B2B SaaS Platform Zephyr Doubles Lead Volume While Cutting CPA by a Whopping 80%

The Goal

Increase market share + user base

How We Did It

Product: An industry leading SaaS-based test management suite

Strategy: Landing page creation, data analysis & SEM optimization


At least a 100% increase in lead volume


Cut CPA down to $50 from an unsustainable starting point of $300


CTR went from sub 1% to over 2.5%

Zephyr Software for Test Management

Zephyr is a software company based out of San Francisco’s Bay Area offering an innovative, easy-to-use, and comprehensive enterprise test management solution. Their real-time products transform how development and QA teams of all sizes work and collaborate to release higher quality software on time. Despite being in an industry with some big names (like HP), Zephyr is widely recognized for their groundbreaking products and leadership in the space, with adoption across over 100 countries, more than 6,000 customers, and use in over 15 million test cases.

The Challenge

HawkSEM was brought on board to help Zephyr synthesize and hash out a cohesive and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. They had initiatives, they just needed a bit of cohesion — a unifying message and collaborative atmosphere that helped each team serve the greater overall goals.

Zephyr was (and remains) a fast-growing company in a hot sector where everything feels like a sprint and departments, like marketing, are in constant catch-up mode. Zephyr’s creative assets across different platforms and mediums showed different styles and varied quite a bit in their messaging.

  1. Zephyr wanted to bring in more qualified leads at an acceptable ROI
  2. CPA hover in the $300 range

We needed to get this number down quickly and dramatically to justify any more digital spend at all, as leadership was beginning to worry about how that type of cost would map up against lifetime value

The Solution

One of the first orders of business when partnering with Zephyr was to have a big-picture conversation around how digital marketing initiatives would be organized. We needed to all be aligned on a common vision, what the various touch points would be, the flow of the funnel for the main personas we were targeting.

Bell icon

One of the first things we noticed was that we were turning away potential leads with a landing page that didn’t engage visitors and a form that was long and cumbersome.

Landing Plane Icon

Our creative team helped Zephyr redesign the landing page and put together a new streamlined lead form. The new landing page was so game-changing that proper A/B testing wasn’t needed: the results were immediate and drastic.

Connections icon

Cost per acquisition (CPA) dropped dramatically. We then drew from the creative styling of this landing page and rolled out the aesthetic across all of our other touch points, including AdRoll, Google Display Network, and other web properties that belonged to Zephyr.

Refresh Icon

This modern brand refresh began to pay dividends through higher engagement and better clickthrough rates (CTR). It also had the benefit of presenting a united front to the customer, which is especially important for branding and remarketing purposes.

Zephyr Landing Pages

The Results

While Zephyr initially brought us on board to reconfigure their campaigns, eliminate waste, and find optimization opportunities, the relationship eventually blossomed into an ever-expanding scope of work as we continued to provide a steady and pronounced improvement in their results.

Our usual cleanup, reconfiguration, optimization, and enhancement techniques were already beginning to show robust gains in terms of average cost per click (CPC), CTR, conversion rate, and CPA, but it wasn’t until we suggested much deeper changes to the funnel (including a complete revamp of their landing page and a simplification of the lead form) that CPA basically went from about $300 to $50 in a flash.

With the help of increased remarketing efforts on both the GDN and AdRoll fronts, as well as a redesign of all creative assets under the more direction exhibited by the landing page, we were able to double lead volume under the new $50 CPA paradigm. Prior to Zephyr’s partnership with HawkSEM, CTR was sub 1% — it’s now at a much healthier 2.5%.

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