A Facebook Ads consultant helps businesses create and manage ads that attract traffic and conversions. They can cost $1,500 to $5,000 per month, depending on your campaign’s size and goals. Learn what they do and the top 7 we recommend.

Today, we’ll cover:

Facebook (owned by parent company Meta) remains the most popular platform used by marketers (57%).

For good reason: Facebook offers a variety of engaging ad formats and opportunities to connect directly with prospective customers.

A successful Facebook marketing strategy reaps huge awards — 29% of marketers find their highest ROI on Facebook, with Instagram (also owned by Meta), landing in second place.

The right Facebook advertising consultant ensures campaign success with expert strategy, data-driven optimization, and an obsession with capturing hard-earned ROI.

Let’s look deeper into what Facebook Ads consultants do, how to find the right partner for your needs, and then meet our favorite seven hand-picked Facebook consultants.

What is a Facebook Ads consultant?

A Facebook Ads consultant is a paid media expert helping businesses create and optimize high-performing Facebook advertisements.

They advise businesses on the right ad formats, audience targeting options, continuous optimizations, and more, to reach prospective customers and achieve conversion goals.

An expert Facebook advertising partner knows the difference between an awareness, consideration, and conversion ad — and the right time to use each ad option to reach different goals.

They’ll help you tap into every opportunity, and those opportunities are huge — 87% of marketers said their social media sales either stayed the same or increased in 2023.

How much does a consultant cost?

Hiring a Facebook Ads consultant typically costs between $1,500 to $5,000/month, depending on services, advertising plans, location, experience, and other factors.

Most ad consultants charge a monthly retainer fee, while others may prefer project-based or hourly pricing. These charges are on top of your spend on the Facebook ad campaigns.

Ultimately, Facebook consulting is an investment in engaging customers and growing your business – and it works.

Top 7 Facebook Ads consultants to consider

You need a Facebook advertising consultant that’s the right fit for your business.

Some Facebook advertising consultants offer strategy and consulting services, while others are hands-on, managing, launching, and optimizing your ad campaigns to deliver better performance.

Keep reading to find the right match for your business needs.

  1. HawkSEM
  2. Claire Pelletreau
  3. Laura Moore
  4. WebFX
  5. MuteSix
  6. Sarah Sal
  7. Intero Digital

1. HawkSEM


HawkSEM is an award-winning, full-service digital agency with extensive experience in paid social media advertising, Google ads, pay-per-click services, and other conversion rate optimization strategies.

Just ask Thriftbooks—it hired us as its trusted Facebook Ads consultant to improve its ad performance, ultimately increasing average order value (AOV) by 50%.

How do we consistently outperform competitors and get killer results — like a 303% increased return on ad spend (ROAS) for tech apparel brand 686?

We could go on and on about what makes us different from other agencies, but to save you a monologue, let’s look at the three key areas where we shine:

  1. Senior strategists on every account — we run manual campaigns and don’t set-it-and-forget it, like too many others do in our space.
  2. Extensive experience running, testing, and optimizing social campaigns, plus delivering a full suite of complementary digital optimization and advertising services to get meaningful performance and profits for our clients. There’s a reason we’ve been hand-selected as a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner.
  3. ConversionIQ — our proprietary marketing and analytics platform that brings together all your marketing data across channels into one command station.

This last one’s too important to skim over. With Conversion IQ, our expert teams gain a complete picture of campaign performance to identify growth signals, improve forecasting, reduce wasted ad spend, and determine the most effective ways to optimize campaigns and landing pages for higher conversion rates and better quality leads.

To say it plain and clear, ConversionIQ reveals the best path forward to supercharge campaign performance. As important, we put that critical, eye-opening data in the hands of our senior strategists to execute proven, winning campaign strategies to continuously optimize ad spend, skyrocket conversions, and improve your bottom line.

But, we don’t stop there. With award-winning expertise across disciplines, we apply lessons learned from paid advertising campaigns to improve results across other marketing channels, like SEO and paid search.

“Facebook ads make it easy to test all types of creative, messaging, promotions, audience targets, and even product trends, and gain instantaneous data on how our audience responds,” explains Sam Yadegar, CEO of HawkSEM. “But too many businesses only use that data to improve that campaign and move on.”

With ConversionIQ’s precise results tracking, his team can extract the lessons and data from Facebook Ads performance (like market and audience insights) to inform their approach to other channels — removing guesswork and maximizing spend by only investing budget and resources on proven strategies.

If you want to improve your Facebook advertising campaign performance, with an eye on a more holistic, data-driven and profitable digital strategy, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Our PPC services

  • Paid social audit
  • Ad execution across Facebook and all other major social platforms
  • Campaign strategy and execution
  • Audience targeting optimization
  • Ad copy creation
  • A/B, placement, and ad format testing
  • Facebook pixel and LinkedIn insights tag implementation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Bidding strategy and optimization

Our complementary digital services

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Microsoft advertising
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Remarketing
  • Content marketing

Our clients

  • Swimsuits Direct
  • Verizon
  • Direct TV
  • Microsoft
  • Honda

2. Claire Pelletreau

Claire Pelletreau

What do you get when you combine one part strategy, with two parts tech genius and creative thinking? Consultant for Facebook ads and Instagram Claire Pelletreau.

Claire Pelletreu specializes in consulting seven- and eight-figure course creators, who need a better advertising ROI. She runs the Get Paid Marketing program and combines data gathering, analysis, strategy, and experimentation to help business owners attract leads and sell more courses and coaching programs.

Want to learn more? Claire Pelletreu also hosts a podcast and offers many other resources for course creators and marketers looking to succeed with social ads.

Sample services

  • 1:1 Facebook and Instagram consulting
  • Group coaching
  • Social ads strategy and copy review
  • Lead generation funnel strategy
  • Free social ads masterclass and trainings


  • How to Tutor Online
  • Jereshia Hawk
  • Jasmine Star
  • Laura Belgray
  • Kathryn Morrison Coaching

3. Laura Moore

Laura Moore

Laura Moore is a Facebook marketing consultant with the know-how on all things Facebook and Instagram ads management, training, and consultation.

Moore offers a four-step process to support her clients — starting with a discovery session to create the right strategy, followed by Facebook pixel and audience setup; initial testing of campaign assets and budget guidance; and daily ad monitoring and updates.

Moore also offers a comprehensive course, The Ads Manager Academy, multiple training options, and 1:1 support to deliver varying levels of hands-on care to clients.

Sample services

  • Facebook Ads management
  • Facebook Ads training
  • Social media management
  • 1:1 consulting and other support packages


  • University of Brighton
  • Talented Ladies Club
  • Wonderland House
  • Mummas and Beans
  • Restfest Wellness Festival

4. WebFX


Leading social media marketing agency WebFX helps businesses master Facebook advertising to generate leads, improve brand visibility, and turn paid social media traffic into sales revenue.

Additionally, WebFX offers a comprehensive suite of other digital marketing services, from SEO to CRO, UX, ecommerce solutions, content marketing, website development, and more.

With more than 500+ digital experts on their team and a 25-year track record, WebFX has the chops to solve your business challenges through integrated digital marketing services.

Sample services

  • Social advertising across popular platforms
  • Revenue marketing and CRO
  • SEO and lead generation
  • UX and interactive
  • Content marketing


  • Merrimack Valley Psychological Associates
  • Net Friends
  • Hurst Pediatric Dentistry
  • Subway
  • Stanley Security

5. MuteSix


MuteSix is a full-funnel performance marketing agency, merging both marketing and creative services to help businesses succeed on popular social networks.

As a Meta Business partner, MuteSix team obsesses over performance data and social optimization best practices to deliver better campaign results for their clients.

Tap into their network of top content creators and influencers, get support from dedicated Meta platform reps, or ask about real-time creative and media-buying strategies to accelerate campaign success and business growth.

Sample services

  • Marketing on popular social networks
  • SMS marketing
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Graphic design and bespoke production


  • Disney
  • GNC
  • Twillory
  • Dave
  • Zumba Fitness

6. Sarah Sal

Sarah Sal

Sarah Sal offers hypercaffeinated Facebook marketing and long-term ads success.

Sal bucks industry trends for real experiments and data — like, the time she recommended long-form ad copy over the typically preferred video ads, ultimately increasing ROI by 1,866% from Facebook ads.

Sal is an industry thought leader and has been published on ActiveCampaign, The Copywriter Club, AdEspresso, and more.

Sample services

  • Facebook Ads strategy
  • LinkedIn ads management
  • Ad creation
  • Copywriting
  • Ad testings


  • Hootsuite
  • Stratgyzers
  • ClickFunnels
  • I Will Teach You a Language
  • BetterBack

7. Intero Digital

Intero Digital

Digital marketing agency Intero Digital helps entrepreneurs and businesses engage customers with paid media strategies, including ad execution, AI modeling, and ad testing.

Its 400+ person team is experienced in managing and optimizing paid media ads across popular social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Additionally, Intero Digital offers complementary digital services, such as branding, content, digital PR, SEO, website development, creative, and more, to help businesses take an omnichannel approach to growing their business.

Sample services

  • Paid media
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Creative
  • Video marketing ads


  • Arcadia Data
  • Blackbaud
  • Mizuno
  • Clark Land Services
  • Auberge Resorts

If you need a helping hand, we recommend any of these seven Facebook experts to improve your strategy.

What are the benefits of a Facebook Ads consultant?

Facebook offers many ad campaign formats, targeting options, retargeting capabilities, and opportunities to get in front of your ideal audience.

Plus, its algorithm is constantly updated, which can wreak havoc on ad success if your campaigns aren’t continuously optimized for the most recent recommendations.

Of course, competition is fierce. Facebook’s ad revenue is expected to hit $170.82 in 2024 — a more than 11% increase from 2023.

Bringing in Facebook marketing consultants protects your budget by skillfully navigating changes easily.

They’ll advise on the best ways to optimize your campaigns to match algorithm updates, protect ad spend, reach target audiences, and incrementally boost performance with hands-on management.

Key benefits of a Facebook Ads consultant include:

1. Facebook expertise

Facebook ad experts obsess over Facebook updates, trends, and best practices.

They’ve run a ton of successful ad campaigns and know the ins and outs of ad optimization to get better results.

Plus, they know what to look for to improve an underperforming campaign and protect your ad budget.

2. Time savings

By outsourcing your Facebook ads to a professional, you won’t waste time fighting with the Facebook algorithm or puzzling over poor-performing campaigns.

Instead, focus your time where it’s most valuable for your business, and let the campaigns run successfully in the hands of your strategic partner.

3. Strategic guidance

Your Facebook advertising strategy must always evolve with audience preferences, algorithm updates, and business goals.

A Facebook consultant will build a custom campaign strategy based on your business objectives, so every ad drives you closer to your goals.

4. Budget optimization

The right Facebook ads consultant understands bidding strategies, performance data, and audience targeting options to run, measure, and optimize campaigns continuously.

They protect your ad spend by continuously tweaking the strategy to better reach your right audience, gain new leads, and drive conversions. This is crucial — if you’re inexperienced in running paid ads, it’s easy to waste money.

5. Content and creative expertise

A Facebook consultant has resources to deliver eye-catching ad creative and write ad copy that grabs attention and motivates conversions.

They’re pros at adhering to Facebooks’ media specs, sizes, and best practices, and experienced using data to improve copy and creative for better performance.

6. Data-driven measurement

A Facebook ads consultant understands how to interpret the many KPIs measuring campaign performance.

They can tell the difference between vanity and meaningful metrics and will optimize your campaign strategy based on the data that matters.

Facebook ads consulting ensures your marketing strategies are successful across this wildly popular and powerful platform. But, how do you decide to outsource advertising to a consultant?

5 signs it’s time to hire a Facebook advertising consultant

Whether it’s time to bring in a Facebook consultant is a personal business decision, based on your long-term ambition, short-term goals, budget, team resources, and investment priorities.

It’s time to hire an ads consultant when:

  • Your Facebook campaigns are underperforming: A Facebook consultant will review your ad account and ad sets to diagnose issues with your campaigns, whether it’s missed targeting opportunities, misaligned goals, issues with your copy or creative, and more. They know what to look for and, most importantly, how to change tactics to improve results.
  • You don’t have in-house experience: Facebook advertising is nuanced and complex; it’s very challenging to succeed with social ads when you don’t have the in-house expertise to guide and improve your strategy. Outsourcing to an agency or expert will exponentially increase the speed and reliability of your success.
  • You’re unsure how to handle algorithm updates: Advertising on a third-party platform, like Facebook or Instagram, means you’re at the mercy of its algorithm updates. Hire an expert who lives and breathes the Meta algorithms and is experienced in adapting campaign strategies.
  • You’re overwhelmed by data privacy laws: Facebook’s audience targeting options help businesses maintain continuity, while navigating the phasing out of third-party cookies, evolving data privacy laws, and consumer preferences – 25% of marketers are exploring targeted social media ads as a response to the depreciation of third-party cookies.
  • You’re stretched thin: Successful campaign execution and optimization is time-consuming, requiring a hands-on approach to finetune campaigns to deliver better results consistently. If you don’t have bandwidth to manage this critical channel, it’s time to bring in an expert.

What to look for in a consultant

The right Facebook consultant is a true partner, committed to implementing the best advertising campaign strategy to achieve your business goals.

Make sure the partner you hire is an expert in Facebook Ads, has a proven track record, and looks at your marketing strategy holistically — applying lessons learned from one channel to another for maximum results.

So, how do you find the right partner?

Questions to ask to find the right Facebook ad consultant:

  1. What is your process for understanding my goals and developing a strategy?
  2. How do you approach ad creation and targeting?
  3. How frequently do you monitor, update, and optimize campaigns?
  4. Do you provide creative or visuals?
  5. What examples stand out in your portfolio?
  6. What campaign results have you achieved in my industry?
  7. Which types of ads do you recommend for [insert goal]?
  8. What is your team structure?
  9. What communication or support options do you offer?
  10. What’s your pricing structure, and what can you achieve within my budget?
  11. Can I see case studies and testimonials from past clients?
  12. How frequently do you report on campaign performance?
  13. What strategies do you implement to protect my advertising spend?
  14. Where do you have office locations, and what is your typical availability?

Together, these questions reveal their consulting approach and whether it’s the right fit for your business partnership.

You’ll gain clarity in how experienced the consultant is within your industry, and how they build the right campaign strategy, optimize performance over time, report on results, and more.

How to find and hire one

With your evaluation criteria in-hand, where do you hire a Facebook Ads consultant?

Luckily, consultants come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many different channels and options to find your perfect fit.

Find a professional Facebook Ads consultant through:

  • Referrals or word of mouth: Reach out to trusted peers to ask for consultant recommendations. A first-person experience always helps to put you at ease and set expectations.
  • Digital marketing agencies: Online agencies, like HawkSEM, specialize in all aspects of social advertisement and other complementary digital marketing services. With an agency, you gain access to a full team of experts, with extensive past performance running successful campaigns for different industries and objectives.
  • Meta Business Partner Directory: Meta vets businesses providing services on their platform and select businesses receive a Meta Business Partner badge. Search their directory to connect with other businesses specializing in campaign performance, conversion data, feed platforms, and more, to evaluate trusted Meta partners.
  • Online freelance and marketing forums: There are many free and paid websites to browse service providers, or post your business requirements and budget to receive proposals from qualified consultants.
  • Professional social networks, like LinkedIn: Reach out to your larger professional network to ask for recommendations. Use LinkedIn’s search bar to browse Facebook Ad consultants or browse the LinkedIn Services Marketplace to connect with advertising consultants.

These different channels and platforms to compare different advertising professionals against one another.

Narrow down your consideration list by location, industry experience, team structure, reporting approach, and other factors to prioritize what matters most to your needs.

The takeaway

Facebook ads put your business right in front of your target audience on the social platform they use daily.

Giving the reins to a seasoned pro means you won’t waste time trying to figure out Facebook’s evolving algorithm and best practices through trial and error – and risk your ad budget in the process.

Instead, make every campaign dollar count by bringing in experts to connect with your audience and generate leads and revenue for your business.

Get a free consultation with a HawkSEM Facebook Ads expert today.

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