Plastic surgery (also called cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery) is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Not only that, but the U.S. has the highest number of plastic surgeons in the world.

So when it comes to marketing your plastic surgery brand, it’s safe to say that stakes are high. Deciding on a healthcare or surgery procedure is a serious decision – you need to connect with the right people at the right time, and be able to show potential patients that your plastic surgery practice is one they can trust. That’s where pay-per-click (PPC) comes in.

What is Plastic Surgery PPC?

Plastic surgery PPC is a digital marketing method of creating paid search ad campaigns that help connect your surgery center or service with people searching for your offerings online.

These campaigns will surface on the Google search engine results page (SERP) – or another platform like Bing or Yahoo, if that’s what you opt for – when someone types a relevant keyword or phrase into their search bar. The most effective plastic surgery digital marketing campaigns leverage high-intent keywords so your brand gets visibility, clicks, and qualified leads on your landing pages.

From there, you can use conversion rate optimization practices (like a seamless user experience and an eye-catching call to action, or CTA) to acquaint them with your business and inspire them to take that next desired action, like setting up a consultation.

Experience has shown us that the main elements of a successful plastic surgery PPC campaign include:

  • Proper keyword research and targeting
  • Ad copy that speaks directly to your audience
  • An optimized landing page (more on that below)
  • A top-notch website (that means easy to navigate, search engine optimized, and mobile-friendly)
  • A plan for regular analyzing, A/B testing, and optimizing
  • Accurate tracking and reporting set up

When done right, PPC for plastic surgeons can be the driving force behind your overall digital marketing strategy, helping grow your reach and boost your bottom line.

Enhance Your Plastic Surgery PPC

Your practice is too important to let just anyone handle your PPC marketing.

You need a partner who can deliver results like these:

What Does a Plastic Surgery PPC Company Do?

A plastic surgery PPC company helps brands in this industry strategize, build, run, and optimize winning PPC campaigns.

A proper agency will work hand-in-hand with you to better connect with your target audience through digital advertising – specifically, PPC ads on search engine platforms. We’ll dig more into specific PPC agency services below, but essentially, this includes:

  • Conducting research about your ideal client persona
  • Discussing your ultimate PPC goals and KPIs
  • Syncing on your budget and current PPC opportunities
  • Working with you to build paid ads and corresponding landing pages
  • Regularly sharing progress and results


Greater Orlando Medical Weight Loss (GOMWL) came to HawkSEM to help them with the challenge of attracting more new patients to their multiple clinics in Florida. After aligning with their team on goals, unique selling points, customer persona, competition, and other key components of the business, we worked with them to create engaging paid search campaigns using in-depth trend and competitive research. As a result, we were able to help GOMWL increase their conversion rate by 20% and grow their ROAS by more than 350%, resulting in 20-30 new patients per month.

Results are everything

HawkSEM in 90 seconds

Why Does Plastic Surgery Marketing Matter?

Since you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume you understand the value that digital marketing can have for your plastic surgery brand. If not, here’s a simple rundown.

Plastic surgery marketing can benefit your business through:

  • Manageable scaling
  • Increased brand trust
  • More tools to beat competitors
  • Better organic brand awareness
  • Directly connecting to your audience

That part about competitors is especially key. That’s because it’s likely that competing brands are leveraging at least some digital marketing tools to connect with possible clients.

And if you’re not? That just means your business is vulnerable to being passed over in favor of those that take advantage of paid ad campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, and the like.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery PPC Services: What to Expect from an Agency

After you’ve decided to partner with an agency, you may wonder what exactly the partnership will look like. While we can’t speak for all other digital marketing agencies, here’s a look at what you can expect from HawkSEM’s PPC management team.

  1. 1. In-depth audit
  2. 2. Strategy & planning
  3. 3. Campaign build-outs
  4. 4. Testing & optimization efforts
  5. 5. Regular reporting
  6. 6. Growth opportunities
  • 1

    In-depth audit

    We like to kick things off by understanding what efforts are currently in play. That means checking out current campaigns, strategies, keyword lists, content strategies, bidding, and tracking. This way, we can get a bird’s-eye view of where things stand. (And if you don’t have any current strategies? No problem! We can hit the ground running with a clean slate.)

  • 2

    Strategy & planning

    Next, we’ll work on getting to know facets like your ideal client personas, industry, budget, and goals so we can plan out your strategy accordingly. If you want to start by focusing solely on PPC, we’ll work with you to determine which channels to use, how landing pages should be designed, and which KPIs to measure to determine a campaign’s success.

    This stage may also include:

    • Bid-type outlines
    • Recommendations from our team
    • Keyword analysis
    • Custom audience creation
    • Language and location check
  • 3

    Campaign build-outs

    Prepare to launch! This stage involves making sure your accounts are set up properly on all the ad platforms. From there, it’s time to create compelling copy for the ads and corresponding landing pages. Once everything is mapped out and set up properly, then it’s go-time for your new (or revamped) campaigns.

  • 4

    Testing & optimization efforts

    Beware of agencies with a set-it-and-forget-it mindset. While you should run a campaign for at least a few weeks before deciding whether or not it’s on the right track, letting them sit stagnant can result in wasted ad spend and subpar results. Our team works with you to A/B test ad elements and make optimizations to ensure you get the maximum ROI.

  • 5

    Regular reporting

    With a partnership like this, we know transparency is crucial. That’s why we prioritize regular reporting on your campaigns that keep you in the loop and make you feel confident entrusting us with your brand online. At HawkSEM, our reporting practice is consistent, timely, easy to understand, and customized to you. Plus, with our ConversionIQ platform (more on that below), you can view all the campaign metrics you want at any time, all in one place.

  • 6

    Growth opportunities

    Call us perfectionists, but in our eyes, even a great campaign can always be better. We’re constantly on the lookout for growth opportunities, new channels to explore, and untapped potential to boost your digital marketing plans. We also make it a point to stay up to date on the latest industry trends, platforms, and ad types so you’re always on the cutting edge.

Meet The Team

The ConversionIQTM System

Our clients deserve the best – that includes an easy way to get a full picture of their marketing efforts, no matter how many campaigns and channels they leverage. Enter: ConversionIQ.

See it in Action

We created this proprietary platform to connect all your marketing tools into one comprehensive dashboard. Sync data from the likes of Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, social media apps, customer relationship management platforms like Hubspot, and Google Analytics. Not only does this foster transparency and cohesion for your team, but it makes pinpointing your strategy’s strengths and weaknesses a breeze, so you can optimize accordingly.

Put simply, we call it our smart way of marketing to drive more revenue. ConversionIQ was built to drive actionable insights, full-funnel attribution and high-quality conversions that continuously improve your bottom line.

Plastic Surgery PPC Advertising Campaigns: Best Practices from Digital Marketing Pros

Now that we’ve laid out all ways paid search campaigns can help your marketing efforts bring about seriously impressive results, let’s dig into the latest and greatest best practices that’ll ensure your PPC ads are top tier.

Landing Page Optimization for Lead Generation

When it comes to landing pages, appearance matters. Not only does your page need to be visually appealing, but it also needs some key elements that center your potential lead’s experience. Namely, an optimized, lead gen-focused landing page will have:

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • A tone that’s consistent with your ad copy
  • An aesthetic consistent with your overall brand’s
  • A strong CTA that visually pops
  • A form that only asks for the most necessary info
  • A plan for regular A/B testing

Don’t Neglect SEO

While PPC and SEO have their own unique approaches to online marketing, any agency worth their salt knows that each of these tactics can enhance the other. After all, what good is a successful paid search campaign if it leads to a buggy website with thin content and a poor user experience (UX)?

That’s why following SEO best practices are just as important as a solid PPC strategy – think: efforts like educational content marketing, an easy-to-navigate site, proper metadata, and a mobile-friendly design so you can score paid and organic rankings.

Strategic Website Design

Speaking of your website, this part of your digital footprint often serves as a first impression someone gets of your brand online. Because of that, strategic web design – from the look and feel to how you set up the navigation and site architecture – is key.

Google Ads Tracking Set Up Properly

We’ve seen it time and again: Whether it’s double-counted conversions or an incomplete picture of the buyer’s journey, having proper tracking set up for your paid search campaigns is key. If you’re not sure that yours is accurate, well, that’s when enlisting an agency pros can come in handy. (Alternatively, you can reach out to Google Ads support for help.)


LightRX Face & Body is an acclaimed medspa brand with dozens of locations throughout the country. The company was looking to leverage digital marketing to expand into new locations through SEO and paid ads. We worked with their team to clean up campaigns, refresh landing pages, and better target their ideal customers. As a result, LightRX was able to more than double their existing locations while increasing conversion volume by 76% and boosting impression share by over 111%.

Plastic Surgery PPC Company Pricing: What to Expect

Just like the right cosmetics procedure, agency pricing models aren’t “one size fits all.” Rather, you can expect them to fall into one of three main categories: percentage of ad spend, performance-based fees, and flat fee.

  • Percentage of Ad Spend

    This is a pricing model based on commission. You’ll pay the agency a percentage of your monthly ad budget, which will likely fall somewhere between 10%-30%.

  • Flat Fee

    No surprises or unexpected add-ons here. The flat-fee model involves paying a straightforward, consistent monthly fee. However, these models usually come with a one-time setup or onboarding fee as well.

  • Performance-Based Fees

    A performance-based structure is all about leads – you’ll pay for the ones the agency brings in for you. The only potential downside: Some agencies focus more on quantity vs. quality, meaning you’ll get leads, but they may not be qualified to become clients.

HawkSEM: The Best Plastic Surgery PPC Experts

It’s great to find an agency with expertise in your field. Even better: finding one that also offers all the top digital marketing deliverables under the sun. That’s what we do.

Our full-service, Los Angeles-based agency prides itself on having a team of senior-level plastic surgery ppc experts (no junior managers here) ready and willing to take on and grow any facet of your cosmetic surgery digital marketing program – or all of the above.

Along with best-in-class PPC services, our team of the best plastic surgery ppc experts can also help with:

  • SEO
  • Paid social media marketing
  • Remarketing & retargeting
  • Display ads
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Website design
  • Landing page optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Video ads
  • Email marketing
  • & more

HawkSEM has been hand-selected as a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner

We make things happen …but don’t take our word for it:

  • CSUN

  • Patch Of Land

  • Google Partner

  • Google Premier Agency

The Bottom Line

By now, you know the value PPC campaigns can bring to your plastic surgery company. But finding the right agency can be the key to your ad strategy’s success – or failure.

We’d love to partner with you to help make your plastic surgery company’s marketing dreams come true, like we’d done for all of our other happy clients. And we do mean happy – we’ve got a 98% retention rate, after all. (Which could be due to the fact that our clients see an average of 4.5x ROI.)

And, not to brag, but we’ve got some big names backing us up. We’re a Microsoft Advertising Partner, Meta Business Partner, and a Premier Google Partner (they’ve even named us in the top 3% of agencies nationwide). And on the culture side, Quartz listed us as one of the Best Companies for Remote Workers in 2022.

Ready to see if you’ve met your marketing match? Let’s make it happen.


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  • Dramatically improve ROI
  • Outperform the competition
  • Increase conversion volume
  • Better track ROI
  • Reduce cost per acquisition
  • Improve lead quality