • Technical best practices
  • Local SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Site migrations
  • Link-building
  • Ecommerce SEO


  • Stripe
  • Casper
  • San Diego Housing Commission
  • CellularOutfitter
  • SLI Systems

Best for: Small, mid-level, and enterprise SaaS companies, B2B, and B2C brands

6. Silverback Strategies

silverback strategies

Want an agency with decades of experience in growth-driven digital marketing? Silverback Strategies likes to push boundaries and disrupt the status quo — just like we do. Oh, and it has been doing it for over 15 years.

This full-service digital marketing agency adopts a people-centric approach, prioritizing culture and continuous innovation. It develops cross-channel, cohesive campaigns informed by your unique business needs to leave no SaaS audience unturned.

Silverback’s award-winning SaaS SEO services gave Hyper Vigilance, a cyber security provider, the fuel to drive record-breaking organic search visibility and revenue (150% growth, to be exact).

SEO services:

  • Content creation and marketing
  • SEO strategy and maintenance
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Site migrations


  • Homeland Security
  • Blackboard
  • Discovery Education
  • Identity Guard
  • Cornell University

Best for: Emerging startups to enterprise-level SaaS providers

7. Rise Interactive

rise interactive

Rise Interactive may have started small, but it has evolved into a bold, award-winning media agency that continues making waves.

It has an SEO team of content strategists, copywriters, website developers, and UX designers across the U.S. and abroad, all dedicated to keeping your SaaS business ahead of industry shifts in every facet of SEO.

This agency relies on its media optimization platform, Connex, which offers 360-performance transparency. First, it shows real-time metrics across all SaaS marketing platforms. Then, it zeros in on growth opportunities and puts your optimization in automation mode.

How else do you think they garnered 490% more appointment bookings for Northshore’s HealthSystem?

SEO services:

  • SEO consulting
  • Local SEO
  • Paid and organic integration
  • Mobile app optimization
  • Content creation
  • On-page optimization
  • Offsite best practices
  • Online reputation management
  • Strategy and development


  • Northshore University HealthSystem
  • Dairy Management Inc.
  • Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  • American Egg Board
  • American Lung Association

Best for: SaaS companies of all sizes, particularly in the health and wellness space

8. Seer Interactive


At HawkSEM, we’re big on data, and so is Seer Interactive. Established in 2002, this data-driven agency creates pathways that lead directly to growth and new customer acquisition. Cookie-cutter SEO? The agency prefers to leave that to your competitors, focusing more on custom solutions to get you prime rankings on the SERP.

It does this through four phases:

  • Fix optimization bugs and build an SEO roadmap
  • Lean on data to develop a breakthrough strategy
  • Dive deep into audience research and layer findings into quantitative data
  • Highlight actionable insights from massive amounts of data and hit go

Seer leveraged its proprietary platform, Supernova, to help client Adaptive Insights (now Workday Payroll), better reach its CFO audience. It conducted in-depth customer research and uncovered relevant long-tail keywords to craft an SEO plan that addressed the distinct pain points of financial professionals.

Not only did the agency propel its client to the #1 spot for a key service search term, but it also drove a 122% bump in organic sessions and a 34% boost in year-over-year (YoY) organic conversions.

As a Certified B Corporation, Seer has also made it its mission to positively impact society and the environment. So, if sustainable and responsible growth matters to you, look no further than Seer.

SEO services:

  • SEO consulting
  • Analytics and optimization
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Expansion models
  • Technical SEO


  • Supernova
  • Carta
  • Griswold Home Care
  • GMB Fitness
  • Latham Pool

Best for: From startups in need of an SEO roadmap to more prominent SaaS brands that want rapid expansion

What is a SaaS SEO agency?

SaaS SEO agencies create and monitor strategies that help SaaS businesses improve online visibility in the SERP, attract more qualified traffic, and convert that traffic into customers.

SaaS SEO tactics typically include:

  • In-depth keyword research tailored to the SaaS market
  • Content creation to build trust and address pain points of SaaS customers
  • Technical SEO to optimize site architecture for search engines
  • Fixing broken links, as well as building high-quality backlinks for domain authority
  • Pairing your SaaS SEO strategy with other marketing tactics, like paid search

So, why invest in SEO efforts? We can give you a few good reasons.

Why you need a SaaS SEO agency

We know what you’re thinking: Tech is your jam, so why not DIY your SEO strategy in-house?

While your software knowledge is invaluable, SEO is a different ballgame. It involves ever-changing algorithms, detailed competitive analyses, and content tailored to your industry’s landscape. When done skillfully, it drives consistent leads, increases brand awareness, and grows your reach.

But it takes a pro who understands SEO as deeply as you know SaaS to reap the perks:

Specialized focus on SaaS

These agencies know the SaaS market and its unique challenges like the back of your hand, which means they’re well-equipped to tailor strategies that always hit the mark. Costly trial and error? Not anymore.

Establishes trust with target audiences

Compared to other industries, SaaS brands lean heavily on their websites to highlight their offerings, features, pricing, and testimonials. This isn’t just crucial for visibility but also for trust with potential customers.

More qualified leads

With a strategic SEO plan that encompasses on-page, off-page, and technical elements, you’re more poised to attract high-quality traffic. Hello, marketing-

Accelerates revenue growth

With more qualified leads in your funnel, you’ll nail your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and annual recurring revenue (ARR) targets faster. Good SEO translates into higher conversion rates, which boosts revenue with an influx of customers.

Enhanced outreach and retention

SEO lets you make meaningful connections with potential customers through strategic outreach and high-quality backlinks. Another bonus? It fosters loyalty and retention, which boosts customer lifetime value (CLV) and keeps your existing customers coming back for more.

How to choose the right SaaS SEO agency

The best SaaS SEO agencies make you confident that your brand’s marketing strategy and reputation are in good hands. On top of that, you need an SEO team that can keep up with all the pivoting that comes with building and growing a SaaS company, not to mention prepping for a potential acquisition or IPO.

Here’s what you’ll want to look for:

Experience in SaaS 

Dozens of clients and glowing case studies are a good start. But if an agency isn’t familiar with the nuances of SaaS (which often involves longer sales cycles and more focus on booking demos), you might invest in the wrong partner.

SaaS SEO marketing efforts that are backed by data

One common denominator in our top SaaS SEO agencies? Data is the cornerstone of every strategy. The right metrics will signal when it’s time to pivot or scrap your strategy and start fresh. This continuous, data-driven approach is your secret weapon to achieving the SEO growth you desire.

Strong focus on your target KPIs

Determine what key performance indicators (KPIs) each SaaS SEO company prioritizes. Effective agencies should focus on organic traffic growth, lead conversion rates, and keyword rankings. Ask how these metrics translate to your overall business goals.

Realistic goals

Agencies that promise the moon and stars, especially when it comes to SEO, are usually a red flag. While it’s great to aim high, solid SEO takes time for significant results. Often, those “quick wins” are actually black-hat tactics that aren’t sustainable and can even get you penalized by Google.

Expertise across different marketing channels

Not only is content an essential pillar of SEO but it can be repurposed for multiple channels, from your SaaS website to your social media and email campaigns, allowing you to work smarter rather than harder to drive leads and conversions.

A clear plan of action

An agency won’t give away all of its secrets in an exploratory call, but it should offer high-level feedback on your current SEO moves. This can help you gauge whether or not they can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Ongoing optimization

Like most digital marketing tactics, proper SEO is ongoing. A stagnant program can go stale, which can translate into outdated content, a sluggish site, and diminishing visibility in search results.

Trust and credibility

One of the best ways to gauge an agency’s trustworthiness? Seek out third parties that can verify their work. Peep their SaaS case studies (if they have them), online reviews, and client testimonials to see what other SaaS brands say about working with them.

FAQs about SaaS SEO agencies

  • How much does a SaaS SEO agency cost?

    SEO can cost between $500 (for basic local SEO) and $10,000+ for more comprehensive strategies.

    Here’s a breakdown of the most common pricing models you can expect during your agency search:

    • Tiered packages: Some agencies will offer standard, deluxe, and enterprise-level packages for different company sizes or budgets.
    • Results-based fees: The agency gets a percentage based on goals met or results achieved through their SEO efforts.
    • Flat fee: You pay the agency a flat monthly fee (these can sometimes be tiered models, as well).
    • Lead generation or conversion model: The SaaS company pays based on how much lead generation or conversions are achieved.
    • Hourly rate: While this is more common for freelance SEO specialists or consultants, an agency may charge an hourly fee for their SEO services, too.

  • When’s the right time to hire SaaS SEO services?

    To determine if it’s time to hire an SEO agency, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Are you looking to scale SQLs and drive the sales pipeline?
    • Are you looking to build or improve your SEO efforts efficiently?
    • Are you struggling to get the organic site traffic and SERP visibility you want?
    • Is trying to manage SEO in-house taking up too much time and resources?
    • Does SEO regularly fall to the bottom of your to-do list?
    • Have you had sub-par experiences with past agencies?
    • Do you want to create a more well-rounded digital marketing plan that takes your SaaS business to the next level?

    If the answer to any (or all!) of these questions is “yes,” let’s talk.

  • How long does it take to see results from SaaS SEO?

    Just like standard SEO, SaaS SEO is a long-term strategy. While you might notice better traffic, rankings, and conversions after a few weeks of rolling out your strategy, more significant results can take several months to a year.

The Takeaway

Just like you, your SaaS clients don’t have time to waste. They need solutions to their problems, and they go online for answers. That’s where your SEO plan comes into play.

The right SaaS SEO agency will personalize your strategy to fit the needs of your brand, industry, and target audience, setting you apart from competitors in your niche.

Looking to partner with SaaS SEO experts who get it?

Our team of seasoned marketing pros hasve spent years in your industry. We have a proven track record and 98% client retention and craft high-class SEO strategies that connect you with your audience, amplify reach, and supercharge ROI.

Ready to get your software on prime SERP real estate? Get in touch to plan your ascent.

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