Is the SEO competition stacked against you? With on-page search engine optimization (SEO), we write, publish, and improve web pages to rank higher in search engines and help your business get found online.

Because let’s be real — if your website isn’t at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), it’s hidden from your target audience.

At HawkSEM, our team of SEO experts obsess over getting your website at the top of page one.

We swear, it’s a healthy obsession — and that’s why clients like Honda and Microsoft trust us to get first-page rankings faster.

Let’s explore how we succeed with on-page SEO.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is a strategic practice of improving a webpage to better answer audiences’ questions AND be better understood by search engines, like Google and Bing, to increase search rankings.

On-Page SEO focuses predominantly on ranking factors across the visible parts of your webpage, like page descriptions, product descriptions, imagery, videos, page titles, keywords, and overall structure and format.

Everything from adding a table of contents, formatting H2 headers, adding ALT tags to images, and incorporating relevant keywords are on-page SEO strategies helping Google better understand the themes and intent of your page, while also helping readers better scan and understand your content’s point-of-view.

What are On-Page SEO Services?

On-Page SEO services aim to improve the readability, scannability, and content quality of your webpage to better engage your customers and rank higher in search engines, like Google.

With your current search performance data in-hand, an SEO marketing agency combines on-page SEO factors, content marketing best practices, keyword research, and a laser focus on customers’ needs and goals to improve the webpage to better rank in search engines and improve readability for your audience.

On-Page SEO Services include:

  • SEO audit to benchmark current performance KPIs, identify issues, and measure improvements over time.
  • Writing/rewriting webpage content to better match search intent and more completely answer audience questions.
  • Keyword research to inform overall content themes, search intent, copy phrasing, and search ranking potential.
  • Page title tags, URL structure, and page description (meta tags, meta description) optimization to help Google understand your webpage content at-a-glance, and motivate people to click on your listing in the SERPs.
  • Image optimization to make your articles more engaging and help search engines understand their context (via alt text)
  • Link building to improve your domain authority through high-quality backlinks from reputable third-party websites and internal linking.
  • Content structure and format to improve scannability with a clear header and subheading hierarchy (and header tags), shorter paragraphs, bullets, and table of contents with anchor links.
  • EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) to enhance credibility and trust — for example, by adding testimonials, quotes, research, and results.

Onsite SEO services don’t only help organic rankings and traffic numbers. When performed strategically, your newly optimized content will position your brand as an industry thought leader, driving new conversion opportunities and fueling ongoing sales.

Your SEO Can Skyrocket

You deserve an SEO partner who can deliver results like these:

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How Much Do On-page SEO Services Cost

Typically, SEO services cost between $1,000 to $5,000 per month, depending on your business’s unique challenges and opportunities.

It’s a long game — SEO can take 6 to 12 months to improve search rankings, but investing in optimizing for organic search can drive increased traffic and conversions for years.

In fact, 82% of surveyed marketers reported SEO had a positive impact on marketing performance and goals in 2022.

It’s not a one-and-done exercise — long-term SEO success requires consistently using data to improve all aspects of the user experience, to take into account changing customer search intent, keyword strategy, technical website improvements (like page speed and interactivity), and landing page optimization.

Luckily, tools like ConversionIQ use AI insights to pinpoint the most cost-effective target keywords, campaign strategies, and landing page optimizations to supercharge your SEO success and maximize ROI.

If long-term growth is your goal (and let’s be real, it should be), reserving a budget for expert on page SEO services is crucial to improve your Google ranking, continue expanding your audience, and driving revenue for your business.

SEO Success In-Action

Easly partnered with HawkSEM to improve SEO efforts on their new website. Due, in part, to a challenging niche, their keyword rankings were low — only 20 keywords total, with no first-page, non-branded rankings, or featured results.

By combining high volume content creation, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and website optimization, our team helped Easly:

  • Rank for more than 325 keywords in Canada (growing their keyword portfolio by 1,500%)
  • Advance domain authority by 150%
  • Improve site speed 3.5x
  • Increase overall conversions

When Should You Invest in SEO Services?

Your website likely has one (or many) of the following goals:

  1. Expose your audience to your products or services
  2. Capture immediate revenue or open the door to a future sale
  3. Make it easy for searchers to contact you for business
  4. Educate your audience on the many ways your products and services help them achieve goals
  5. Help people find your store or customer service
  6. Interact with customers throughout their buying process
  7. Answer common customer service questions

Ultimately, if these goals are falling short, there’s an opportunity to improve the website and content experience to better inform your audience and deepen their relationship with your people and business.

Strategic SEO is one way to approach these goals. Writing and optimizing page content to answer customers’ questions, engage new prospective customers, and deliver more value to your audience are all centered on improving the SEO of your website.

By creating in-depth, high-quality content that your audience enjoys and seeks out, you’re engaging customers in a genuine and authentic way, while setting your business apart from the competition.

So, when should you invest in SEO strategy? An SEO investment will help you be successful in each of these scenarios:

  • 1.

    You’re Launching a New Business or Website and Need Customers to Find You.

    Your website needs to be rich with informative content describing the unique value of your business. SEO is a bridge for people to find helpful content in a Google search and start building a relationship with your brand.

    Take every opportunity to invest in optimization services and technical SEO from the beginning to set a foundation for your site to be found by your target audience in the years to come.

  • 2.

    Your Website Performance is Suffering and Organic Traffic is a Downward Trend.

    Whether your website performance is lacking or you’re experiencing a downward trend from a recent algorithm update, investing in SEO is a smart strategy to turn around poor performance.

    An SEO audit will identify:

    • Areas to improve technical components of your website
    • Ideas to make your content better answer search queries
    • Opportunities to combine duplicate content
    • Ways to optimize on-page elements to perform better in search rankings
  • 3.

    Your Site is Attracting the Wrong Audience.

    There’s nothing worse than building a beautiful website of helpful content — and driving a huge amount of the wrong type of traffic.

    Many businesses get stuck in a catch 2020 — writing comprehensive content that matters most to the business, but it doesn’t quite resonate with your key audience.

    If this isn’t corrected, you run the risk of spending internal resources and paid budgets directing the wrong people to your website.

    Improving your website’s SEO can help you align your website messaging and content marketing to your customers’ needs, answer their questions, and find ways to put them at ease.

  • 4.

    You’re Investing in Content Marketing.

    If your team is investing time and resources to create engaging content for your target audience, SEO needs to be part of that overall strategy.

    Investing in SEO ensures your content continues to be found by prospective customers, long after you’ve stopped directly marketing pieces through email or social media.

    A strategic SEO partner will recommend the best ways to improve your content by better understanding your audience’s needs and search intent.

    Their SEO campaign will pinpoint on-page optimizations to help your webpage be more easily crawled and understood by search engines, increasing its longevity and performance metrics over time.

    Otherwise, you face the very real risk of creating content that is one-and-done, or worse, rarely read at all.

  • 5.

    You Need to Differentiate in a Complex or Niche Industry.

    It’s challenging to stand out from the sea of competition, particularly in niche industries with more complicated customer preferences or distribution channels.

    By investing in on-page SEO optimization, you’ll benchmark current website and content performance against customer service inquiries, search intent, and competitor efforts.

    You’ll look for opportunities to better answer common customer questions or demonstrate your authority in the space. You’ll find ways to lean into EEAT and show how your value offering differs from others in the market, improving overall search rankings, while encouraging potential customers to choose your business over alternatives.

How Do You Choose the Right On Page SEO Services Company?

SEO agencies come in all shapes and sizes, from businesses uber-focused on SEO and website optimization, to agencies offering dozens of complementary services.

On-page SEO services companies differ in headcount, regional or industry focus, technology use, communication styles, and levels of hands-on involvement.

When choosing an on-page SEO agency, you’re looking for a mix of service expertise, impressive past performance, and cultural fit, so you find a trusted partner to advance your goals.

For example, we helped apparel brand 686 to increase year-over-year search engine marketing (SEM) revenue 562%. We earned 686’s trust through extensive past performance, and growing SEM revenue for product companies — another agency lacking e-commerce experience would have been a poor fit.

Here are five criteria to evaluate an SEO agency partner:

  • Scope of Services

    Your business goals will require a specific set of services. If you’re a brick-and-mortar store, for example, the SEO agency you hire needs demonstrated expertise in local SEO.

    Talk to the agency about their different services, while also reflecting on your long-term goals. You may want to expand into additional services later down the line, once you’ve solved more pressing issues.

  • Past Performance and References

    Can the SEO agency show recent successful client work with positive returns? Are the case study examples in a similar industry or niche as your business, or does the example solve a similar problem?

    Similarly, are the clients in the case study still clients today? Is the agency willing to give you their contact information, to hear about their experience?

  • Communication and Status Updates

    Clear communication and trust are critical to any business partnership.

    Ensure you understand the agency’s preferred communication style (Slack? Weekly meetings? Email updates?) and frequency of progress updates.

    Some agencies are very transparent and hands-on, while others may only send a monthly update. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ teams, communicating clearly and often, so everyone stays on the same page.

    Make sure you’re comfortable with the communication plan and cadence, so you feel adequately supported throughout the engagement.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    The best agencies are centered on actionable and transparent data.

    Look for an agency that emphasizes using data to improve performance and offers regular, simple reports to help you understand what’s working and what isn’t, to inform your larger marketing strategy.

    At HawkSEM, we arm our clients with clear monthly reports AND 24/7 access to our proprietary reporting system, ConversionIQ — so you’re always in the loop.

  • Budget and Timeline

    When it comes to costs and timelines, there should be no surprises.

    Find an SEO agency that fits into your budget and lays out clear expectations for deliverables and work performed.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is — don’t fall for an agency promising skyrocketing performance or overnight success at an unrealistic budget.

HawkSEM – SEO Agency with Integrated Digital Marketing Expertise

With nearly two decades spent advancing SEO and digital marketing strategies, clients trust us to deliver on our promises and continuously get results. Simple as that.

We optimize your website, deliver advanced on-page SEO services, boost paid campaign revenue, increase search traffic, improve conversions, and more, through a holistic set of complementary digital marketing services, accelerated by our proprietary AI-driven reporting system and marketing tool, ConversionIQ.

Our teams are made up of the brightest in the business. Together, we accelerate success across a wide array of industries and goals, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Finance and Fintech
  • Ecommerce
  • Higher Education
  • B2B
  • Healthcare
  • SaaS

We’re fueled by data, steeped in experience, and believe wholeheartedly that every successful campaign can perform better.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is why we boast a 98% client retention rate and drive 4.5x average client ROI. It’s why big brands like Honda trust us to get the job done – to the tune of 200% increase in organic sessions.

Don’t take our word for it. Take a peek under the hood to our process, below, and check out our client success stories here.

Meet The Team

Our On-Page SEO process

Your customers view your business as a single brand experience, whether they’re reading a blog post, visiting a store, or talking to customer service. That’s why we approach every marketing tactic as part of a comprehensive digital strategy to improve customers’ experience.

Improving on-page SEO is just one part of that larger blueprint to improve your website’s success and advance your business.

Here’s a look under the hood of how we build the best integrated plan to generate results:

  • 1.

    Define your Business Goals

    Every SEO and marketing tactic should directly ladder to your overall business goals.

    We need to understand what you’re trying to achieve and why, to recommend the right set of strategies to get you there – faster.

  • 2.

    Understand your Audience

    Your customers are unique. What information they need; what motivates their action; what puts them at ease; what keywords and phrases do they search for; where they get support – each of these variables is an opportunity to improve your content and campaign approach to be more relatable, helpful, and memorable to your target audience.

  • 3.

    Determine Your Budget

    What is the best way to invest your budget to achieve your goals?

    Do you need new content or on-page optimization to better match customer search intent? Do you need to revamp your Google My Business page, or are significant website issues holding you back?

    We’ll look at your overall SEO budget, customer acquisition costs, current market share, and long- and short-term goals to determine the right mix of tactics and pricing to get the most bang for your buck

  • 4.

    Benchmark Current Performance

    What’s currently working for you? How are customers’ finding your business? What keywords are you ranking for? How do you compare to competitors?

    We’ll use this information to define the right set of KPIs and goals to return to each month for continuous improvement.

  • 5.


    With your buy-in, we’ll launch the right mix of on-page SEO, local SEO, paid campaigns, landing page optimization, and more, to get your desired results.

  • 6.


    Remember that benchmark? We’re returning to it monthly, providing straightforward reporting to demonstrate how we’re busting KPIs. We’ll share our plans to improve on-page experience, website performance, and ROI ongoing.

  • 7.

    Continuous Optimization

    Every experience can get better. We’ll continuously refine our approach to on-page SEO to evolve as customers’ preferences and search engine algorithms change.

    We’re never stagnant — we’re constantly looking for the right improvements to take last month’s stellar performance — and beat it.

We make things happen …but don’t take our word for it:

  • CSUN

  • Patch of Land

  • Google Partner

  • Google Premier Agency

What Are You Waiting For?

Ready to improve search rankings, grow your audience reach, and improve your customers’ experience?

There’s no time like the present. The longer you wait to take search seriously, the longer you’re funneling prospective customers to your competitors.

As leaders in the search engine marketing industry, HawkSEM specializes in finding the right mix of on-page, local, and technical SEO; landing page optimization; content marketing; and paid strategies to help businesses of all sizes outperform their competition.

Together, let’s climb the search engine ranks and take control of your businesses’ future growth.

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