Real Estate Law Center Creates Their First Google Ads Account & More Than Doubles New Client Acquisition

The Goal

Grow client base

How We Did It

Product: A law firm fighting predatory mortgages

Strategy: Educate audience, boost landing page & dominate search impression


Increased number of conversions


Reduced cost per lead


Increased conversion rates


Increased clicks


Increased CTR

Couple Home Shopping

Since 2011, Real Estate Law Center has been helping California homeowners battle predatory mortgage lending and wrongful foreclosures. Through a variety of effective strategies, Real Estate Law Center has become a trusted source for real estate and foreclosure litigation for California homeowners.

The Challenge

Real Estate Law Center’s goal was to get a high volume of leads at the lowest cost possible.

  1. Needed to build a Google Ads account from scratch
  2. High lead volume, low cost

They had never done PPC ads before, so HawkSEM needed to build a Google Ads (formerly AdWords) account from scratch and establish a baseline to build upon.

The Solution

HawkSEM began by meeting with Real Estate Law Center to better understand their business goals and target audience. Using information from the meeting and keyword research tools, HawkSEM built:

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A robust, well-organized keyword list and eye-catching ad copy

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HawkSEM also designed a new, conversion-focused landing page for Real Estate Law Center that looked more professional, credible, and modern

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Once the campaigns got rolling, HawkSEM implemented smart optimizations and adjustments to the account based on the data gathered

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These included keyword expansion, addition of negative keywords, and bid adjustments for day, device, and ad position

Real Estate Law Landing Page

The Results

Real Estate Law Center’s metrics have improved month over month, with their lead volume increasing and their cost per lead decreasing.

The key metrics below show month-over-month results that Real Estate Law Center was able to achieve after partnering with HawkSEM and working with us to put our recommendations for their digital marketing into practice.

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