A B2B landing page can help or hurt your conversions. Learn from these examples and experts on how to make your landing page increase leads and revenue.

Here, you’ll find:

  1. What is a B2B landing page?
  2. 20 of the best B2B landing pages around
  3. B2B landing page design: what to include (plus a free checklist)

Finding the right customers for your business can be challenging.

You must entice customers to your site, show your unique value, build trust, and drive interest in your product or service.

A high-quality B2B landing page can achieve this. It guides ready-to-buy visitors to take a particular action, such as sign up for a free trial or download a free resource.

Your B2B landing page is like a salesperson who never sleeps (or call in sick).

Plus it works for all B2B sectors, so software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and digital marketing agencies can use landing pages to grow their business.

New to B2B landing pages? This guide will talk basics, provide tips to create pages that convert target customers, and showcase examples of the best B2B landing pages around.

What is a B2B landing page?

A B2B landing page is a web page designed for a specific target audience with the goal to convert them into a lead or customer.

B2B companies use them to promote a product, service, or campaign to individuals working with companies in that match their customer profile, such as C-suit executives, salespeople, and other stakeholders that would either use the product/service or have the power to approve the purchase

We asked Sam Yadegar, CEO at HawkSEM, to provide his thoughts on the benefits of a high-quality landing page for B2B companies:

“Landing pages are a vital part of the conversion funnel, the main collateral that turns a visitor to a customer,” explains Yadegar. “You want to make sure whoever manages your marketing campaigns, whether they’re in-house or agency, is savvy to landing pages and spends time ensuring the conversion rate is as high as possible.”

B2B landing pages have a single call to action or CTA — like buy now, start your free trial, or register for a webinar.

A B2B landing page is different from a homepage. A homepage has multiple aims, for example, encouraging customers to check out products and services or sign up for a newsletter. Conversely, a landing page only has one aim. A home page also doesn’t talk to one customer, like a landing page does, since it’s geared towards multiple customer personas (e.g., CEOs, salespeople, and marketers)

Most brands rely on SEO to drive traffic to their home page, while pay-per-click (PPC) advertising (e.g., Google Ads) drives attention and traffic to landing pages.

20 of the best B2B landing pages around

How do you get inspiration for B2B landing page design?

One option is to analyze the landing pages of B2B businesses in the same vertical as you.

Here are 20 B2B landing page examples we love. We look at what these B2B companies do well, and if appropriate, identify any issues that could be improved.

Want more inspiration? Check out 15 fabulous landing pages designed for lead generation!

  1. Wrike
  2. WordStream
  3. Klaviyo
  4. Typeform
  5. Wix
  6. Let’s Talk Talent
  7. TikTok for Business
  8. Job Logic
  9. Amazon Business
  10. RingCentral
  11. Ping Identity
  12. Dropbox
  13. Plytix
  14. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  15. New Relic
  16. Upwork
  17. SAP Concur
  18. Conductor
  19. Uber for Business
  20. Xero

1. Wrike

Videos can drive engagement on your B2B landing page. Wrike’s SaaS landing page contains animations both above the fold and below the fold, showing prospective customers how easy and fast it is to complete tasks.

We also like the ‘jump-to’ links below the logos, which help prospects quickly find the features that are relevant to them.

Wrike B2B landing page for starting a free trial

2. WordStream

WordStream B2B landing page for downloading a report

Thank you landing pages encourage customers to carry out a specific call to action. As the customer has already taken action to interact with your brand, they’re more likely to carry out additional actions.

Take this example from WordStream. The customer downloaded one of its free reports about PPC advertising, so they’re offered a free Google Ads performance report. The headline is clear, and the images show customers what they can expect from signing up.

The only thing we’d potentially change about this page’s design is adding more color to encourage conversions. A bright flash of blue or green at the top of the page will encourage customers to keep reading all the way to the end.

3. Klaviyo

It’s okay to be a little bit cheeky in your B2B landing page design when you understand your customers. This is what Klaviyo did.

To provide context, the link to this landing page appeared as a Google Ad following a search query for Klaviyo’s biggest rival, MailChimp. The goal is to target people researching MailChimp, advising them that there are alternative options available.

Klaviyo B2B landing page, encouraging prospective customers to not use MailChimp

The page is bold and intense. The color scheme is eye-catching. The images show the benefits of segmentation. The copy is clear and talks in detail about how Klaviyo can help your business.

It also shows its awards won as trust signals. Below the value proposition and call to action button, Klaviyo details why it’s better than MailChimp and what customers can expect after signing up.

4. Typeform

When selling a B2B product, use your landing page to show, not tell what you can do.

 Typeform B2B landing page, with an interactive form

Typeform’s page design is simple and clean, with minimal navigation. The main focus of the page is the interactive Typeform demo. It allows potential customers to tinker with it to see how the forms work and which features make Typeform stand out from the crowd.

5. Wix

Wix B2B landing page

We love the header on Wix’s B2B landing page: “It’s more than a website. It’s your future.” It’s strong, impactful, and encourages prospective customers to imagine how their future eCommerce website could look.

The landing page only asks for an email, and reassures the prospect that it’s free to sign up, quickly eliminating any potential objections they may have.

6. Let’s Talk Talent

B2B landing pages can lead to fantastic results for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. We spoke to the Marketing Director, Charlie Southwell, at Let’s Talk Talent about a B2B lead generation landing page set up to promote an HR strategy whitepaper.

By requesting contact details for access to the whitepaper, Let’s Talk Talent generates and qualifies leads for its consultancy service.

Let’s Talk Talent B2B landing page for an HR strategy whitepaper.

“CRO testing has been vital, and we’ve made several tweaks so the page generates as many leads as possible. For example, we found that a dark background led to more conversions than a white background, which isn’t what we expected.”

He notes that the page generates a lot of leads for their business.

“The whitepaper was downloaded over 3,000 times since it was published in October 2020 and delivers an exceptional conversion rate of over 50%,” continues Southwell. “It also typically ranks in the top two for”‘HR strategy whitepaper” in Google.”

7. TikTok for Business

Some landing pages are overly long, but the TikTok for Business landing page is short and to the point. It concisely explains what TikTok is, what the benefits are, and encourages you to get started straight away. All the key information is placed above the fold.

TikTok for Business B2B landing page

The only issue was that a pop-up appeared as soon as the page loaded, asking us to create a TikTok account.

Pop-ups can be helpful in some circumstances. For example, they can help keep customers on a landing page if they try to leave. However, a pop-up appearing first thing contributes to a poor user experience. It Could be a major deterrent to some potential customers, leading to a high bounce rate.

8. Job Logic

One thing we like about the Job Logic landing page is the copywriting behind the page. “Enhance”. “Empower”. “Exceed”. This page does a good job of promoting the benefits that customers can see rather than the features.

Job Logic B2B landing page

However, this page is very busy. There are two different CTAs, links to smartphone apps, and even a banner promoting a prize draw. It’s best to stick to one call-to-action to avoid confusing customers.

9. Amazon Business

Consistency is important for landing pages. By using your brand’s color scheme, typography, and imagery, as well as your logo, you can instill a sense of trust and help customers recognize that a landing page belongs to you. This is something that Amazon Business does well.

Amazon Business B2B landing page

This page is short and sweet, clearly detailing the benefits of signing up for an account. There are also three call to action buttons above the fold, meaning plenty of opportunities for people to convert.

10. RingCentral

The Ring Central B2B landing page is concise, and lists all the benefits in plain sight. We like that the landing page provides clear pricing, as well as a range of reviews for transparency.

RingCentral B2B landing page

On this landing page, the form is on the left-hand side of the page rather than the right. Ring Central likely carried out extensive conversion rate optimization to determine where it should place the form for more conversions. Heat mapping is an excellent way to see which sections of your page customers interact with the most.

11. Ping Identity

This landing page works well as it’s highly targeted. Ping Identity understands what its target audience’s number one pain point is – high renewal costs.

It pushes its value proposition, which is that it’s affordable and easy to migrate to. The red color scheme and image of a stressed-out customer are powerful signals that showcase the potential situation a visitor might be in.

Ping Identity B2B landing page

12. Dropbox

Did you know that a pricing page is technically a landing page? This is because the sole purpose of a pricing page is to encourage prospective customers to sign up for a plan.

Dropbox pricing plan landing page

Here is Dropbox’s pricing plan page, which we like because it’s clean and easy to understand, meaning more chances of prospective customers staying on the page. There’s also additional information about features below the fold at the bottom of the page, for customers who want to know more before making a purchase.

Dropbox pricing page

13. Plytix

Product information management (PIM) software can be hard to wrap your head around. That’s why we like the Plytix B2B landing page. There’s a large video at the top of the page, showing how the software works.

Plytix B2B landing page

It’s also great to see trust signals in the form of awards won. This shows that Plytix is trusted and valued not just by industry specialists, but customers.

14. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

The headline on this B2B page is a curious one: “Where your ads B2BELONG.” You have to know your target audience thoroughly before attempting puns or play on words, just in case they don’t get the joke.

However, we’re sure LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has done lots of testing and has the CRO analytics to back this up.

 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions B2B landing page

While the stats below the CTA are a nice touch, we’d be careful about using stats from too long ago (no more than two years). Ad marketing moves quickly, and statistics like these can quickly age.

15. New Relic

Using a question in your headline is a precarious strategy. While it can draw a prospective customer in, it can also turn them away. However, we believe the risk pays off for New Relic.

 New Relic B2B landing page

Another thing we like about this page is the ease of sign-up. As well as being able to sign up with Google, prospective customers can use Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket. By removing as many roadblocks as possible, you’re increasing your conversion rate potential.

16. Upwork

Sometimes you only have a general idea of who your target audience is and don’t have any specifics. This is something the Upwork B2B landing page handles well.

It has a clear CTA button encouraging potential customers to get started, and provides information about the different sectors prospects can hire in, from IT to marketing. The star rating also provides solid social proof.

Upwork B2B landing page

One thing we didn’t like about this landing page is that we got a pop-up asking us to sign up for the Upwork newsletter. It’s important to have as few distractions as possible on your landing page.

If you want to nurture warm leads, you can use an email subscription exit-intent pop-up (appears when you try to leave without converting), to capture leads.

17. SAP Concur

Thorough CRO auditing is essential to the success of any B2B landing page. Looking at the SAP Concur landing page, every element looks like it has been thoroughly tested to maximize conversions.

There’s a clear header, a precise value proposition, and lots of tangible stats to give prospective customers the confidence needed to convert. There’s also a short video to introduce viewers to the system and how it works.

SAP Concur B2B landing page

18. Conductor

The Conductor landing page has a unique design choice in that the “Conductor’s Organic Marketing Platform” tagline is in blue, like it was highlighted with a mouse click. We assume that Conductor trialed this using CRO and saw great results (or is testing it out).

Conductor B2B landing page

We love the product tour video, one-field form to get started, and the positive language throughout: “Everything you need to win”.

19. Uber for Business

Like Amazon for Business, which we looked at earlier, the Uber for Business landing page is direct and to the point, with a solid headline. As a household name, it’s likely that many people who access this B2B landing page don’t need convincing of Uber’s benefits.

Uber for Business B2B landing page

One critique of this page, and it’s something we’ve noticed on a lot of B2B landing page designs, is the number of links. There are 26 links here, meaning 26 different ways for a prospective customer to abandon this landing page.

20. Xero

Accounting is typically seen as a formal and traditional industry, which is why we love the casual and modern style of the Xero landing page. It’s clear that Xero understands its target audience and the features they want from their accounting software.

Xero B2B landing page

We like that Xero shows social proof as reviews, but not all are perfect. This offers transparency which many prospective customers will find refreshing.

B2B landing page design: what to include (free checklist)

No two B2B landing pages are alike, but the most effective ones have common elements. Here’s what to include to create an effective landing page and increase the odds of success.

  1. A clear value proposition
  2. Minimal navigation
  3. Enticing copy and imagery
  4. Trust signals
  5. One call to action
  6. A lead generation form

1. A clear value proposition

A value proposition is a short, simple statement that explains why a customer should use your products or services. You can either put this at the top of your landing page to entice customers to keep reading, or scatter the copy throughout your landing page to keep visitors scrolling.

For example, here’s a value proposition from HubSpot that talks about how comprehensive the platform is and how all the tools combine together to provide exceptional results.

Value proposition on Hubspot’s B2B landing page

Image: Hubspot

When developing a value proposition for your B2B landing page, consider:

  • The pain points your customers experience that you can solve
  • What makes you stand out in the marketplace
  • What you offer that your competitors don’t

Here’s an example formula:

[Product/Service Name] is a [category] that [unique benefit] for [target audience] by [key features]. Unlike [competitors], our [product/service] [additional benefit].

2. Minimal navigation

Your landing page should have as few internal or external links as possible.

The main purpose of a B2B landing page is to get customers to convert. Additional navigation links can distract potential customers, leading them away from your page.

Ideally, the only link you should have on your landing page is your call to action. According to Wordstream, only 4% of landing pages have no additional links (great news if your competitors are part of the 96%).

3. Enticing copy and imagery

High-quality, persuasive landing page copy, and engaging images, encourage prospective customers to stay on your page, increasing the chances of a successful conversion.

Copywriting is critical when creating a landing page. Keep your content clear and concise, focus on the benefits rather than the features, and tell a story. Emotive copywriting can help drive those all-important conversions.

Videos on your landing page can also grab prospective customers’ attention.

Consider your target audience when deciding on visuals. What type of content do they like to consume? What are their pain points? How can your product or service benefit them?

4. Trust signals

A trust signal is a piece of content on your landing page that inspires trust and shows you’re a credible brand. For example:

  • Case studies
  • Customer testimonials and reviews (sometimes called social proof)
  • Logos of companies you’ve worked with
  • Awards you’ve won and accreditations you’ve achieved
  • Social media profiles

If customers are at the top of the sales funnel, they won’t know much about your business. Trust signals give them comfort by showing others have had success using your products or services.

The good news: it doesn’t have to be complex. Here’s a screenshot of a trust signal on an Unbounce landing page, showing the logos of some of the companies that use Unbounce’s landing page builder.

Example of a trust signal on Unbounce’s B2B landing page

Image: Unbounce

5. One call to action

All landing pages should have one clear call to action.

Some digital marketing teams think multiple calls-to-action on a page will increase the odds of conversion, but this isn’t the case. More than one CTA can confuse or frustrate page visitors, causing them to leave the page without doing anything.

Note: It’s okay to use the same call to action multiple times, especially on a long-form landing page.
If you want to promote multiple calls to action, we recommend building additional B2B landing pages for each.

6. A lead generation form

A lead generation form gathers contact details from prospective clients and asks qualifying questions to see whether they’re a priority lead.

For example, imagine you’re in charge of B2B marketing for a SaaS company, and your target audience is marketing managers in the legal industry. By adding “job title” and “industry” fields to your lead generation form, you can quickly identify your perfect customers.

A form allows you to grade your leads in three ways:

  • The lead is cold. This lead isn’t in your target audience or is someone who hasn’t shown interest in your brand before. They aren’t ready to buy now, but they may become a warm lead over time.
  • The lead is warm. This lead knows about your products and services but isn’t ready to buy. With a bit of nurturing, for example, sending them emails, they may become ready to buy in the future.
  • The lead is hot. This lead is in your target audience and is ready to buy now. These are the leads you pass to your sales team to follow up on as soon as possible.

How many form fields should your form have? It’s a trade-off between your form being long enough to gather all the data you need and short enough for prospective leads to want to fill it in.

Gartner recommends between three and five leads, but we advise carrying out conversion rate optimization (CRO) and A/B testing to identify that all-important sweet spot.

CRO and A/B testing consists of changing one element at a time to see if it improves conversion rates. Our team at HawkSEM performs CRO services for landing pages to increase sales.

If prospective customers see considerable value in your lead magnet (e.g., a report, case study, or guide), they’ll be willing to provide more information.

Lead generation form example

Lead generation form from Snowflake

Image: Snowflake

Here’s an example of a lead generation form from Snowflake, encouraging customers to sign up for a free trial. The form asks for basic contact details, and for the prospect’s role. This will provide Snowflake with information to determine which features a customer will benefit most from.

This information can also help create personalized email campaigns based on the role, industry, and interests of the prospect.

Download your free B2B landing page checklist

So whether it’s your first time creating a landing page or you want to try something new, you can download this go-to checklist to help build an effective page.

Follow its guidance, and you’ll have a high-quality landing page that will attract leads and sales for your business
Remember: Always be testing — try out different headlines, calls to action, and offers to see what works.

Download your free B2B landing page checklist

The takeaway

B2B landing page design is the perfect blend of scientific analysis and creativity. It’s easy to see why the best landing designers can command salaries of over $90,000 a year!

By taking the time to consider the pain points of your target audience and understand how you can solve their problems, you’re one step closer to generating top-quality leads.

Don’t forget to track your metrics and tweak your landing page with conversion rate optimization to ensure a steady flow of conversions and a high return on ad spend (ROAS).

At HawkSEM, we use our proprietary system, Conversion IQ, to track landing page performance. Conversion IQ identifies which keywords are high conversion so we can optimize your landing page to boost sales.

Want to know more about Conversion IQ and our B2B landing page services ? Get in touch with our expert team today.

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