TimeWarp Trading Uses PPC Marketing to See a 471% Increased Return On Ad Spend

The Goal

Increase Revenue

How We Did It

Product: An experienced approach to the market

Strategy: Reach more people, make more sales


Conversion Rate


Increased Return On Ad Spend




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TimeWarp Trading is owned and operated by Quantum Trading Technologies, Inc. They provide innovative market tools and signals to give their clients an edge in the stock and commodities markets.

The Challenge

The primary goal for TimeWarp Trading was to increase webinar participation and sales. They wanted to accomplish this by bringing in more targeted leads. The ideal leads were those who were actively seeking to grow and enhance their trading accounts.

  1. Increase participation and sales, bring in more targeted leads
  2. Create landing pages that addressed the needs of their ideal clients

The Solution

The HawkSEM team met with Quantum Trading Technologies to discuss key goals, their unique target audiences, important selling points, and the competitive nature of the market.

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To set the stage for TimeWarp Trading’s PPC success, the HawkSEM team dove into researching the search behaviors of professional traders.

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HawkSEM then crafted new highly-targeted ads, using in-depth trend and competitive research to find low-cost keyword gems the competition had missed out on.

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A new optimized landing page was also designed for TimeWarp Trading to enhance their PPC results even further. The page was then fully A/B tested to ensure optimal results were achieved.

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Over time, the account was refined and fully optimized to capitalize on the best performing keywords and ads.

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The Results

Today, TimeWarp Trading benefits from a high ROI, with CPA of just around 5% of the sale.

Over a 2-year time period, the account has been continually optimized for the best click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rates. By using a combination of PPC and landing page optimization to improve engagement with the website and promote the premium webinar offer, we were able to generate hundreds of leads a week and increase webinar sales.

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