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Expand the reach of your business with the latest and most effective digital marketing tactics.

Over the past year, Facebook and Google both announced major changes to advertisements on social media feeds, search pages, and websites. These days, digital marketing trends are leaning more towards personalized promotions featuring content and media, transforming digital marketing as we know it.

Even though keywords and audience targeting remain at the core of many search and social ads, businesses and sellers can now make use of new visual marketing tactics to stand out from the competition.

Online marketing agencies already use insights gathered from analytics and artificial intelligence or machine learning to precisely target ads and deliver personalized promotions. Most experts recommend combining these new strategies with conventional search engine optimization (SEO) methods such as site optimization and offsite links.

For example, an innovative marketing plan for digital platforms might unite a paid search campaign with pay-per-view Facebook video advertising or cross-platform social ads. No matter the method, marketing agencies and clients must account for the ever-changing ways customers access information, communicate, and shop.

Here, we’ve laid out five digital marketing tactics that brands and businesses can pursue with a full-service agency.

HawkSEM blog: 5 Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Tactics

Gallery carousels at the top of search result pages often draw more clicks than text-based ads. (Image via Unsplash)

1. Explore visual product presentations

E-commerce merchants and vendors have plenty of options for showing off inventory. The newest Google advertisement styles include Discovery, Gallery, and Shopping Showcase ads. Each of these varies in terms of display location and potential reach.

Businesses can invite prospective customers to swipe through Discovery image carousels in YouTube feeds or under the promotions tab in Gmail — gallery carousels at the top of search result pages often draw more clicks than text-based ads. And businesses that use Google Product Shopping listings can develop Showcase ads that present a selection of similar items.

A Premier Google and Bing ads partner can identify ways to maximize visibility to likely customers within a digital advertising budget. In general, marketing tactics that display pictures or videos of individual products or selected items from an inventory tend to drive up clicks and sales.

2. Zoom in on customers

Search engines and social platforms select ads to serve based on private, secure user data. On Facebook, for instance, ads may show based on recent life events that a user reports, or updates related to demographics or geography that could increase the likelihood of a successful conversion.

Whether the primary goal of a marketing campaign involves attracting new customers, touching base with repeat customers, or increasing transaction amounts, a digital marketing strategy shouldn’t stop at the homepage of an online store.

Encouraging site visitors to sign in and build profiles based on page views or order data can be useful for making personalized recommendations across the web.

3. Engage across channels

No matter where your ideal customer spends time online, content tailored to a particular social media service can increase audience engagement — no surprise there. But it can be a challenge to manage a brand image across multiple platforms.

The right digital agency can work with clients to deliver dynamic ads and branded content through Facebook Ad Manager, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn, and more.

4. Explore video ads

Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach customers and achieve brand recognition. But those that want to use video ads as part of a digital marketing strategy should be aware of the possibilities and limitations of various platforms, from Google and YouTube to Facebook and other social networks.

YouTube bumper ads are timed at six seconds and air before video content. These ads are particularly popular and effective for clients with limited video ad production budgets.

Depending on available editing resources, a client may want to consider using the new bumper machine that generates these brief ads from videos shorter than 90 seconds and has a few simple editing features.

Pay-per-view is available to video advertisers on Facebook. These placements resemble pay-per-click search advertisements in the sense that advertisers don’t pay for views of sponsored results or other search ads that don’t get clicked. A fee is only charged when a viewer watches more than 10 seconds of a video promotion.

This digital marketing tactic encourages brands to craft content that prospective customers consider more compelling, engaging and interactive.

5. Secure conversions and leads

Businesses and web-based brands may drive up site traffic and increase visitor engagement and interaction by eliminating potential sources of friction from the conversion process.

Customers should be able to access an easy-to-use e-commerce interface and proceed through seamless, secure payment processing and effortless lead generation. As time goes on, a digital advertising agency can deliver demographic and geographical insights to inform remarketing initiatives.

A full-service online marketing agency may be able to offer support when it comes to processing payments. From SaaS support for omnichannel payments to more secure methods for handling recurring or tokenized transactions and customer contact data, agencies can help brands develop easily identifiable and user-friendly checkout interfaces and order updates for recent purchases.

Approaching payment processing as a marketing tactic lets brands and businesses obtain all of the data necessary to cultivate a consistent customer base. Securely obtain contact information and other useful details for personalized promotions while gleaning insights from accurate demographic, location and search reporting.

It’s now possible to grow a customer base through behavioral, demographic or geographical promotions and recommendations. An effective digital marketing strategy should also make brands or businesses more accessible, responsive, and trustworthy. Increase the number and quality of conversions, leads and win rates today with the best online marketing agency.


At HawkSEM, we provide a customized approach based on your particular needs. Our passion for results and drive to meet goals ensure we do right by you, generating a higher ROI. Contact us today to learn how we can help dramatically improve your digital marketing results.

Sam Yadegar

Sam Yadegar

Sam Yadegar is the co-founder and CEO of HawkSEM. Starting out as a software engineer, his penchant for solving problems quickly led him to the digital marketing world, where he has been helping clients for over 12 years. He loves doing everything he can to help brands "crush it" through ROI-driven digital marketing programs. He's also a fan of basketball and spending time with his family.

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