Level up your Instagram advertising with inspo from 101 of the best Instagram ads. Get ideas to improve your copy and creatives at every stage of the funnel.

Here, you’ll find the best Instagram ad examples for:

With an average cost per click (CPC) between $1 and $2, Instagram is one of the most affordable digital advertising platforms. But there’s a catch. If your ads don’t resonate with your target audience, your CPC is likely to climb much higher.

Need ideas to improve your Instagram ad campaigns or want to see what’s working for other brands? We rounded up 101 of the best Instagram ad examples to help you boost awareness, drive traffic, and increase conversions.

Best Instagram ads for ecommerce

1. Temu


Goal: Sales

Why it works: This Temu ad drives sales using both callouts in the creative and native Instagram features. “$0” draws attention to the free item, and “Flash Sale” prompts customers to shop.

Takeaway: Why feature one item when you can show an entire collection? This Temu ad uses the popular restock format to create an ad that looks organic while showcasing multiple products.

2. Shein


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Instagram story ads often have lower click-through rates (CTRs) than Instagram feed ads. This Shein ad drives sales by making multiple clothing items easy to tap and shop.

Takeaway: Ads don’t always need complex creatives to succeed. This ad keeps it simple and drives results by simulating an ecommerce shopping experience.

3. LegSlims


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to drive customers to action. The “closing down sale” headline with strategically placed emojis grabs the viewer’s attention and gets clicks efficiently.

Takeaway: Many top ads focus on concise copy. However, as this example shows, sometimes the best Instagram ads for small business use long-form copy to tell more compelling stories.

4. Pacas


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Getting new customers to convert isn’t always easy. This Pacas ad targets new customers by offering 30% off first-time purchases.

Takeaway: You may have heard that benefits are more important than features. However, this ad successfully highlights key features that are likely to resonate with the company’s target audience.

5. Vivaia


Why it works: This Vivaia ad shows and tells. It lists several features and uses a scroll-stopping image to show exactly how well the brand’s shoes repel water.

Takeaway: Like the Pacas example above, this Vivaia ad focuses on features rather than benefits. It makes the most of limited space by embedding multiple images of features.

6. Bagnet


Goal: Sales

Why it works: This video ad by Bagnet is a highlight reel for use cases. It communicates value and versatility by showing prospects exactly where and how they can use the product.

Takeaway: Introducing a new type of product to a new audience? A simple video ad like this one works well for both Instagram Stories and reels.



Goal: Sales

Why it works: For ecommerce fashion brands like PONY-O, comparing the before and after can be incredibly effective. With this kind of visual, it’s easy to gauge the product’s impact in a split second.

Takeaway: While the video ad creative shows viewers how to use the product, the ad copy clarifies the value. The “25% off” and “limited time offer” callouts are ideal for prompting quick action.

8. Sweetflexx


Goal: Brand awareness

Why it works: Another before and after comparison, this Sweetflexx video ad shows viewers what they can achieve by wearing the brand’s resistance leggings — giving them something to aspire to.

Takeaway: This ad also heavily leverages customer reviews. The ad copy includes multiple five-star ratings and reviews from happy customers.

9. Nadine West

Nadine West

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Comparing your product to the competition can be great for winning frustrated customers. This Nadine West ad positions the brand as an affordable alternative to Stitch Fix.

Takeaway: Along with highlighting the price difference, this ad also proactively tackles potential objections. The “zero obligation” callout helps reduce friction.

10. Full Focus

Full Focus

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Social proof works two ways: it inspires confidence and creates fear of missing out (FOMO). This Full Focus ad uses two types of social proof — an award and the number of copies sold.

Takeaway: The ad’s creative and color scheme are relatively muted. Instead, the clever tagline — “No More Sunday Scaries” — does the heavy lifting.

11. Sheertex


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Sheertex is known for its scroll-stopping visuals. This video ad, which shows men testing the durability of the brand’s tights, is no different.

Takeaway: Like the best Instagram story ads, this one includes three stories. The first one grabs attention and gets viewers to watch, while the subsequent stories prompt viewers to tap and shop.

12. Hairbrella


Goal: Sales

Why it works: A great visual can often communicate a problem and its solution much faster than copy can. This Hairbrella does just that, showing a winter hat effortlessly repelling water.

Takeaway: Since this video ad’s creative is so strong, it doesn’t need much copy. Instead, the ad’s voiceover shares the benefits from the customer’s point of view (POV).

13. Olive & June

Olive & June

Goal: Sales

Why it works: This Olive & June ad uses a first-person POV and a user-generated content (UGC) aesthetic to connect with customers instantly. The quote speaks directly to the brand’s target audience.

Takeaway: To encourage prospects to make the switch from salon manicures, this video ad also touches on several pain points. It mentions time savings, ease of use, and health and safety.

14. Bombas


Goal: Sales

Why it works: To look more like an organic Instagram post, this Bombas video ad uses a UGC aesthetic. With the video’s first-person POV, it looks like the narrator is sharing a find with the viewer.

Takeaway: UGC can build trust and drive sales, but real-life UGC from customers isn’t always necessary. Giving paid content a UGC aesthetic can make it appear more authentic and actionable.

15. Shop Temu

Shop Temu

Goal: Sales

Why it works: This Shop Temu ad is a paid partnership posted by content creator It’s Kat Joyce’s Instagram account. The content features the creator’s POV, showing how she uses the brand’s products for everyday life.

Takeaway: When in doubt, explore both options. Genuine UGC can help you build relationships with influencers, but content with a UGC aesthetic can be more affordable.

16. Upstep


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Nearly 50% of consumers trust customer reviews as much as personal recommendations. This Upstep ad prominently features a customer quote and a five-star rating.

Takeaway: Sometimes it’s better to let customers speak for your brand. This ad features both a customer quote and eye-catching callouts like “free shipping” and “money-back guarantee.”

17. Comfrt Clothing

Comfrt Clothing

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Advertisers have tons of options for featuring social proof. This Instagram reels ad by Comfrt Clothing is a reply to a happy customer, whose comment appears on an on-screen sticker.

Takeaway: While branded content can certainly drive sales, organic content often looks more authentic. This reels ad looks like an organic post, which may increase views and conversions.

18. Kizik


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Don’t love lavender? Keep swiping. This Instagram carousel ad includes 20 slides, allowing the brand to show several products in a single ad.

Takeaway: While this Kizik ad features relatively concise copy, it says a lot with few words. The first line — “Imaging putting on shoes with no hands” — draws in customers immediately.

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19. Beam


Goal: Sales

Why it works: The on-screen copy in this Beam video ad is clear and concise. In just a few words, it addresses the target audience’s problem and shares a key benefit: “wake up refreshed.”

Takeaway: The ad copy reinforces the creative and supplements the sales-focused language. “Our biggest sale EVER” is likely to convert customers who have been on the fence about purchasing.

20. Nuun Hydration

Nuun Hydration

Goal: Sales

Why it works: This Nuun Hydration ad uses strategically placed emojis to call out key features of the brand’s tablets. It also uses a “limited time only” callout to create a sense of urgency.

Takeaway: Advertisers don’t necessarily have to include all essential information in the copy or creative. This ad has dynamic callouts, which Instagram automatically adds to the creative.

21. Kate Farms

Kate Farms

Goal: Brand awareness

Why it works: Instagram Stories ads have to capture attention quickly. This ad by Kate Farms does so with a simple creative and a clear, easy-to-understand headline.

Takeaway: The ad efficiently communicates features in the subheading, using checkmarks to show that the ad literally checks several nutrition-related boxes.

22. Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch

Goal: Brand awareness

Why it works: Numbers can be great for sharing information efficiently, but they aren’t always enough. This Catalina Crunch ad uses visual and numerical comparisons to clarify the brand’s value proposition.

Takeaway: This reels ad reinforces the creative by adding a customer quote in the caption. Viewers don’t even have to tap to expand the caption to get the gist.

23. RYZE Superfoods

RYZE Superfoods

Goal: Brand awareness

Why it works: Another example of a comparison ad, this RYZE Superfoods ad shows the before and after side by side. This visual is crucial for showing viewers what they can get from the product.

Takeaway: One reason this Instagram video ad is so effective is that it tells a story from a customer’s POV. This first-person perspective is much more convincing than branded content.

24. Oats Overnight

Oats Overnight

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Mint chocolate might not sound like a typical oatmeal flavor, but it can certainly grab attention. With 20 carousel cards, this collection ad by Oats Overnight features plenty of other options.

Takeaway: While the product packaging isn’t easy to read, the ad copy calls out key features. For example, “20g protein” is likely to speak to nutrition-focused customers.

25. The CrunchCup

The CrunchCup

Goal: Sales

Why it works: This story ad by The CrunchCup seamlessly fuses branded content with an organic aesthetic. By making the ad look like a reply to an organic post, it easily blends in with stories.

Takeaway: Because the original customer comment also features a positive review, the ad highlights social proof while still appearing organic.

26. Seed


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Why let one customer speak for your brand when you could feature several? This Seed ad includes several quotes, highlighting the most positive parts to make them more prominent.

Takeaway: This reels ad appeals to a wide target audience by featuring a diverse customer base. Each frame shows a different user taking the brand’s supplements, which has the added effect of making them seem more accessible.

27. Complement


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Black Friday can be a tricky time of year to advertise, given the added competition. This Complement ad solves the problem by highlighting a “Bigger Than Black Friday” sale.

Takeaway: By mentioning the scale of the sale and using copy like “this week only,” the ad successfully creates a sense of urgency that’s likely to drive action.

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28. Calm


Goal: Signups

Why it works: This Calm ad uses numbers and structured headlines to draw attention to key points. By calling out “50% off” and “5 days only,” the copy efficiently encourages action.

Takeaway: The Instagram Stories feed is filled with distractions. In contrast, this Calm ad is clear and simple, providing a much-needed respite while guiding prospects toward a solution.

29. Headspace


Goal: Signups

Why it works: This Headspace ad avoids creating a sense of urgency, FOMO, or anything that might lead to anxiety. Instead, the copy encourages prospects to slow down and take time for themselves.

Takeaway: Sometimes, simple is best. The creative features a branded graphic and a brief customer quote that’s likely to resonate with Headspace’s target audience.

30. BetterHelp


Goal: Signups

Why it works: This BetterHelp ad repurposes one of the brand’s X / Twitter posts. By using this popular format, it appears organic and fits seamlessly into the Instagram feed.

Takeaway: The most successful Instagram ads don’t have to be pushy or salesy. This ad uses compassion and connection to inspire trust and prompt action.

31. My-Happy Feet

My-Happy Feet

Goal: Sales

Why it works: This video ad may seem simple, but it calls out multiple issues concisely. As a result, it efficiently shows potential customers how they can benefit from My-Happy Feet socks.

Takeaway: Copy that speaks your customers’ language can drive impressive results. This ad copy details a common problem, telling the target audience that the brand understands them — and knows how to help.

32. Bía Neuroscience

Bía Neuroscience

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Who doesn’t want to be the first in their friend group to try a new gadget? This ad highlights the product’s novelty (“world’s first”) and urges customers to preorder the product.

Takeaway: Advertising big-ticket items on Instagram isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely possible. This Bía Neuroscience ad layers on the features to show the product’s value and validate the price.

33. Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Goal: Traffic

Why it works: This ad by Sweet Dreams tackles objections first by declaring, “No pills, just deep sleep.” It then drives home benefits like “Wake up fresh, not groggy.”

Takeaway: Both the creative and the copy use numbers to quantify the benefits. Copy like “fall asleep in 15 min.” and “guaranteed 7-9 hours” tell potential customers exactly what they’ll get.

34. Hers


Goal: Traffic

Why it works: This Hers ad brilliantly uses a benefit (“thicker hair in 2024”) to prompt the target audience to imagine themselves in their desired state — and make them likely to act.

Takeaway: By adding, “It’s sooner than you think,” the ad creates a sense of urgency.

35. Aeroski


Goal: Traffic

Why it works: “Fun” is the keyword in this Aeroski ad. It appears in the creative, copy, and call-to-action (CTA).

Takeaway: With over 800 likes and dozens of comments, this ad has tons of positive engagement, which inspires trust.

36. ŌURA


Goal: Sales

Why it works: “Put a smart ring on it” is a subtle yet effective spin on the classic line. This simple line easily grabs attention and inspires curiosity.

Takeaway: Clear copy often outperforms clever copy, but this ad does both effortlessly.

37. Apollo Neuro

Apollo Neuro

Goal: Sales

Why it works: This Apollo Neuro ad answers a common customer question in the most organic way possible. It responds to a customer comment with a reel that highlights the product’s benefits.

Takeaway: The UGC aesthetic also makes the ad look like organic content, so it fits better in the stories feed.

38. Hug Sleep

Hug Sleep

Goal: Sales

Why it works: The ad’s headline (“Yeah, this is weird”) puts a positive spin on the brand’s response to feedback. By adding social proof to the creative, Hug Sleep reinforces its excellent ratings.

Takeaway: The dynamic callouts that appear at the top of the creative reinforce the brand’s features and benefits, creating an extra opportunity to connect with potential customers.

39. nodpod


Goal: Sales

Why it works: This nodpod ad uses a familiar format — an online search — to position the brand’s product as a solution for stress, anxiety, and poor sleep.

Takeaway: While the copy is great for stopping the scroll, the copy includes several key features and benefits that are likely to increase conversions.

40. Forme


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Larger purchases often require more intense consideration. This Forme video ad uses various types of social proof — press mentions and items sold — to aid decision making.

Takeaway: In addition to name dropping press outlets in the creative, the ad copy features short quotes from each to provide extra social proof.

41. NeuroMD Medical Technologies

NeuroMD Medical Technologies

Goal: Traffic

Why it works: Customer quotes can be helpful for selling lower-priced items. For big-ticket items, expert quotes like the doctor’s statement in this Instagram ad tend to be more impactful.

Takeaway: From the social proof to the discounted price to the 60-day trial, this ad gives potential customers plenty of reasons to convert.

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42. Haworth


Goal: Sales

Why it works: By placing the ad’s sale details against a minimalist monochromatic creative, the “20% off” callout easily stands out.

Takeaway: This Haworth ad also uses Instagram product tags, making the ad easy for customers to tap and shop.

43. Jackfruit


Goal: Sales

Why it works: This Jackfruit ad doubles down on the features. In each reels frame, it highlights aspects that are likely to resonate, such as “sustainably made” and “free from forever chemicals.”

Takeaway: To encourage the target audience to shop, the CTA button features an irresistible deal (“40% off”) that’s available just for today.

44. Inside Weather

Inside Weather

Goal: Traffic

Why it works: Buying furniture can be a major investment. This ad addresses this common objection by highlighting Inside Weather’s free trial program.

Takeaway: This ad also uses Instagram product tags, allowing potential customers to browse the featured items before clicking through to learn about the program.

45. HeatTrak


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Copy like “limited time only” isn’t the only way to create a sense of urgency. This HeatTrak ad urges prospects to “get ahead of the winter storms” by preparing for snow and ice.

Takeaway: Getting prospects to envision how they’ll feel when they use your product can be great for driving sales. This ad does so by showing viewers how they’ll feel if they prepare for the season.

46. Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Limited-time sales can drive sales, especially when the time frame is so narrow prospects have to act right away. This Bird Buddy uses this tactic by highlighting a 24-hour sale.

Takeaway: To make this limited-time deal irresistible, the creative also mentions the potential savings (“up to $90 off”).

47. Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Between the “$150 off” savings and the “limited time” sense of urgency, this ad is virtually irresistible for anyone in the market for the product.

Takeaway: With its monochrome color palette, this ad is relatively understated — which is likely to capture attention in the fast-moving reels feed.

48. Blissy


Goal: Sales

Why it works: This Blissy ad checks all the boxes. From savings to urgency to benefits, the ad features a long list of reasons potential customers should tap to shop.

Takeaway: The dynamic callouts in the CTA banner add an extra dimension to the ad, providing even more reasons to click and convert.

49. Casper


Goal: Sales

Why it works: This Casper ad marries two elements that are integral to the brand: style and functionality.

Takeaway: Feed ads tend to have a higher CTR than Stories, making this photo ad format a good choice for conversions.

50. Coop Sleep Goods

Coop Sleep Goods

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Pillows and fun don’t usually appear in the same scenario. However, this Coop Sleep Goods ad gamifies the pillow purchase process with a quiz.

Takeaway: By claiming to find the “perfect pillow match,” this ad speaks to anyone who’s struggled to find a pillow that works for their sleep style.

51. DreamCloudSleep


Goal: Sales

Why it works: This DreamCloudSleep ad doubles down on social proof. The creative features UGC, while the creative highlights a customer testimonial.

Takeaway: This video ad is a great example of letting your customers speak for you and leveraging their positive experiences to drive more conversions.

52. Anker SOLIX


Goal: Sales

Why it works: How can you be certain that a product does what it says? This Anker SOLIX ad answers the question “Will it power a house?” by walking viewers through the process.

Takeaway: This Stories ad uses a customer POV to appear more relatable to the target audience.

53. SimpliSafe


Goal: Sales
Why it works: This SimpliSafe uses a dual approach to appeal to customers. It highlights a great deal in the creative and showcases an award and a freebie in the copy.

Takeaway: The ad copy also positions the product as the new way to manage home security by comparing it to outdated older systems.

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54. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Goal: Sales

Why it works: This Amazon Kindle ad hints at a “discounted membership” but leaves the exact amount a mystery. By inspiring curiosity, it may be more likely to get clicks.

Takeaway: With the CTA “see your best offer,” the creative also adds a personal touch to the ad.

55. LuminAID


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Who can resist a freebie? This time-sensitive LuminAID ad features a buy one, get one deal.

Takeaway: To help prospects envision using the product — and ultimately drive more sales — the ad copy also mentions several use cases.

56. Anker


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Why buy a charger that only works one way when you can purchase a more versatile gadget instead? This Anker ad shows multiple use cases to illustrate the product’s flexibility.

Takeaway: Although the copy is relatively concise, the ad does include basic specs and a USB-C graphic to confirm the types of devices this gadget can charge.

57. Therabody


Goal: Traffic

Why it works: This video ad juxtaposes the mess and inconvenience of the old ways athletes have historically applied heat or cold with the simplicity and convenience of the new method, Therabody.

Takeaway: The video also includes embedded windows with features and benefits to provide all the additional information potential customers need before making a purchase.

58. Loop Earplugs

Loop Earplugs

Goal: Sales

Why it works: With a visual comparison, this Loop Earplugs ad immediately makes it clear how the product differs from standard earplugs.

Takeaway: Instead of including a long list of benefits, this ad focuses on sustainability throughout the copy and creative.

59. Best Buy

Best Buy

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Many carousel ads feature multiple products, but this Best Buy ad has a different take on the format. Each carousel card highlights a feature or benefit of the same product, the Chromebook Plus.

Takeaway: Each carousel card has product tags, making the ad incredibly easy (and tempting) to shop.

60. American Express

American Express

Goal: Applications

Why it works: There are tons of corporate credit card options out there. This American Express ad offers an incentive in the form of an annual statement credit to encourage more applications.

Takeaway: American Express excels at storytelling, and this ad is no exception. This story ad uses multiple frames to immerse the target audience in the experience of using this corporate card.

61. Soli Pillow

Soli Pillow

Goal: Sales

Why it works: This image may look unusual, but it’s great for stopping the scroll in the fast-paced reels feed.

Takeaway: The creative and CTA provide just enough details about the product to spark curiosity and prompt clicks.

62. Remarkable


Goal: Traffic

Why it works: As a paid partnership between Remarkable and creator Renz Sadiwa, this ad features genuine UGC. It’s an unboxing video that gives viewers the experience of opening and using the product.

Takeaway: By partnering with an influencer, Remarkable can create Instagram ads featuring high-quality UGC while connecting with the influencer’s audience at the same time.

63. Nerivio


Goal: Sales

Why it works: Social proof can take many forms. This Nerivio ad uses “viral on TikTok” to illustrate the product’s success.

Takeaway: This reels ad doesn’t just lean on social proof. It also includes a complete product walkthrough to show viewers how it works.

64. Ocushield


Goal: Sales

Why it works: In a crowded category, social proof can make a big difference. This Ocushield ad highlights an award and several press mentions to make the product stand out from the competition.

Takeaway: The ad copy reinforces the social proof and clarifies the product’s benefits to increase clicks and conversions.

65. She’s Birdie

She's Birdie

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Instead of quoting a customer, this Instagram feed ad features a quote from a Vice review. Since it’s an official source, this quote adds an extra dash of credibility.

Takeaway: The five-star rating above the Vice quote makes the product appear even more compelling and the ad even more clickworthy.

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66. Shopify


Goal: Signups

Why it works: Many SaaS companies attract new customers with free trials. This Shopify ad bypasses the need for a trial by encouraging prospects to build a free ecommerce store.

Takeaway: The ad also features a Shopify partner (i.e., an experienced user of the product) to boost credibility.

67. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Goal: Traffic

Why it works: AI is an in-demand tool for marketers, but it can be unreliable. This Stories ad responds to this potential downside by claiming “Jasper AI guarantees 99% uptime.”

Takeaway: To illustrate what the software platform’s AI tools can do, the ad also features a short list of capabilities.

68. Funnel


Goal: Demos

Why it works: An average ad may just state that the platform is easy to use. This Funnel ad makes the platform’s usability relatable by stating, “You never have to write a single line of code.”

Takeaway: The ad copy reiterates the ease of use by stating that marketers can turn data into insights “with a couple of clicks.”

69. Leadpages


Goal: Free trials

Why it works: The outcome users can expect from Leadpages (“boost your leads in 30 minutes”) couldn’t be clearer.

Takeaway: This feed ad is designed to increase installs and signups by encouraging new users to sign up for a free trial. The free coaching calls mentioned in the copy are an added bonus.

70. Heap


Goal: Demos

Why it works: The headline of this Heap ad (“Why will you love Heap?”) sets the stage right away, inviting prospects to envision how much they’ll enjoy using the software.

Takeaway: Demos aren’t always easy to schedule and can be frustrating for buyers. This ad encourages prospects to watch an on-demand demo to reduce friction in the buying process.

71. Scribe


Goal: Signups

Why it works: Product walkthroughs can be dull. This UGC-style video makes SaaS demos much more relatable, even more so by using a first-person POV.

Takeaway: This Scribe ad is strong from the start, calling out a popular wish (“never repeat yourself to your coworkers again”) to get viewers to watch.

72. Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

Goal: Lead generation

Why it works: To spark interest, this Shopify Plus ad leads with a common problem for the SaaS platform’s target audience: “Is your checkout costing you sales?”

Takeaway: Downloading the whitepaper is a key step in the platform’s sales funnel. It provides value to potential customers and guides them closer to a subscription.

73. Aircall


Goal: Free trials

Why it works: Instead of listing every feature, this Aircall ad takes a much simpler approach. The creative boldly states, “Yes, we have that calling feature.”

Takeaway: The ad makes choosing call center software seem easy and offers a free trial to let customers experience the platform for themselves.

74. Dato CMS

Dato CMS

Goal: Signups

Why it works: Debating between a free or paid subscription to Dato CMS? This ad compares the two plans side-by-side to make the choice easier.

Takeaway: By leading with the headline, “Everything you need,” the SaaS ad makes it clear that prospects don’t have to look elsewhere for content management.

75. ActiveCampaign


Goal: Free trials

Why it works: This ad compares ActiveCampaign to the competing email marketing platform Mailchimp. The side-by-side comparison is helpful for attracting price-conscious customers.

Takeaway: This Stories ad makes ActiveCampaign the obvious choice and uses a clear CTA (“access your free trial”) to drive conversions.

76. BambooHR


Goal: Lead generation

Why it works: To capture attention, this BambooHR ad calls out the nature of the lead magnet in the headline. However, the subheading (“Create better first days”) is arguably more impactful, as it invites prospects to envision the outcome.

Takeaway: This Stories ad is one of the simplest examples on this list. Since the creative is so minimal, it relies completely on the headline and CTA to generate leads.

77. Stripe


Goal: Lead generation

Why it works: Most lead generation ads link to external landing pages. This Stripe ad reduces friction by using a native lead generation form that auto-fills the prospect’s contact information.

Takeaway: The image ad increases conversions by highlighting a common issue for the software platform’s target audience: navigating “growth in a slowdown.”

78. Hootsuite


Goal: Free trials

Why it works: SaaS ads tend to be serious, but this Hootsuite ad disrupts the norm by taking a more playful approach.

Takeaway: The copy boosts signups by calling out a solution to a common problem for social media managers: “help your social team find harmony.”

79. Unbounce


Goal: Traffic

Why it works: Like Hootsuite, Unbounce also takes a humorous approach to SaaS ads. The headline, “Marketing budget tighter than a pair of yoga pants?” is designed to stop the scroll.

Takeaway: The ad copy reiterates a common theme for marketers (“do more with less”), showing prospects that the software platform is designed for their needs.

80. Zendesk


Goal: Demos

Why it works: This Zendesk ad makes the demo process as easy and as low-pressure as possible. The ad promises a “commitment-free demo” to encourage conversions.

Takeaway: This reels ad uses dynamic callouts to reiterate key points, relying on Meta’s native technology to optimize these advertising elements.

81. Iterable


Goal: Demos

Why it works: Incentives are somewhat common for SaaS ads on LinkedIn, but they’re more unusual to see in Instagram or Facebook ads for B2B. This ad offers a $50 gift card for a demo.

Takeaway: To increase credibility, the ad also features the SaaS company’s G2 award.

82. Leapsome


Goal: Lead generation

Why it works: To work well, lead magnets have to solve a real problem for the target audience. This Leapsome image ad highlights a unique survey report — a resource that isn’t available elsewhere.

Takeaway: Meetings and productivity are hot topics for SaaS. This ad touches on these topics with a simple statistic (“47% of meetings feel like a waste of time”) that’s sure to get clicks.

83. SamCart


Goal: Free trials

Why it works: With a number like $100,00,000, this reels ad is sure to capture attention. By demonstrating what creators have achieved with the app, this number serves as yet another type of social proof.

Takeaway: The CTA, “Try SamCart free for a week,” makes free trial signups a slam dunk.

84. Descript


Goal: Signups

Why it works: This Descript ad features sponsored content by creator Shahbaz Sheikh, providing a walkthrough of the app’s top features from an entrepreneur’s POV.

Takeaway: By partnering with an influencer, Descript can share a real user’s perspective while promoting content that’s more likely to resonate with the app’s target audience.

85. Auvik


Goal: Lead generation

Why it works: Customer reviews and press mentions are great. But for SaaS companies, G2 awards can be even more impactful.

Takeaway: To boost credibility and attract more prospects to the sales funnel, this ad uses a G2 report as a lead magnet.

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86. Penji


Goal: Sales

Why it works: As a design marketplace, Penji has to showcase its design chops. This ad features a Halloween animation, followed by a value proposition that couldn’t be clearer or more concise.

Takeaway: By featuring numbers prominently, this ad conveys essential information quickly, helping prospects make a purchase decision more efficiently.

87. Closets by Design

Closets by Design

Goal: Sales

Why it works: Closets by Design’s main selling point is price, made crystal clear by this ad creative. The feed ad uses extra large numbers in a range of colors to highlight the available savings.

Takeaway: To make the offer truly irresistible, the ad also mentions “free installation.” This extra is likely to address many potential customers’ objections and ultimately secure more sales.

88. MarketerHire


Goal: Traffic

Why it works: Using odd numbers can help ads stand out from the competition. This MarketerHire ad uses a number to quantify the value that its pool of experts can deliver.

Takeaway: Hiring professionals via marketplaces can be a tough sell for companies that want real people. This ad introduces one of MarketerHire’s experts, making the process more personal.

89. Moo


Goal: Sales

Why it works: One of the simplest ads on this list, this Moo ad is also one of the most eye-catching. Since the company is known for its beautifully designed business cards, a great creative is critical.

Takeaway: Together, the clever headline and the bold business cards make this a scroll-stopping Instagram Stories ad.

90. Owens Corning Roofing

Owens Corning Roofing

Goal: Lead generation

Why it works: This Owens Corning Roofing ad puts a playful spin on the check engine light. The bright pink check roof light is likely to stop the scroll and capture homeowners’ attention.

Takeaway: This image ad is designed for a longer sales cycle. As a lead generation ad, it links to a valuable resource, which the brand can use to build a target audience for remarketing.

91. Noom


Goal: Traffic

Why it works: Weight loss isn’t usually a fun challenge, but this Noom ad gamifies the process. The ad prompts viewers to take a quick quiz to get the information they need to start their journey.

Takeaway: To capture interest, the creative also highlights a sample result. By showing prospects the concrete results that the product generates, the ad is more likely to drive traffic.

Best Instagram ads for education

92. University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland

Goal: Applications

Why it works: This Instagram feed ad uses a familiar organic format, placing a greenscreen with key information behind the speaker. In this case, it shows features of the school’s healthcare degree.

Takeaway: A UGC aesthetic can work for universities, as long as it speaks to the target audience. This ad makes the program accessible and builds trust by creating a connection with the speaker.

93. Dow Janes

Dow Janes

Goal: Traffic

Why it works: This ad may be simple, but by calling out “free investing class,” the creative efficiently highlights the value proposition and grabs attention.

Takeaway: By adding “for women who don’t know where to start” in the creative and listing several questions in the copy, the ad makes it easy for prospects to self-identify with the target audience.

94. The Week Junior

The Week Junior

Goal: Sales

Why it works: The ad’s headline inspires instant curiosity. While the ad doesn’t explicitly state the benefits of a magazine subscription, the creative hints at the wide range of knowledge in each issue.

Takeaway: Together, the copy and the creative highlight the savings and address objections, reducing friction for potential customers.

95. Yoto


Goal: Sales

Why it works: In this Instagram video ad, the creative features several use cases. Each show kids using the edutainment product in different scenarios, while at home or traveling.

Takeaway: The ad copy works in tandem with the creative. It tackles several common objections (“No microphone. No camera. No ads.”) to make the parent’s purchase decision easier.

96. The Woobles

The Woobles

Goal: Sales

Why it works: The first-person POV gives this Instagram ad an organic feel and helps it fit right into the reels feed. To make the product seem less challenging to learn, the video shows several first-person perspectives.

Takeaway: The caption features a quote from the New York Times (“virtually idiot-proof”), which effortlessly addresses an objection and lowers the barrier to entry.

Best Instagram ads for travel and events

97. Hotels.com


Goal: Followers

Why it works: One of the best Instagram ad examples for followers, this Hotels.com story shows an ideal vacation day. While the ad highlights tourist attractions, the main focus remains on the hotel stay.

Takeaway: The best Instagram ads to gain followers tell stories and make viewers interested in learning more about the brand. This ad does just that, focusing more on the story and less on sales.

98. Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch

Goal: Traffic

Why it works: Canyon Ranch avoids overloading the creative or the copy with too much information. Instead, the brand uses a carousel format to showcase various retreat options.

Takeaway: In both the creative and the copy, this ad speaks directly to a tailored audience: people seeking valuable insights from fellow experts at highly curated events.

99. The MAKRS Society

The MAKRS Society

Goal: Signups

Why it works: This local event Instagram ad efficiently shares all the key information the target audience needs to know (“45+ local vendors”), making it easy to decide whether to attend.

Takeaway: With geotargeted ads, you can reach Instagram users in specific regions to drive attendance at local events, without wasting ad spend on people outside your target area.

100. Priscilla


Goal: Ticket sales

Why it works: Critics’ opinions can make or break a moviegoer’s decision to watch a film. This ad for the movie Priscilla features a series of quotes from the press, which are likely to help sell tickets.

Takeaway: By combining critics’ opinions and key movie scenes, this ad successfully uses Instagram to capture interest and drive ticket sales.

101. Contentful


Goal: Signups

Why it works: An Instagram ad can work just as well for virtual events like the one above by Contentful. The creative concisely highlights key details for attendees, including the date and time.

Takeaway: The signup link leads to a landing page that features the same creative. This continuity is great for gaining trust and increasing conversions — in this case, signups.

The takeaway

For most brands, launching a winning Instagram ad is just the first step toward building a successful digital marketing strategy. To keep costs low while maintaining strong performance, it’s important to continue testing and iterating your best ads.

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