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Written by Caroline Cox on Feb 26 , 2020

Missed our live webinar? Or simply want to revisit?

10 Steps to Creating a Content Strategy for SEO

Content can be a game-changer when it comes to building a successful SEO strategy — if you do it right.

This webinar covers the top 10 steps to take when creating a content strategy for SEO.

Justine Rabideau, Lead Strategist at HawkSEM, walks us through the simple (and a few not-so-simple) steps to ensuring your content is high-quality, valuable, and optimized for search engine success.

This webinar covers steps including:

  • Write for people, not search engines
  • Plan regular content audits
  • Remember technical SEO
  • more

Justine provides actionable advice with tactical takeaways. Leave this webinar not just with insights, but a solid to-do list for you and your team.

Full webinar recording:


Caroline Cox

Caroline Cox

Caroline is HawkSEM's content marketing manager. She uses her more than 10 years of professional writing and editing experience to create SEO-friendly articles, educational thought leadership pieces, and savvy social media content to help market leaders create successful digital marketing strategies. She's a fan of seltzer water, print magazines, and huskies.

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