Managing Amazon PPC campaigns can be quite the undertaking, but you don’t have to do it alone. These are the best high-performing agencies ready to help you with your Amazon Ads.

Here, you’ll find:

  • A list of the best agencies to help you with Amazon PPC
  • Helpful facts about each of these agencies
  • Reasons why using an agency can benefit your ecommerce business
  • Pro tips to help you get the most out of your agency choice

When most people think about pay-per-click or PPC advertising, they probably think of Google Ads campaigns.

Or maybe they picture Facebook Ads or a Bing campaign. But, when you dig deeper, you’ll find more and more reasons why Amazon is fast-becoming a top-tier search engine in its own right.

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world, after all, and its fingers are in pretty much every pie regarding digital marketing and sales. 

Yet, many people don’t even know Amazon has a PPC program. Why is that?

amazon ppc experts list

Our theory: Amazon doesn’t have nearly the same display network. So, when you pay for ads on Amazon, you’re sponsoring product listings in their internal search, on Twitch, or on some sites that act as publishers for their external Amazon ads. 

Of course, there’s still plenty of opportunity to explore, and it can be a hugely effective tool in your marketing arsenal if you sell products through Amazon.

Best Amazon PPC experts:

  • HawkSEM
  • Logical Position
  • Jellyfish
  • AMZ Pathfinder
  • Ad Badger
  • Booyah

Amazon PPC ads: A brief rundown

Before we get into talking about Amazon PPC agencies and how they can help you with campaign performance, let’s quickly highlight how the ads work in the first place.

Amazon Ads ppc expert

Amazon sellers have four ad metrics they track in Seller Central. These are:

  • Impressions: As you might imagine, this is the number of times your ads are shown to people searching on Amazon.
  • Clicks: This, of course, is the number of times your ads are clicked on by people using Amazon.
  • Attributed Sales: Anyone who clicks on your ad is tagged for tracking. If they buy your product within one week of that click, that sale is attributed to your ad. If they purchase a product more than a week later, that sale isn’t attributed to your ads.
  • Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS): This figure is a derived metric that calculates the cost of your ads in terms of sales made as a percentage. For example, if you pay $50 for ads and sell $500 worth of products, 50/500=0.1, or 10%. The cost of the ads ate up 10% of the revenue from your sales.

You’ll want to measure one more metric, but Amazon doesn’t display it. It’s the one we mention in the title: ROAS, or return on ad spend. ROAS is calculated as your total value of ad-attributed sales divided by the entire ad spend to determine how much revenue you get per dollar of ad spend.

Basically, the better your ads target the right people, the more sales you’ll get for your ad spend, and the better your ROAS.

Amazon ad types

There are three different kinds of ads you can promote: Amazon Sponsored Brands, Amazon Sponsored Products, and Amazon Sponsored Display ads.

  • Brand ads appear at the top of the Amazon search results page, where various brands offering the product are listed. 
  • Product ads appear in the search results as high-listed, promoted product listings. 
  • Display ads appear as Amazon Sponsored Ads, but they can also occur as display ads off-Amazon in their publisher network or on Twitch, which Amazon owns.

Amazon’s advertising strategies are mainly based on picking the right keywords, as you might expect from PPC. People search for products they’re interested in on Amazon, and ads check for matching search terms to display. Their ad auction is pretty standard, but they have a few unique kinds of matching.

For example, you can run “substitute” ads. When you’re on Amazon looking for a product and seeing alternative products, you can sponsor those. Likewise, “complement” ads are ads for products that would complement the product the user is searching for. Think of phone cases to go with a phone – those ads are relevant to customer searches and will likely convert well.

While Amazon isn’t as complex as Google or Facebook in terms of targeting options, there are still a lot of little details that can make or break ads… or waste a ton of money if they’re misconfigured. 

That’s where an agency comes into play. Agencies like ours are experts in running PPC ads on all platforms and can help you avoid those pitfalls you would otherwise be vulnerable to experiencing.

So, what agencies are the best in the business for managing Amazon PPC ads? Here are six excellent options.

 1: HawkSEM

Our 15-plus years of experience (and decades of combined account manager know-how) have taught us that results are everything in SEM and PPC campaign management. With an ROI-driven mindset and a commitment to helping our clients soar through digital marketing, we’ve helped big brands achieve significant returns, including:

  • Helping DIRECTV boost conversions up to 7x
  • Increasing Nike’s e-commerce conversion rate two-fold
  • Assisting CSUN to increase conversions by 8x
  • Helping our clients see an average 4.5x return on investment

Sounds good? We thought so.

We’re happy to manage ads across any PPC network, including Amazon PPC management. We’ll even share our secrets with you. Want to learn more about Amazon PPC? Here are our top-tier tips and tricks guide.

Want to get deep, all-in-one insights into your marketing efforts so you can ensure you’re reaching the right people, in the right way, at the right time? ConversionIQ is our exclusive platform for driving insights and engaging better with your target audience.

And, of course, if you’re interested in seeing what we can do for you directly, we’re always open for a free consultation. Just drop us a line.

“What we can do for you,” by the way, is pretty much everything. We’re a full-service PPC management agency and can manage ads on any platform. Our team of experts includes Amazon PPC pros ready to help your ecommerce brand crush sales goals and expand in a way that’s sustainable and manageable. 

 2: Logical Position

Logical Position
Founded in 2010 in Oregon, Logical Position is another high-end advertising agency with a broad scope of services. They handle PPC, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, graphic design, analytics, and social media. 

They also boast impressive numbers, having managed 450 billion ads, processed 111 million conversions, and managed $532,000,000 in ad spend. Logical Position focuses on fine-grained control over the ads they manage.

Amazon loves to try to force programmatic solutions and automatic strategies on you as an advertiser. Still, as we all know, all the machine learning in the world can’t outperform the human touch.

All you need is an estimate of how much your monthly ad spend will be (and how long of a contract you might want with them), and they’ll estimate how much their services will cost for you.

 3: Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a modern agency for a modern world. To wit, they put a hefty focus on the culture and the philosophy of their work along with the tangible results and actual processes they use.

At Jellyfish, they handle Amazon advertising with over 50 certified Amazon experts on their team to help you boost your visibility on the eCommerce mega-site.

Jellyfish is no stranger to working with big brands that have significant needs. Their client list boasts companies like eBay, Ford, Disney, Samsung, LG, and Uber.

If you’re interested in building an in-house marketing arm, they also offer training in Google Ads and the overall Google Marketing Platform, along with more generically-applicable classes.

 4: AMZ Pathfinder

AMZ Pathfinder
Unlike the other agencies on this list, AMZ Pathfinder isn’t a do-it-all advertising agency. They’re targeting those who are Amazon-only brands selling through one platform only. 

After all, these companies don’t need an agency that handles every other marketing platform in the world. Rather, they’re looking for a knowledgeable team of specialists in Amazon to scale their brand.

That’s what AMZ Pathfinder does.

AMZ Pathfinder only works with brands that bring in at least $100,000 per month in revenue. Companies that fit that profile can contact them for a free consultation and to learn more about pricing.

If you need Google, Meta, or other kinds of PPC managed as well, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

 5: Ad Badger

Ad Badger
Ad Badger was originally a general PPC service provider. Still, the founders realized that (at the time) Amazon marketing was in a terrible place, and many people didn’t know what they were doing with the platform. So, they decided to create this service.

As a nice add-on, Ad Badger has a list of all the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks they perform as a part of Amazon PPC management. For example, they perform bid optimization daily, ASIN checks and keyword research weekly, and a whole host of optimizations every month.

You must pay at least $10,000 in ad spending each month to work with them. Or, if you’re interested in a more in-house marketing strategy, they offer an app for Amazon PPC optimization you can use as well.

 6: Booyah Advertising

Booyah Advertising (that’s fun to say, not gonna lie) offers an array of Amazon-related marketing services, such as Amazon SEO and content optimization, sponsored ads, advertising on Amazon’s DSP (delivery service partner program), account audits, Amazon-specific strategy, and more.

Booyah describes its Amazon philosophy as “driving growth through an advertising-focused strategy that spins every part of the Amazon flywheel.” Rather than having your efforts operate in silos, this agency’s team incorporates your Amazon campaigns into a holistic digital marketing strategy that uplifts your ecommerce program as a whole.

They also know how to integrate your Amazon campaigns and strategies with services like paid media and organic media along with creative endeavors like web design, videos, and pitch decks.

The takeaway

Amazon PPC experts screen
While Amazon isn’t the most complex PPC system out there, it does require regular maintenance and a hands-on approach to be as successful as possible. Not only that, but there are millions of products sold on the Amazon marketplace, and it’s a rapidly-changing platform with its own algorithm and competitors that rise and fall every second.

Not only that, but there are millions of products sold on the Amazon marketplace, and Amazon is a rapidly-changing platform with its own algorithm and competitors that rise and fall every second. 

If your Amazon business needs help with PPC strategy or ads management, any of these Amazon PPC agency options will do nicely. 

We’re a little biased, of course, but we’d love to be the agency that helps you take your Amazon search ads to the next level. Just reach out to us, and we’ll chat to help you determine your needs and how we can fulfill them – on Amazon or elsewhere in the digital stratosphere.

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