The best ecommerce experts bring in-depth expertise, unique strategies, and a portfolio of proven results to help your online store succeed. Here’s a list of the crème de la crème, handpicked and vetted by our team of ecommerce experts.

Here, you’ll find the top 8 ecommerce experts:

  1. HawkSEM
  2. Power Digital Marketing
  3. Agital (prev. Exclusive Concepts)
  4. Kristine Neil
  5. Smart Marketer
  6. Elastic Path
  7. Jamersan
  8. Outsmart Labs

Ecommerce experts bring specialized knowledge to the table that makes all the difference when you want to scale. But one quick Google search will reveal that marketing experts are a dime a dozen. Who among them will truly take your business to the next level?

We caught up with Sam Yadegar, CEO of HawkSEM, to give you the run-down on eight ecommerce experts that boast standout services and strong ROI.

Ready to explore our top picks? Let’s start at home base.

1. HawkSEM


HawkSEM is a top 3% ecommerce marketing agency with years of experience in digital marketing. We have a portfolio stacked with positive customer experiences.

We’re also a Google, Meta, and Microsoft partner. This backs up our credibility and expertise and gives us exclusive access to the latest tools and insights for more effective marketing campaigns on each platform.

“Results are everything” is our mantra, and it shapes our data-driven approach. We build each ecommerce strategy with solid, measurable outcomes thanks to our proprietary tech.

Need better-quality leads? Ecommerce sales hit a plateau? Potential customers going MIA at checkout?? ConversionIQ uses predictive analytics, metrics reporting, and actionable insights to keep your marketing strategies as sharp as your offerings.

Our clients love to see our average of 4.5X ROI and that’s why they stick around for the long haul. In fact, we have a 98% retention rate.

Just ask ThriftBooks, who saw a 50% higher average order value (AOV) and soaring return on ad spend (ROAS) after partnering with us.



  • DirectTV
  • Nike
  • Microsoft
  • Honda Motor Co.
  • CSUN

Best for: Ecommerce stores of all sizes; B2B/B2C, SaaS, healthcare, education, finance, real estate, legal, and franchises

2. Power Digital Marketing

Power Digital Marketing

Got your sights set on lightning-fast expansion? Power Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency, and its clients see 2.4x faster growth than the typical industry standard.

Its ecommerce experts are backed by cutting-edge tech, like:

  • Nova Intelligence: In-house technology that boosts revenue, identifies gaps in your strategy, and creates action plans to get your game plan back on track.
  • DataQ: Online marketing platform that turns first-party customer data into actionable ecommerce insights you can use in your marketing strategies and rake in revenue.

Sure, fancy tech is great, but it’s the ecommerce consultants behind the scenes who really make these tools work.

Power Digital keeps its team ahead of the game with ongoing training that covers ecommerce trends, business development, and soft skills like emotional intelligence and out-of-the-box thinking.

This agency is all about “turning challenges into revenue,” a promise they live up to. Take its client Victrola, an online records and vinyl store. After bringing in Power Digital, they doubled their online revenue.


  • Branding and creative
  • Content marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC
  • CRO
  • Website development
  • Public relations
  • Data intelligence


  • Casper
  • Lord & Taylor
  • Stripe
  • The Crack Shack
  • MyFitnessPal

Best for: Larger, more established ecommerce brands

3. Agital (prev. Exclusive Concepts)


Agital (formerly Exclusive Concepts) offers full-service digital marketing, ecommerce consulting, and end-to-end project management.

Its proprietary tech, Agital Impact, gives you a comprehensive, cross-channel view of marketing performance, forecasting, and predictive analytics. Want to see how your LinkedIn and TikTok strategies stack up? Or how your product ads perform on Amazon vs. Bing? With Agital Impact, you can see it all in one place and then some.

You’ve probably seen Agital in action and didn’t even know it. Super Bowl LVII, anyone? That’s right; Agital took on branding, content, and PR for the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee.

What we appreciate most about Agital is its bold stance on innovation and breaking the status quo — a mission we share. The company has won multiple awards, like Microsoft’s Rising Star of the Year and Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics.


  • Paid search and media
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Display and programmatic
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • CRO
  • Reporting and analytics
  • CRO
  • Public relations
  • Traditional media
  • Consulting services
  • Branding and creative
  • Web development and automation


  • Jelly Belly
  • Purdue University
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Sur La Table

Best for: Ecommerce startups, small to medium businesses, and large enterprises

4. Kristine Neil

Kristine Neil

A big team isn’t a must for ecommerce success, but a top-notch website definitely is.

Ecommerce pro Kristine Neil has accumulated nearly a decade of experience and certifications in branding, ecommerce, Shopify, and Squarespace. She’s earned awards like Best Squarespace Website Designer and Vancouver’s 2020 Best Website Designer overall.

But she doesn’t just equip you with a lead-generating website and send you on your way. Neil promises profit-driving ecommerce systems that attract a loyal fandom and mega conversions.

And if you’re keen to handle your ecommerce website on your own, she’s got you covered with a range of budget-friendly courses and resources to set you on the right path.

Long story short? Her ecommerce expertise helps you sell on Squarespace and Shopify with confidence, so you can focus on what you do best — building your empire.


  • Squarespace web design
  • Shopify design


  • The North Coal
  • Good Harvest
  • Prep Cuts
  • Kitchen Pantry
  • Halo Heart

Best for: Startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in the food, health, and home goods spaces

5. Smart Marketer

Smart Marketer Agency

In 15 years, Smart Marketer Agency has helped over 10,000 brands level up their ecommerce strategy. Oh, and that’s on top of the $200 million it has generated for its own businesses (which spans digital marketing courses, podcasts, and exclusive online resources).

This agency offers do-it-all ecommerce services that prioritize strategy and support for consistent, long-term growth. The only caveat? You must be open to a close, hands-on relationship.

Check out its collaboration with premium nail care brand ella+mila. The brand invested thousands in ad spend but struggled to hit their ecommerce sales targets. Smart Marketer deep-dived into their strategy, refreshing it with new customer avatars, offers, and a complete overhaul of their ad account structure.

The move paid off with a nearly impossible achievement: an increased budget and a simultaneous boost in profitability. How’s that for an ROAS polish?


  • Facebook and TikTok ads
  • Email marketing
  • Strategy and support
  • Premium training and software


  • Natural Deodorant
  • Crumbl Cookies
  • Advanced Bionutritionals
  • BOOM! By Cindy Joseph
  • NutriPaw

Best for: Businesses of all sizes in the wellness, nutritional, and mental health space that want turnkey ecommerce solutions

6. Elastic Path

Elastic Path

Want ecommerce experts that let you try before you buy?

Elastic Path sells composable ecommerce solutions solo or bundled together. This includes customized software, turnkey online stores, data centralization and management, and more. Plus, you can try things out with a free 2-week trial if you’re on the fence.

As the name implies, Elastic Path is known for its flexible offerings, which let you integrate with different front-end systems and fine-tune your strategy to meet your unique business needs.
The company also pioneered Unplatform, the more efficient answer to tedious re-platforming projects. Instead of replacing your ecommerce platforms, Elastic uses a mix of modular, composable products to test and optimize only what’s truly needed.

This is precisely what they did for Vivrelle, a luxury accessory rental company whose current platform halted growth. Elastic customized Vivrelle’s ecommerce architecture with various integrations and third-party partnerships.

After an easy-breezy implementation, they saw a drastic improvement in operational ease and 50% faster order management.


  • Ecommerce software
  • Online store technology
  • B2B and D2C commerce
  • Low-code integrations
  • Localized pricing and languages
  • Strategy and support


  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • United Airlines
  • reMarkable
  • Pella
  • Serena & Lilly

Best for: B2B and D2C companies, distributors, international companies, and multi-brand businesses

7. Jamersan


Jamersan has 20 years of experience under its belt (and it shows). This agency creates top-tier ecommerce websites, specifically through BigCommerce and Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento).

These pros have been around since the dawn of ecommerce and bring a wealth of deep knowledge that truly sets them apart. Jamersan is also selective about new clients, but that’s just to ensure a perfect mutual match.

This ecommerce expert’s process follows a seven-step blueprint:

  1. Discover and plan
  2. Research
  3. Ideate
  4. Execute
  5. Test
  6. Launch
  7. Optimize and support

This way, your ecommerce strategy is always in tip-top shape.

Jamersan knows how to tackle complex challenges, like architecting and implementing a tech stack for client WC Bradley or redesigning Bulk Candy Store’s ecommerce platform to double sales.

When you partner with Jamersan, you can expect revenue-focused campaigns bolstered by technology, not hindered by it.


  • Platform development
  • Migrations
  • Project management
  • Ecommerce support
  • Integrations


  • The Standup Desk Store
  • WC Bradley
  • Chaparral Motorsports
  • American Associated Pharmacies

Best for: Ambitious small to mid-market merchants

8. Outsmart Labs

Outsmart Labs

Got ideas that can’t make it past the drawing board? Outsmart Labs is the rebel agency you’re looking for. These Miami-based ecommerce experts thrive on innovation and experimentation. They believe “no idea is too small, no campaign out of reach.” Heck yes.

This motto was coined by co-founder and CEO David Azar, who started Outsmart Labs after falling in love with digital marketing as a teenager. His mission? Make sure Outsmart Labs’ clients always have the upper hand.

As one of Google’s Top Rising Agencies in the U.S., Outsmart Labs creates next-level ecommerce campaigns that truly make a mark.

One example of its larger-than-life expertise can be seen in its work for Vocalcom, a cloud-based call center solution with seven different international markets.

Outsmart Labs took over Vocalcom’s international digital marketing strategy to boost its lead acquisitions.

After a 360-degree approach that included social media, SEO, SEM, local SEO, content marketing, and more; these ecommerce experts helped the SaaS company rake in over 300% more monthly organic leads.


  • Web design and development
  • Branding and strategy development
  • Influencer marketing
  • SEM
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content and video marketing
  • Programmatic
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Performance marketing
  • Paid ads and media


  • Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy
  • Miami Design District
  • Baha Mar
  • Focus Features
  • Corsair International

Best for: Mid-level businesses to large brands looking to make serious waves with their online presence

Ecommerce is a vast market, with more than 26.5 million businesses fighting to roar the loudest. That means you need to do everything you can to rise above. But as a business owner, how much do you really know about what ecommerce marketing is?

What is an ecommerce expert?

An ecommerce expert is a professional (or agency of professionals) who specializes in online sales strategies and marketing campaigns. Their goal is to boost your online businesses’ sales and keep customers coming back for more.

According to Yadegar, the best ecommerce experts are:

  • Versed in your industry
  • Laser-focused on revenue
  • Stocked with the proper software and tools

Ecommerce experts can cover the basics from consulting, direction and support to more hands-on tasks, like ideation, strategy, and optimization. It depends on your business objectives and how much help you need. Whatever that looks like for your brand, rest assured there’s an agency that checks off all your boxes.

Yadegar suggests you keep these crucial questions in mind:

“The most important thing to ask a prospective agency is about their experience and proven results, especially for clients similar to your brand.” He adds, “You could also ask them about vertical and niche experience, along with case studies outlining how they solved problems for their clients. Don’t forget to ask about fees, contracts, timelines, and team introductions.”

He points to two tell-tale signs it’s time to hire an ecommerce expert:

“Performance has flatlined, or you find yourself running out of time and campaigns are being neglected,” says Yadegar.

As for what not to do?

Mistakes to avoid when choosing ecommerce experts

To find the right ecommerce marketing pro for your business, watch out for these common pitfalls:

No experience in your ecommerce brand’s industry

As mentioned earlier, an agency with no similar or vertical experience in your sector could be a gamble. Why? They may not be familiar with your audience and their needs, your industry’s marketing trends, or the regulations that guide your offerings.

Yadegar emphasizes that an ecommerce expert with experience in your niche or industry could make all the difference:

“Every ecommerce business has nuances and different target audiences, so working with someone that has experience right out of the gate will help you stay ahead,” he highlights.

Assume that partnerships with big names mean big results

It’s easy to get starstruck when you see ecommerce experts work with brands you love. But remember, big names don’t automatically mean big results.

Yadegar emphasizes that just because a company has worked with well-known brands doesn’t guarantee success for every business. Instead, he suggests meeting the team first and ensuring their services align with your needs.

Focus only on the price

Your marketing budget is important. However, a sole focus on price can do a major disservice to your brand.

For instance, one agency might be cheaper but cut corners on quality or lack adequate resources. Others might focus more on short-term wins instead of a sustainable, long-term strategy.
Our advice? Make it a point to balance cost with quality, expertise, and range of services.

The takeaway

Can you DIY your ecommerce strategy? Probably.

Should you? That’s another story.

You know your product intimately, deeply understand your audience and competitors, and have a thorough grasp of your industry and its many nuances.

But ecommerce experts understand the makings of the online sales world better than anyone else. They know how to navigate digital market dynamics, recognize consumer online behaviors, and leverage the latest tech and tools. Their expertise can be invaluable in setting your brand apart in the crowded online marketplace.

As one of the top 3% agencies in the world, we’ve got the results to back up the hype. It’s time to bring that same smoke to your ecommerce store.

Ready to watch your online sales soar?

Unleash your ecommerce potential with HawkSEM as your partner.

FAQ about ecommerce experts

How much do ecommerce services cost?

The full cost of ecommerce experts varies widely according to the scope of services you need: $40-$4000 per month, plus $1,500-$30,000 in setup fees.

How long does it take to see results from ecommerce services?

Results depend on the services you incorporate. SEO can take between three to six months. Paid ads and website redesigns can show results in a few days to a few weeks. Content marketing can work in a few months to a year.

What is a full-service ecommerce agency?

A full-service ecommerce agency handles all aspects of your online business, from design, development, SEO, and content creation to social media marketing, paid advertising, marketplace management, and everything in between.

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