Search engine marketing (SEM) can feel like learning a new language.

So if your digital marketing efforts seem like they’re costing you more money and stress than you’re seeing in returns, you’re not alone.

The good news: You just need the right SEM consulting services.

What is SEM Consulting?

SEM consulting is when an SEM expert provides strategy, guidance, and implementation for a brand’s SEM efforts.

SEM is an umbrella term for digital marketing strategies that increase website visibility and traffic. This can be broken into two categories:

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or paid search: a method of digital marketing where the advertiser pays a fee to the publisher (think Google Ads and Bing Ads) anytime their ad is clicked.

Search engine optimization (SEO): a method of digital marketing that improves websites to rank higher in the organic search results.

Why You Need SEM Consulting Services

If you want your online marketing to shine, you need experts with years of experience to guide the way. Even an audit from an SEM consultant provides valuable data collection and insights.

If you’ve already worked with digital marketing professionals, it could be time to switch if:

  • You’re ready to scale
  • You’re seeking improve performance
  • You plateaued with your existing efforts
  • You manage SEM campaigns in-house but it takes too many resources
  • Your internal marketing team could use additional horsepower to level up
  • You had a disappointing experience with SEM management before but are ready to try again (with a more ROI and performance-focused agency)

From improving your conversion rate to your search engine results, the right SEM consultant can get you there.

HawkSEM: The SEM Team You Deserve

Don’t let just any consultant manage your SEM strategy. Opt for a team of professionals with a long list of client success — experts who understand your business is your livelihood.

At HawkSEM, we offer breakthroughs and scalability for companies in a broad range of industries. How do we do it?

Our Team

Each member of the HawkSEM team joins with at least three years of SEO and PPC experience to provide the highest level of marketing services. As our client, you will be assigned a dedicated team to strategize and execute a SEM plan customized to your unique business and needs.

In addition to a dedicated team, all clients have access to our in-house Performance Team. This group of client success experts are available to answer any questions you have, pursue additional growth opportunities, and function as an extra pair of eyes on your marketing campaigns.

Our Awards & Achievements

You put a lot of effort into being the best in the biz. And we do, too. From continued education that allows us to get ahead of industry trends to a shelf-full of awards, our achievements set us apart:

Fun fact

As a fully remote agency, HawkSEM has the flexibility to hire the best talent the country has to offer. That’s what allows us to only hire senior level employees with over three years of digital marketing experience.

Results are everything

HawkSEM in 90 seconds

Our ConversionIQ System

Imagine: All your marketing analytics in one centralized hub.

With the visual data for your different marketing channels right in front of your eyes, how could that change your results?

ConversionIQ, our proprietary marketing platform, makes this a reality.

A hybrid marketing tool and reporting system, ConversionIQ connects clients’ marketing channels and data tools (from Google Analytics to Facebook to Hubspot) into one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

In other words, no hopping around from one platform to another resulting in fuzzy big-picture data.

See, ConversionIQ gives you a bird’s-eye-view of what’s happening inside your multiple marketing accounts. When all those pieces of data come together in this way, it gives us a clear story of what’s working — and what isn’t.

Let’s explain a little more about what ConversionIQ does:

  • 1

    Unifies Your Marketing Efforts

    Do you have a marketing manager who handles your email campaigns? Maybe an agency who takes care of your social media? Whether HawkSEM only manages your SEM branch or all your marketing channels, ConversionIQ allows our team to make connections across these channels to find where improvement opportunities exist in the buyer’s journey.

  • 2

    Reports On Your Time

    ConversionIQ is an excellent tool for strategy and analysis. But it’s important to mention how much our clients appreciate the power and freedom ConversionIQ gives them to check in on their account performance and activity on their time.

    No waiting around for a monthly report necessary (although we still provide those, too). No more crafting emails asking for updates.

    Just hop into your ConversionIQ account.

  • 3

    Optimizes Your Campaigns

    We like to think of ConversionIQ as the ultimate optimization tool.

    With all that data in front of our eyes, it’s possible for our team to make wildly effective optimizations to your marketing campaigns.

    Here’s what we mean:

    Our clients, Nike and Verizon, both drove a high volume of revenue before partnering with us at HawkSEM. The struggle? New customer acquisition costs were higher than their customer lifetime value (with little growth in net new customers).

    But when we connected their campaigns inside ConversionIQ, we discovered that, while there were spikes in new customers, the order values were low and never resulted in repeat purchases.

    This information allowed us to optimize their campaigns appropriately, leading to a massive increase in the lifetime value of their customers. Oh, and improve ROAS by 109%.

Our Services

SEM is sort of our thing. (It’s in our name, after all.) But here’s a full breakdown of the services we offer here at HawkSEM:


As one of the top 3% of Google Ads agencies in the country and a Microsoft Advertising Partner, PPC is our specialty.

Our PPC deliverables include:

  • Campaign strategy & execution
  • Campaign restructuring & build-outs
  • Keyword research & development
  • Retargeting, display, & YouTube campaigns
  • Shopping & feed management
  • Amazon advertising
  • Ad copy creation
  • A/B testing
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Revenue modeling and forecasts


Strong search engine optimization leads to stronger overall digital marketing success.

From technical SEO to high-quality content creation, our SEM team is on top of the latest algorithm updates to help our clients get to the almighty first page of Google.

Our SEO deliverables include:

  • Organic traffic goal assessment
  • Link building
  • Content analysis & development
  • Keyword analysis & recommendations
  • Backlink audit, cleanup & monitoring
  • Page title & meta description optimization
  • Google Search Console & Analytics setup
  • 404 error identification, resolution & redirects
  • Site architecture analysis
  • Page speed analysis
  • Schema markup implementation
  • Algorithm impact analysis & resolution

Paid Social

Looking to include social media in your digital marketing efforts? We gotchu.

With a team of paid social media marketing experts, HawkSEM helps clients create targeted campaigns that increase conversions and brand awareness.

Our paid social deliverables include:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & TikTok ads
  • Campaign strategy & execution
  • Ad copy creation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Facebook pixel and LinkedIn insights tag implementation
  • Identification of key platforms & opportunities
  • Audience builds based on demographic targeting, interest targeting, email lists, & previous site visitor remarketing
  • A/B and ad format testing (video vs. single image vs. carousel)
  • Placement testing (messenger vs. stories vs.feed)
  • Bidding strategy & optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & Landing Pages

Lots of agencies help drive traffic. HawkSEM drives conversions.

Our team of experts craft custom landing pages and conduct rigorous A/B tests that boost conversion rates. Our CRO services are built into our PPC packages, and include:

  • User data gathering & research
  • Landing page design
  • Heat-mapping & scroll tracking
  • Click map tracking
  • User session recording
  • Funnel analysis
  • Form interaction & drop-off analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Conversion tracking review & setup

Our Results

We like to let our results speak for themselves.

  • 200%

    Increased organic sessions by 200% (Honda)

  • 4K

    Earned 4K new page one keyword rankings (Microsoft)

  • 2x

    Doubled lead volume (Datadog)

  • 3,200%

    3x conversion volume growth (Verizon)

  • 7x

    Increased conversions (Direct TV)

  • 109%

    109% increased revenue (Swimsuits Direct)

  • 60%

    Reduce conversion costs(Zephyr)

  • 560%

    Increase revenue by more than 560% (686)

Our Process

Award-winning SEM management doesn’t just happen. At HawkSEM, our clients’ success is made possible with our years of experience coupled with our proven process.

Here’s what that process looks like:

  1. 1.Audit
  2. 2.Strategize
  3. 3.Build
  1. 4.Optimize
  2. 5.Report
  3. 6.Thrive

1. Audit

Our partnerships always begin with a thorough audit of your existing marketing campaigns. With more than fifteen years in the industry, we’ve developed a thorough checklist to zero in on where improvement opportunities exist.

Part of your audit also includes learning about your business and your goals. Aside from an in-depth discussion with your team, we conduct:

  • Website optimization opportunities
  • Content gaps
  • Assets you might need for your campaigns
  • Current bidding strategies
  • Keywords
  • Tracking setup

After accumulating a book’s worth of information about your business, we’ll provide you with a list of suggestions to improve your SEM campaigns immediately.

This marketing plan is yours to keep, even if you choose not to partner with us

But we’re just getting started.

2. Strategize

With your goals and challenges in front of us, it’s time for the team to get to work on your custom SEM strategy. This in-depth proposal fills you in on the “why” behind our suggestions, the “how” for implementation, and ongoing projections.

Client strategies are unique and crafted specifically for your unique objectives.

3. Buildout

Once you approve our proposed strategy, the building begins! A typical SEM buildout process includes:

  • Content planning
  • Backlink cleanup
  • Google Search Console & Analytics setup
  • 404 error resolution & redirects
  • Schema markup implementation
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Building well-structured ad groups with relevant keywords
  • Building negative keyword lists
  • Selecting the best bidding strategies
  • Remarketing setup
  • Crafting appealing ad copy
  • Optimizing landing pages
  • Strong calls to action (CTA)
  • A/B testing setup
  • Connecting your marketing channels inside ConversionIQ

Remember, each strategy and buildout is different. But this hopefully gives you an idea of the steps we take to ensure your campaigns are locked and loaded and ready to thrive.

4. Optimize

Once your SEO and PPC campaigns are live and rockin’, the real work begins. Our team gathers valuable performance data and executes optimizations to reach maximum success.

For PPC, optimizations happen within a week or two of taking their campaigns live and include:

  • A/B testing keyword variations, landing pages, & assets
  • Refreshing ad copy, assets, & formats
  • Updating negative keyword lists
  • New match types
  • Conversion rate optimizations
  • Bid strategy adjustments
  • Improving Quality Score
  • Checking languages & locations

Search engine optimizations generally take a little longer but pay off big time when your website starts taking that number one spot organically.

5. Report

Lots of SEM consultants emphasize on the initial strategy without tending to the follow-through.

But because so much of what markers do is behind the scenes, clients need regular communication and reporting to feel confident that their consultant isn’t taking their money and running.

At HawkSEM, client reports are always:

  • Regularly recurring
  • On time
  • Easy to understand
  • Answer to the KPIs that matter most to you
  • Accessible anytime with ConversionIQ

This is why our clients feel empowered when they partner with us. With no uncertainty and a whole lot of flexibility, we work with your schedule and on your terms. We know that while some clients prefer emails, others prefer phone calls, video chats, or a quick pre-recorded update.

Whatever frequency or method you prefer, we take it upon ourselves to fit effortlessly into your business operations.

6. Thrive

Build, test, optimize, repeat.

It’s a proven process to launch you to success.


Whoever you choose as your SEM consultant, they should match the culture you strive for at your business. At HawkSEM, we thrive in our adaptability and ability to blend seamlessly into our clients’ business.

Voted a top company for remote workers by Quartz, our own company culture values our team members above all else.

Meet The Team

SEM Consultant Pricing

Pricing can vary pretty widely between SEM consultants. While these fees typically cover the cost of the consultant’s management time, strategy, and your ad budget — you may notice three common pricing structures:

Flat Fee Pricing

These are the most common and typically charge a recurring monthly fee, as well as an initial setup fee.

Percentage of Ad Spend

This common model charges you a percentage of your monthly ad budget, typically ranging from 10%-30%.


In this model, the client only pays when the consultant brings in a new lead. Sound too good to be true? It can be. Be careful of consultants that focus on quantity over quality, or you’ll be paying too much for little in return.

Whatever pricing model feels right for you, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re paying for with those fees; that means making sure additional resources or tools down the line won’t cost you extra.

HawkSEM has been hand-selected as a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner

We make things happen …but don’t take our word for it:

The Bottom Line

You need more than an SEM consultant.

You deserve less wasted budget and more increased revenue, a team that melds perfectly with your business culture, less stress and more time to focus on your main priorities. At HawkSEM, that’s what we do everyday.
We’ve got a 98% retention rate, after all. (Which could be due to the fact that our clients see an average of 4.5x ROI.)

As a team of sharp and dedicated professionals, we genuinely care about helping our clients thrive.

Are you ready to soar?


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No BS, just results. Average clients see a 4.5x ROI

  • Dramatically improve ROI
  • Outperform the competition
  • Increase conversion volume
  • Better track ROI
  • Reduce cost per acquisition
  • Improve lead quality