Swimsuits Direct Leverages PPC & SEO to Increase Online Reach, More Than Doubling Year-Over-Year Sales

The Goal

Increase Revenue

How We Did It

Product: Huge selection of stylish swimsuits

Strategy: Reach more digital shoppers


Increased year-over-year SEM revenue


Improved mobile ROAS from 250% to 404%


Increased month-over-month ROAS from 380% to 460%


Increased Google Shopping conversion rate


Reduced cost per conversion


Account’s impressions at Quality Score of 9 or higher

Women in Swimsuits

Swimsuits Direct provides women with an extensive selection of swimsuit brands and styles. No matter your style or body type, they offer nearly every color and cut under the sun.

The Challenge

Swimsuits Direct was looking for a results-driven SEM agency to help meet its e-commerce sales and ROI goals.

  1. Increase year-over-year revenue by 100%
  2. Maintain at least 400% return on ad spend (ROAS)

Swimsuits Direct was preparing to enter swimwear’s off-season, making growth and ROI all the more crucial.

The Solution

HawkSEM met with Swimsuits Direct and discussed the customer persona, unique selling points, and performance objectives.

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Shopping campaign product segmentations

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Continuous bid management in response to swimwear season and product demand

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Dynamic search ad segmentation

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Remarketing for shopping ads

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Display remarketing

Swimsuit Direct Website

The Results

Swimsuits Direct’s year-over-year revenue increased by 109.93%, exceeding their goals for year-over-year growth.

Together, the HawkSEM and Swimsuits Direct teams have developed a strong working relationship that involves paid search and SEO management.

In addition to ongoing optimizations and bid management, upcoming strategies for Swimsuits Direct include unique positioning for holiday sales, promoting new swimsuit lines, and preparing expansions for the spring and summer swimsuit seasons.

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