Looking for inspiration to improve your calls to action? Swipe from our list of 57 CTA examples that get the job done.

Here, you’ll find:

  • What a call to action (CTA) is
  • What makes a good CTA
  • Why CTAs are important
  • Real call-to-action examples for inspiration

The toughest part about marketing isn’t building the campaigns — it’s getting the right people to see them and convert. Making this happen is a two-part recipe:

  1. One part finding the right message
  2. One part including an enticing CTA to incite, well…action

You may have figured out the first part, since you’ve done a ton of audience research. But convincing them to act now requires driving your message home with a compelling call to action.

Like with anything in marketing, CTAs can be done in multiple ways. So it’ll require a bit of testing to figure out what works best for your audience. 

To help you along, we put together an impressive list of CTA examples for inspiration. 

What is a call to action?

A call to action is when a business asks a prospect to perform a specific action. For example, join now, sign up today, schedule a consultation, or download our eBook.

CTAs typically appear on home pages, Facebook ads, newsletters, blog posts, and popups, which include links or buttons that stand out. The purpose of using a CTA is to garner lead generation and sales conversions.

What elements make up the best CTA?

CTA written on sticky notes

A great CTA should use clear and concise language that’s easy to understand. (Image: Adobe)

A great call to action is a concise, compelling phrase that encourages people to take an immediate action. It should be simple and straightforward, as well as captivating enough to capture the attention of its audience.

A CTA should also be relevant to the message being conveyed or the product being offered while making it clear what action is expected.

Here are key characteristics that can boost CTA click-through rates:

  1. Clear and concise language: A great CTA should use language that’s easy to understand. It should be straightforward and tell the user exactly what they need to do. For example, “Sign up now” or “Download our free guide.”
  2. Eye-catching design: CTA design should be visually appealing and stand out on the page. It should be easy to find and draw the user’s attention. For example, a brightly colored button with bold text that contrasts with the background.
  3. Placement: A CTA should be strategically placed on the landing page where users are most likely to see it, such as above the fold or at the end of a blog post. For an ecommerce site, you can place a CTA button at the end of a product description.
  4. Urgency: Create sense of urgency by using time-sensitive language, such as “limited time offer” or “act now.” 
  5. Personalization: Personalizing a CTA with the shopper’s name or location can help create a sense of connection. For example, “Welcome back, John! Claim your exclusive offer now.”
  6. Benefit-oriented language: Focus on the benefits the user will receive by taking action. For example, “Get your free trial and save money today.”
  7. Action-oriented language: The language used in a CTA should encourage users to take immediate action. For example, “Join our community” or “Start your free trial now.”
  8. Mobile-friendly design: It’s important that CTAs are designed with mobile in mind. They should be easy to click and not too small for mobile screens. 
  9. A/B testing: Running A/B tests will determine which are the best CTAs to drive conversions. You could test two button colors or text variations to see which performs better.
  10. Consistency: The language and design of a CTA should be consistent with the rest of the website or marketing materials to create a cohesive user experience. 

By using a CTA, businesses can drive potential customers further down the sales funnel and encourage them to make a purchase or sign up for a service.

Why are CTAs important?

A CTA is an important part of marketing because it encourages customers to take a desired action. 

Here are the top benefits of calls to action:

  1. Encourages action: CTAs are designed to encourage users to take action, whether it’s to buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, or fill out a form. By providing clear and concise instructions, CTAs help users understand what they need to do next.
  2. Boosts conversion rates: A well-designed CTA can boost conversion rates by making it easy for users to take the desired action. By placing CTAs in strategic locations on your website or landing page, you can guide users towards a conversion.
  3. Improves user experience: CTAs can improve the user experience by providing clear direction and reducing confusion. When users know what they need to do next, they’re more likely to have a positive experience on your website.
  4. Increases engagement: CTAs can increase engagement by encouraging users to interact with your website or content. By providing a clear incentive or benefit, you can motivate users to explore your website.
  5. Provides data: CTAs can provide valuable data about user behavior and preferences. By tracking clicks and conversions, you can gain insights into what’s working, and make data-driven decisions about how to improve your website or marketing campaigns.

Overall, CTAs are an essential part of any website or marketing campaign. They provide clear direction for users, boost conversion rates, and provide valuable data for analysis and optimization.

57 best CTA examples that convert

Now, for some inspiration from brands that get CTAs right. Let’s get right to it.

1. H&R Block 

H & R Block CTA

No one likes tax time, and H&R Block plays on this concept by focusing on FOMO and simplicity. It creates a sense of urgency by telling people they’re running out of time to file their taxes. It even includes a timer that counts down by the days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

But rather than leaving you there with sweaty palms, it offers a solution — to have your taxes done for you (or you can do it yourself). 

The two CTA buttons are clearly visible and allow customers to select which route they prefer. 

2. Forbes 

Forbes CTA 

Paid media channels like Forbes use a simple tactic to draw in subscribers. It offers a certain number of free article reads each month. Then readers must pay a subscription fee to read more. 

In this example, Forbes uses a simple CTA — a “Subscribe Now” button. It entices readers by explaining that email list subscribers get access to “journalism that illuminates, informs, and inspires.”

The color for the button is eye-catching, so it stands out. 

This works because most people who enjoy Forbes’ articles will want to read more now vs. waiting for more freebies. 

3. Guru 

Guru CTA

Sometimes, the one you’re attracting isn’t customers — but people to help you get and retain clients. Finding employees is a lot like advertising for buyers. It requires a message that’s enticing to prospective candidates. 

The copy in Guru’s example describes a friendly work culture — the opposite of the stuffy corporate scene Millennials and Gen Zers dodge like the plague. 

The CTA is visibly blue and has a clear next step: See current openings.

Those looking for a new opportunity will click it to see if there’s a role right ⁰for them. Plus, it beats the usual “Fill out a form” or “Send your resume,” which can be tedious and boring. This allows applicants to get a feel of what’s available before submitting their details. 

4. Buffer 

Buffer CTA

Buffer shows how great web page and CTA copy can work in tandem. It’s nothing special, but sometimes simple is best. The copy uses impactful marketing techniques like social proof: Join 160K small businesses like yours. 

It also makes a promise: Build your brand on social media. 

The orange CTA button stands apart from the white and blue colors and asks prospects to sign up (for free). If you look at the bottom, you’ll see two other key pieces of information stating you don’t need a credit card and can cancel anytime. 

There’s nothing for someone to lose by clicking that CTA button, which means more signups. 

5. In The Works

In the works cta

Telling compelling stories is another technique marketers use to connect with prospective buyers. In this example, you have In The Works using storytelling to entice customers to learn more about the Founder’s backstory. 

The copy also uses imagery, which is appealing and relates to the copy: Business is blooming (get it?). 

The CTA’s copy is simple, leading readers to “Take a look” to learn more about how the founder is reconnecting people with nature.

6. Backlinko 

Backlinko CTA

Brian Dean, an innovator in the digital marketing community, chose to go with a simple but effective call to action. It’s an invite to join his newsletter to receive exclusive SEO tips, and then entices subscribers with a mix of FOMO and a promise:

“Use the tips I used to double my traffic in two weeks.”

Who doesn’t want to do that? Then the CTA is a simple “Try It” and all you need is an email address — no name, phone number, or other details.

Other key elements Brian Dean used include:

  • Using big, bold words (“Get Exclusive SEO Tips”)
  • Mentioning ROI/case study (“I doubled my traffic”)
  • Bolding “two weeks,” showing the potential of getting fast results
  • Using actionable language by starting sentences with a verb
  • Putting an image of himself as he’s a trusted brand

7. Resilient Retail

Resilient Retail CTA

Having a podcast is an excellent method to drive more people to your content. Some folks prefer to listen than read or watch videos or webinars. Resilient Retail chose to go the audio route and is offering to help businesses future-proof themselves with real stories and actionable insights.

To get access, all they have to do is select between listening on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 

A clear call to action, while allowing people to choose their preference for consuming its podcasts. Offering just one option could mean losing a chunk of potential subscribers.

8. Basecamp

Basecamp CTA

Most marketers say to only have a single CTA. But sometimes, offering three options can increase conversions. In this example, it makes sense because it’s a book and people have different preferences. 

Basecamp published a book to help product development teams struggling to ship product ideas. And rather than forcing everyone to purchase the print edition, they get two other options: read it online or download it as a PDF to consume wherever.

The yellow CTA button is prominent, so it’s easy to see and understand without reading the copy. You see the image of the book and how to obtain it within seconds of seeing the popup or landing page. 

9. Wistia 

Wistia CTA

When you’re driving traffic from leads in different areas of the funnel, it’s a good idea to have a hard and soft CTA. In this example, Wistia is promoting its Show Business videos that teach you how to create video and podcast series. 

Some will be ready to jump in by clicking its colorful green “Dive on in” CTA button. While others will require more nudging with its softer “Watch trailer” CTA button. 

10. Frase

Frase CTA

Frase, a content marketing tool, is looking to grow its affiliate network to drive more subscriptions. A marketing strategy that uses its top promoters (current happy customers) to act as brand advocates and social proof to generate more subscriptions. 

It entices affiliates to join by highlighting the “passive income” benefit and its status as the #1 rated AI content platform to get prospects to join. 

There’s also an impressive 30% commission per month. 

The large green “Apply to Become an Affiliate” CTA button is straight to the point for those interested in taking up the offer.  

11. Autopilot

Autopilot CTA

You built an awesome product. Convincing prospects to start using it is often challenging. So you need a CTA and marketing techniques to get people to jump aboard. In Autopilot’s example, it:

  • Uses a testimonial for social proof and FOMO, plus an image to increase the credibility of the testimonial
  • Offers a free 30-day trial addressing the fear and objection of “what if the product doesn’t work for me?”
  • Requires no credit card, so there’s no upfront commitment
  • Gives an option to sign up using Google, increasing convenience

12. HAVR


What makes HAVR’s CTA unique is that it includes an image in the call-to-action button. The copy is clean and clear, offering customers a way to convert your smartphone into a key within five minutes. 

Then you get the option to either watch a demo of how it works. And then get a quote. 

What makes this work is that it shows vs. tells you how to use the product. Then once you know, you can get a quote right away to get started. 

13. BLK


Most people are wary of diet fads, which makes it tougher to get them to test out your product. There are two ways around this: offering tons of social proof and/or providing freebies. 

BLK decided to go with both. It allows buyers to try a free six pack beforehand. Plus, there’s social proof, with a testimonial from a verified buyer explaining the benefits. 

The copy speaks to the prospect in a conversational tone and makes it easy to become a potential long-term customer (if they like the first six pack, they’ll likely continue to buy them). Better than trying to earn quick purchases from those who’ve never heard of your brand. 

14. Progressive

Progressive CTA

Progressive uses a truly actionable CTA by having prospects select a product and insert their zip code to get a quote right away. 

This approach works because most people searching for insurance are looking to buy now or very soon. So capturing interest and transferring it to a quote could seal the deal if your rates are impressive enough.  

15. Hulu

Hulu CTA

Your CTA is only as good as your offer. Hulu knows this — and it’s why you’ll find it offering a bundled service at a low monthly rate. Subscribers can get Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus, for just $12.99/mo. 

It uses familiar logos TV watchers know and like and a vibrant green CTA button that says “Get all three.” It’s a simple, quick call to action that likely yields a ton of subscriptions. 

16. DoneDone

DoneDone CTA

Asking for credit card details is a quick way to deter people from signing up to your offer. DoneDone, a project management software, asks for subscriptions without using a credit card. 

It places this smack dab in the middle of a giant blue CTA button that says “Get started without a credit card.” Doesn’t get any more straightforward than that. 

17. Slider Revolution

DoneDone CTA

The upbeat tone of this copy and CTA gives it personality and visual appeal. It immediately makes a promise of being more than your typical WordPress Slider, and promises to WOW clients even if you’re just a beginner or novice designer. 

Then the large bright CTA buttons ask visitors to “Get Pro-Level Visuals,” which works because it means anyone can get professional-grade visuals for their designs. In other words, more sign ups from people with and without design skills.  

18. Harvard Health Publishing

Harvard health Publishing CTA

Health nuts will find this newsletter interesting because it offers tips and guidance for various ailments, including inflammation, obesity, and eye health. It also educates you about exercises to build a stronger body. 

Then to sweeten the deal, there’s a bonus for signing up: a free copy of the Best Diets for Cognitive Fitness ebook.  

This will appeal to students and young adults who admire Harvard Medical School and want to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

The CTA is simple: just enter your email address and click “I want to get healthier.”

Pro Tip: Using words like “I want X” is more enticing because it implies the person wants to do better. It makes it tougher to not click because who doesn’t want to get healthier?

19. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy CTA

Popup windows work well when you have a blog or other resources visitors find valuable. But the timing must be right — like in the middle or end of a blog post. If readers make it here, odds are they’ll be interested in consuming more of your content. 

In ReferralCandy’s example, it uses a popup window to offer readers free ecommerce tips and resources when you sign up to its newsletter.

Plus, you get a copy of an exclusive marketing playbook. 

But ReferralCandy doesn’t stop there — its large blue signup button grabs your attention using FOMO and credibility: “Join 25,142 marketers!” The very specific and high number helps convey legitimacy.

20. International Rescue Committee

International Rescue Committee CTA

People feel good about helping others — but sometimes you need to bring the ask to them to make it happen. International Rescue Committee has a CTA at the bottom of its website asking for donations. 

It even shows how donors’ money is used efficiently by spreading it across program services, management, and fundraising. 

Then the yellow button with the word “Donate” next to a heart appeals to emotion that (ideally) ignites the desire to help.  

21. Bonobos

Bonobos CTA

Ecommerce CTAs can get a bit boring — there are only so many ways you can say “shop now” and “add to cart.” So why not get a little more specific with yours like Bonobos did in this example. 

It’s a summer ad with copy that uses a clever “Ready, Jet Set, Go” that delivers a mental image of waterways and oceans. Then its white CTA button asks visitors to “Shop New Arrivals,” which is lets you know you’ll see the newest items on the market. 

After all, you don’t want to show up to your vacation wearing worn-out clothes and swimwear. 

22. Tuple

Tuple CTA

One fear consumers have is buyer’s remorse. And worse, not being able to get your money back. So Tuple handles this by addressing this fear upfront with a promise of not paying if you don’t love its software. 

It uses a conversational, friendly tone that promises that if you don’t love its product, you can request a refund at any time for your most recent payment. 

Then there’s a purple CTA button offering a free 14-day trial. But if you want, you can check out its refund policy before you test it out.  

Value before dollars is always the best approach to land more customers. 

23. Rtyart

Rtyart CTA

Getting personal with your site visitors can bridge the gap between business and personal touch. Having more of the latter will win over more prospects in the long term. In this example by Rtyart, Rebecca is talking to you, asking if you need more help or have questions. 

The copy is friendly, and offers a one-on-one chat with her specifically. 

Then in the CTA button, it says “Chat with Rebecca,” so even if you didn’t read all the copy, you know you’ll be talking to her vs. a random “agent.”

This makes it more personable and may generate more clicks because of it. 

24. HelloFresh

Hello Fresh CTA

HelloFresh is a brand that helps busy people eat healthy. Plus, it’s on a mission to make the world a healthier place. So in its CTA example, it educates you about how Americans create 21 million tons of waste each year. 

But rather than leaving you with doom-and-gloom news, it states it can help change this. On its CTA button, it asks you to “Read about ending food waste,” which is click-worthy if the folks landing here are already into eco-friendly brands.

It’s better than simply stating “Read now” or “Read more,” because it states exactly what you can expect to learn about.  

25. Fizzle

Fizzle CTA

Helping others earn a living still requires building trust. Simply dangling an offer that helps them get clients or money isn’t going to work, especially with all the scams out there. 

Fizzle is a platform that understands this, so it offers a free 10-day trial to get independent creators to join. 

It has a clear message and call to action, so creators can make a split-second decision. 

26. 10x Emails by Joanna Weibe

10xemails CTA

Email copy helps online stores and service businesses generate more sales. But it requires excellent copywriting skills to make it work. Joanna Weibe, a notable copywriter, built a course on how to get 10 times (or 10x) the results of your email campaigns. 

The copy in this example promises to show you how to master email marketing so you can boost your revenue and measure results in actual dollars. This way, it’ll appeal to both business owners and marketers with a boss breathing down their necks. 

The bright orange CTA button is simple, asking you to “Master Emails Now.”

27. Slow Growth Academy

Slow growth academy CTA

YouTube content creators will find this offer intriguing because it offers a step-by-step method for increasing subscribers and growing. Slow Growth Academy makes not one, but three promises:

  1. Start your channel
  2. Create new videos
  3. Gain your first 1,000 followers

Then it has a giant green CTA button that says “I want to master YouTube.” If the targeting is right, most people will click because that’s exactly why they’re there in the first place. 

28. Angela Fehr

Angela Fehr CTA

Painters looking to learn to improve their craft will find this offer interesting. Angela Fehr has several watercolor classes and, in this example, she invites you to join one for free.

It works because, well…it’s free. 

The CTA button is a nice earthy brown, which matches the rest of the serene visuals in the ad while also standing out from the colorful background.

29. Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo CTA

Jay Acunzo’s course on growing your podcast is another good example because it speaks on a missing component that causes most podcast shows to fall flat: premise development.

The course claims to show you how to overcome this issue so your podcast can prevail. 

The CTA button is black, which contrasts well with the white background. Then the copy inside is to the point: “Purchase Course,” and includes the price of the course. This is an ideal element to add because it makes the commitment clear and transparent. 

30. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins CTA

The CTA in this ad is descriptive and informative, telling website visitors everything they need to know about the workshop. It contains the date and makes a promise to show you how to shape your life’s journey. 

It’s virtual, so anyone can join, and the CTA button is actionable and enticing: “Get my ticket today for date with Destiny!” 

31. Wandering Aimfully

Wandering Aimfully CTA

Personality strikes again in this CTA example from Wandering Aimfully. It’s a one-on-one business coaching service that uses a friendly tone and colors to draw in visitors. 

In the CTA, the warm pink ad says, “Yassss! Give me this coaching now!” 

A call to action like this will appeal to folks who like a down-to-earth coach who appears relatable and relies less on jargon.

32. Perry Marshall

Perry Marshal

This ad is designed for advertisers who’d like to improve their campaign performance. And this training promises to help you make those enhancements fast. 

The copy demonstrates all the benefits, and the CTA button lets you know when the training starts and how to save your spot. 

Those who are serious about becoming better advertisers won’t think twice about clicking.  

33. Master Gatsby

Master Gatsby CTA

The Master Gatsby course teaches you how to write various code for your programming projects. Its CTA uses social proof and FOMO to get more people to join. 

The bright yellow button asks you to join 8,755 other learners and to start learning now. 

This CTA works because it shows social proof — thousands of others are already enjoying the lessons. 

34. J. Hilburn

J. Hilburn CTA

Ecommerce and deals go hand-in-hand for generating CTA conversions.  In this example, J. Hilburn uses an up-to 40% savings offer and a blue CTA button that says, “Explore Now.” 

The copy is sparse, but shoppers familiar with the brand know to expect custom mens summer clothes. This tactic particularly works for notable brands with lots of past customers. 

35. The Knot

the knot CTA

The Knot entices subscriptions by offering site visitors a potential to win a $500 gift card to shop at its bridal shop. The CTA button is visible with fun copy, “Ready, Set, Review!”

But there’s a limited-time offer, which creates a sense of urgency to join right away to review vendors. 

36. Hinge

Hinge2 CTA

Hinge’s “unplug” contest is a creative and fun way to get the target audience to engage with its brand. Not only does it illustrate that it cares about their well-being, but it also shows the brand is willing to join the digital detox with them. 

The CTA button is clearly visible and simply asks you to “Enter to Win.” 

No hassle or loss, so why not?

37. Starbucks

Starbucks CTA

An informal CTA is friendly and shows personality. And it works well in this ad that entices Starbucks customers to come into its store to use their rewards. 

Plus, there’s a chance to win big — nothing like getting free stuff!

38. Pitch

Pitch CTA

Even after you get someone to sign up to your newsletter or offer, you still need to get them to complete the next steps or opt in. Pitch ensures new people are all the way in by sending an email to confirm their email address. 

Its CTA button is blue and large enough to see and says, “Yes, count me in!” — friendly, fun style to get newbies to finish their setup. 

39. Gong

Gong CTA

Want people to watch a video or demo? You can either say something bland like “Watch Now.” Or you can do something like in this example and add a little flavor to your CTA: “See Gong in Action.”

It tells you what to expect once you click on the button, which will help you decide whether you want to invest in Gong. 

40. Oribi


Let’s say someone decides to check out your product demo — what next? In Oribi’s product demo on YouTube, it has a large blue CTA button that says, “Know where your website stands compared to the benchmark.”

It’s not an offer to buy or start a free trial, but to get a free analysis of how your website fares against others. It’s enticing because you get something valuable at no cost to you.  

41. ScoreMaster


Credit scores are confusing, but necessary if you want to be financially responsible. ScoreMaster makes an offer to help remove the guesswork of improving your credit rating based on different financial moves you make. 

Its CTA is a large orange button with copy that says “See My Benefits.” This works because it’s offering you something, instead of the other way around (giving up information or paying money). 

42. Scentbird

Scentbird CTA

Scentbird is offering a discount plus a free case to entice people to subscribe to receive designer scents every month. 

But rather than just asking you to start your subscription, its CTA button asks you to take a fun quiz to begin. 

Plus, there’s a countdown above for when the deal ends to create a sense of urgency. 

43. GuruShots

GuruShots CTA

For photography lovers, we have an example from GuruShots. It has a photo game with daily challenges to help you become better at taking snapshots. 

The blue CTA button is hard to miss and asks you to “Join Now” for free. 

44. Growth Sprints

Growth Sprints CTA

Growth Sprints helps businesses to scale their content operations and results. Those that know this will jump on the offer to get a free analysis, which is the CTA in this example. 

Or, if you’re unsure about working with the team, you can look at the results to see how others did after joining Growth Sprint. 

Both options are clear and to the point.

45. CardCash

CardCash CTA

Action words speak louder than…well, a CTA that doesn’t use verbs.

This CardCash example asks you to trade in your gift card if you’re no longer using it. Then you can get another gift card you’ll want and use, which is a win-win. 

The offer mixed with the concise CTA makes this one a winner. 

46. Intercom

Intercom CTA

After visiting Intercom’s website, you see a popup asking whether you’d like to see its messenger on your website. Then you either click Yes or No. 

If you select “Yes,” you’re taken to the process to set it up. If you click “No,” you will see articles about the product to learn more. 

47. Smile


Smile uses direct language that speaks on the pain points of its audience — to turn first-time customers into loyal buyers. It also boasts how its loyalty app has over 125 million shoppers using it to earn loyalty points. 

The CTA button is large and colorful, and asks you to “Start building customer loyalty,” which uses action phrases and emphasizes the benefit of the program to the user.

48. CapitolOne Shopping

CapitalOne Shopping CTA

In this CTA example, CapitolOne uses clear language to attract customers to its shopping app. It automatically applies coupon codes for free — all you have to do is add it to your Safari browser. 

The CTA button is large and blue and asks visitors to simply “Add to Safari – It’s Free,” reducing the odds of a pushback. 

Then the five golden stars beneath the CTA give the added bonus of social proof from over 5 million users. 

49. Later

Later CTA

Later, the social media management app, helps businesses get things done now. In its offer, it promises to help you crush your social goals not once, but time and time again. 

Then the CTA button uses the brand’s color scheme and personalization, asking you if you want to continue as “your name.” 

The personalized touch makes it more impactful, increasing the odds of pushing forward because some of the work has already been done for you.

50. Testimonial

Testimonial CTA

A question, a solution, and a freebie: A compelling combination to make users click your CTA button. Testimonial uses this approach by asking you if you’re ready to gather video testimonials and states its platform is the top solution for getting them from customers. 

Then the blue CTA button entices you to “Get 5 videos for FREE.” 

Sounds like there’s nothing to lose on your end.

51. Folk

Folk CTA

Exclusivity is another marketing tactic that can inspire people to action. Folk uses this method by asking users to join its priority list to test its product earlier than everyone else. 

The large purple button begins with an action verb and uses simple language, “Apply for pilot access.”

Those desiring a first glimpse will jump on the opportunity.  

52. Groundhogg


Groundhogg does an exceptional job of creating an offer that’s difficult to refuse — a flat rate to use its product, no matter how large your business grows. 

Then it has a clear CTA  on a bright orange button that asks you to “Pick your flat rate plan now.” 

53. Leon

Leon CTA

Now, here’s an eye-catching CTA you don’t see often. It uses verbiage that’s not common in the professional world, but with the right brand, it can be successful. 

The CTA is direct and humorous, which alone could get people to hit the damn button. 

54. Learnaboutgmp

Learnaboutgmp CTA

When you have a product or service that costs a pretty penny or comes with a lot of flexibility and customizations, having a CTA that guides people to a free call is ideal. 

That’s what we see in this example, which asks visitors to “Book a FREE strategy call,” before making a decision. 

It’s a CTA that’ll get clicks from those serious about training their workforce. 

55. Polymath


This CTA example from Polymath is more playful and invites visitors to learn more about the brand. Rather than leveraging a typical “join us,” “call us,” or “buy now,” they ask you to find out how many dogs one of the owners has. Or to click on the other option to find more important information. 

Both types of CTA work because it plays on two personalities — those interested in the personal lives of these coaches and others that are strictly business. 

56. Radical

Radical CTA

The landing page copy and CTA use conversational language. The goal is to get visitors to subscribe to its “email address deposit box” CTA button, which is larger than average and difficult to miss. 

Beneath the CTA, you find what to expect when you sign up and there’s a link to see a good dad joke. Who doesn’t like those?

57. Stripe

Stripe CTA

Stripe is a widely known payment processor, but it still lays out the benefits of using its platform. It also boasts how various industries use it, including online and in-person retailers, software platforms, and marketplaces. 

Then if you’re ready to join, you can click the purple CTA button that says “Start with payments.” Clicking this will lead you to setting up your payment processing so you can earn revenue for your business from anywhere. 

The takeaway

Your call to action relies heavily on your brand, personality, and landing page copy. When these have the correct vibe and message, it’s easier for your CTA to do its job — convert visitors into leads and customers.

Hopefully, these CTA examples inspire your creativity to think outside the box, without disrupting clarity. 

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