Enterprise companies don’t just have a vast workforce to manage — many also have large websites with thousands of pages. Trying to manage it all can be challenging, especially if you’ve pivoted strategies one too many times.

Auditing thousands of web pages and blog posts to see what needs to be removed, updated, and optimized is overwhelming, especially if no one on your team’s done it before.

Thankfully, there’s a way around this. You can supplement the lack of time or expertise your marketing team has by investing in an enterprise SEO agency. An agency can identify pitfalls in your search engine optimization strategy and how to make improvements.

If you’re lacking time or talent to enhance your company’s SEO, then it’s a good time to chat with HawkSEM’s team of experts.

What is an Enterprise SEO Agency?

An enterprise SEO agency is a digital marketing agency that provides SEO services to large corporations and organizations. These agencies have extensive experience working with complex websites containing thousands of pages. They may offer services, like technical SEO audits, content strategy development, content development, and ongoing optimization and reporting.

Enterprise SEO agencies are best for companies with large websites that require a high level of expertise to improve search engine rankings and traffic to their website.

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Why Hire an Enterprise SEO Agency?

An enterprise SEO agency comes with many benefits for companies. For one, it allows you to outsource the complexities of SEO to a team of experts. This is helpful if you don’t have anyone on your marketing team with experience managing large volumes of content. Or you lack the team size to audit, plan, and execute an effective SEO strategy.

When you partner with an enterprise SEO agency like HawkSEM, you can:

  • Increase organic search visibility
  • Improve website performance
  • Build targeted content strategies to reach target audiences
  • Implement efficient keyword research techniques
  • Maximize crawl budget for improved SEO results
  • Boost website traffic and conversions
  • Optimize on-page elements to reach the first page of search engines
  • Provide accurate tracking and reporting of SEO efforts

And we go further by diving deep into your business, its competitors, and its audience. For instance, we take time to understand your company’s goals, vision, and mission. How your competitors are out-performing you (and why). And the best messaging and topics to attract and convert your target customers.

We’re not a fly-by-night agency that implements cookie-cutter SEO tactics that yield no results. We tailor each enterprise SEO strategy to the unique needs of each company we work with. And guess what else:

We don’t just track results, we attribute ROI to each campaign to show it’s working.

So if your in-house marketing team says it’s impossible to get an ROI from SEO or to track it, we call their bluff. But don’t just take our word for it…

We have plenty of happy clients and case studies to prove it.

DILO, a company specializing in alternative emission-free gas products, redesigned its website and lost a ton of high-value keywords and organic traffic. So it came to HawkSEM to reestablish its brand as an industry leader, improve its online presence, and compete with emerging competitors.

After analyzing the site’s structure, indexing, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and employing conversion rate optimization (CRO), we found various fixes to ensure it ranks high, runs fast, and is easy to navigate for a great user experience.

DILO’s Results

  • 36% increase in organic clicks within six months
  • 36% increase in Google clicks for high-value keywords within three months
  • 46% increase in Google impressions within three months

And this isn’t just a one-off success story. On average, our clients see 4.5x ROI on their SEO investment with HawkSEM. So whenever you’re ready, we’re here to talk enterprise SEO with you.

What Services Do Enterprise SEO Agencies Provide?

Enterprise SEO agencies offer various services, but the best provide a holistic approach to SEO. HawkSEM is more than an SEO agency — we’re digital marketing experts who build well-rounded campaigns to ensure you get the results you seek.

We do this by:

  • Designing custom landing pages we optimize for search engines and conversions
  • Optimizing web pages and blog posts to drive traffic from the right audience using our proprietary software, ConversionIQ, to find the best keywords your top-converting customers use
  • Implementing conversion rate optimization to reassess the low-performing pages and blog posts to improve results (because SEO is an ongoing process)
  • Building email marketing campaigns (via automation tools) to nurture qualified leads to a conversion
  • Designing and managing paid social media campaigns to give your SEO campaigns a boost in visibility (excellent for startups and new product launches)
  • Creating and managing paid search engine marketing to direct more Google, Bing, and Yahoo traffic to your site via pay-per-click ads (PPC ads)
  • Developing Performance Display ad campaigns to increase brand awareness across websites your audience visits
  • Devising remarketing campaigns to entice your website visitors to return to complete a purchase or convert into a lead (via a lead form)
  • Concocting ecommerce marketing campaigns that get your products in front of ready-to-buy audiences
  • Providing web design and web development services for enterprise businesses starting over (or from scratch)
  • Offering project management to oversee site audits and updates, ensuring only quality content exists on your platform
  • Offering local SEO services to bring foot traffic to your store, office, or other physical location

We have the tactics to keep your enterprise SEO strategy rockin’, so your ideal customers come a-knockin’.

Enterprise SEO Agency vs. In-House SEO

Deciding to hire a full-time in-house SEO team vs. an enterprise search engine optimization agency is an ongoing debate. Especially if you’ve been burned by a bad SEO firm or in-house team that overpromised and undelivered.

But it all comes down to your business’s situation and needs. Here’s a rundown of what an enterprise SEO company brings that an in-house SEO team may not:

  • Expertise

    An in-house team may know your company better…at first. But an enterprise SEO agency can get up-to-speed and bring years of experience an in-house team may not have, such as technical SEO, traditional SEO, paid search, social media, content marketing, link building, and conversion rate optimization.

  • Scalability

    Bringing aboard more full-time hires means spending more on salaries, benefits, and office space. You don’t have to worry about this with an agency — just increase your budget and we’ll scale your SEO and content creation efforts (without sacrificing quality).

  • Lower Cost

    Expenses for an in-house team includes hiring, onboarding, training, and management. Plus, mid- to high-range salaries and PTO, sick days, and paid holidays. At an agency, you pay your monthly bill and we manage the rest, making agencies more cost-effective than in-house hires.

  • Higher Availability

    In-house teams are limited to their eight-hour workday. Many agencies have global teams working on your campaigns throughout the day, every day.

  • Better Focus

    It’s difficult for in-house teams to focus solely on an SEO campaign when they have other “in-house” demands to tend to. An agency can zone in on your SEO campaign and ensure it’s executed flawlessly and on time.

  • Innovation

    It’s common for in-house teams to become stuck in their methods and become less creative over time. An agency must remain competitive by staying on top of the latest trends and even running experiments to find better ways to achieve business goals. Something in-house teams may be afraid to do.

  • Team Structure

    Some in-house teams are small and require members to wear multiple hats. This degrades their ability to become experts in any one domain and their ability to perform optimally in any one area. Agencies have dedicated team members for each discipline to ensure your campaigns get the attention and skill set it deserves.

  • Technology

    Companies have budgets, which can limit which tools they purchase. This means in-house teams may lack the technology necessary to analyze and improve SEO campaigns. Agencies use the best tech on the market (e.g., Google Analytics), and some build their own proprietary software (like we did).

Partnering with an SEO agency can make sense, even if you already have an in-house marketing team. We can offer a supplemental hand to your current team, so they can focus on other marketing efforts without hurting your SEO.

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How To Tell It’s Time To Hire an Enterprise SEO Agency

Working with an agency has many benefits. But knowing the right time to bring one aboard depends on what’s happening with your SEO campaign.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons our clients decide to hire HawkSEM:

  • 1.

    Declining Search Engine Rankings

    Maybe things were going well for a time…until they weren’t. Your team tried to turn things around, but nothing seemed to work. In this case, having a new pair of eyes analyze your site can reveal helpful insights (and strategies).

  • 2.

    Overdue for an SEO Audit

    Auditing thousands of web pages and blog posts may be too much for an in-house team that’s already spread thin. An agency can handle the heavy lifting and provide the insights and execution required to help your site’s performance.

  • 3.

    Limited Resources

    Just because you have a large website doesn’t mean you have a large team. Some sites are decades old and accumulated massive amounts of content. When this happens, you need a team dedicated to analyzing and improving your site’s inventory. An agency can pick up the slack so you don’t have to worry about spending resources on building a larger team.

  • 4.

    Need to Measure Results

    We’ve come across countless companies that struggle with measuring ROI on their SEO initiatives. An agency measures all campaigns and knows which metrics to track to determine the campaign’s return on investment.

  • 5.

    Shooting Arrows in the Dark

    That’s no way to hit a target consistently. Nor should you rely on “trending” SEO hacks to guide your strategies. An agency spends each day building, executing, and running experiments with SEO campaigns, so they know what works in different situations.

  • 6.

    Require an Objective Analysis

    Sometimes, your team is too close to a project to see why it’s underperforming. An agency can bring an objective analysis and approach to your campaign that finally yields results.

  • 7.

    Outdated SEO Strategy

    SEO is constantly changing. What worked last year may not cut it today. Agencies stay up-to-date with the latest algorithm shifts, so your campaigns don’t become obsolete.

  • 8.

    It’s Time to Scale

    Your site is already big but needs more content to stay relevant. Rather than hiring more SEO experts and writers, you can work with an agency at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you’ll have high-quality content creators with experience in your industry.

Or maybe there’s another reason not on this list. If you’re struggling with lead generation, then consulting with an enterprise SEO agency could be a game-changer.

Costs of Hiring an Enterprise SEO Agency

Cost can range $5,000-$20,000/month. Hiring an enterprise SEO agency is more cost-effective than hiring a full on in-house SEO team with all the bells and whistles (SEOs, copywriters, content writers, designers, and analytics tools). But what do the actual costs look like?

Pricing depends on the digital marketing agency you choose, the size of your campaign, and the enterprise SEO services you need. You’ll find enterprise SEO agencies that charge hourly for marketing services, such as consulting, marketing strategy, or building backlinks. According to Ahrefs, most SEO agencies charge between $75 and $150 per hour, and some go as high as $300/hr.

What determines the rate depends on the agency’s track record and experience. For instance, those with 5-10+ years experience tend to charge the highest per hour.

But there are others that offer packages — some are cookie-cutter with specific services, while others offer a flat monthly retainer based on your business’s unique needs (HawkSEM does the latter).

Monthly retainers vary widely, but most agencies charge between $5,000 to $15,000 per month. A large jump, which likely signals the latter is a larger agency with more resources and services to offer. Some even go as high as $25,000+/month.

Now, what if you want to do a one-off project for a month or a quarter? Per-project rates exist among SEO agencies, with most charging between $500 and $1,000 per project and $2,500 and $5,000 per project. Some going as high as $75,000/project.

The size of your project will determine the rate.

To find out what it’ll cost you, it’s best to contact an agency and ask for a quote. We offer a free consultation and cost estimate at no obligation to you, so give us a call today.

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The Bottom Line

If you have a large-scale enterprise website, then odds are you need enterprise-level SEO services to grow and sustain it. It’s an ideal option if you’re looking to save resources, while still meeting company objectives.

At HawkSEM, we have data-driven strategists, SEO consultants, and SEO tools to take your site from struggling or stalled to winning. The first step: Scheduling a free consultation with us to see how we can help.

So reach out today to get started.

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