PPC for electricians involves strategically placing ads on search platforms and only paying a fee if your ad is clicked. HawkSEM offers end-to-end PPC services tailored to help electricians attract more clients, capture qualified leads, and boost revenue. Read on to learn how to drive more leads.

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In this guide, we’ll discuss PPC for electricians in detail. By the end, you’ll know how to use PPC ads to attract higher quality leads and customers.

What is PPC for electricians?

PPC for electricians is a targeted online advertising model where you pay a fee each time your ad gets clicked. This model is effective on both search and social media platforms.

On Google, when someone searches for “licensed electrician near me,” your ad can appear at the top of these search results.

ppc for electrician example

Also, on Facebook, your ad can target users in your city who have interacted with home improvement content.

PPC facebook ad example

PPC ads enable you to engage directly with potential customers looking for electrical services. They offer an efficient way to bring traffic to your website, capture qualified leads, and ultimately increase your revenue.

When you’re planning your first electrician PPC campaign, there are a few key terms you’ll recurringly come across. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these terminologies.

What’s the cost of PPC for electricians?

Costs can range from $500 to $10,000 each month, depending on your desired business goals, and the typical return on investment should be around 4x, if the campaigns are run properly.

The cost of PPC campaigns for local electricians will also depend on several factors, like:

  • Choice of platform: Search engines and social media platforms have unique pricing structures. While Google Ads might charge based on keyword competition and ad quality, Facebook Ads may price based on audience targeting parameters and ad engagement.
  • Keyword competition: Popular keywords in the electrical industry, such as “emergency electrician” or “best electrician near me,” are more expensive due to high demand.

google ads CPC for electrician keyword

  • Geographical location: Ads in densely populated urban areas cost more than those in rural or less populated regions due to higher competition and demand.
  • Quality of ads: A well-designed, high-quality ad can reduce costs. Ads that closely align with user intent and offer a seamless user experience typically see better performance and lower costs.

For example, consider the keyword “residential electrician services” for Google search ads. The cost per click for this keyword is influenced by factors, such as the number of electricians bidding on it and the quality of your ad. Higher competition for the keyword leads to a higher cost.

On Facebook, the cost depends on audience targeting specificity and market competition within the chosen demographic. Ads more precisely targeted to a specific audience may have a different cost structure than broader targeting.

In both scenarios, the cost per click vary significantly, ranging from a few cents to several dollars, reflecting the competitive landscape and targeting efficiency of the platforms. And there are ways to lower customer acquisition costs of your ads.

That said, the average CPC in Google Ads across all industries is $1.72. And the average CPC on Facebook ads across all industries is $1.68.

“There’s no single price for PPC ads. The more competitive your niche and more aggressive your goals, the higher your PPC cost will be,” says Rambod Yadegar, President of HawkSEM. “There are ways electricians can lower this cost, though.”

“By niching down, focusing on specific categories and segments, improving Quality Score on Google Ads, and other tactics. When working with clients, we spend a lot of our energy ensuring we don’t just achieve the defined goals, but we also achieve them in the most cost-effective way.”

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Why do electricians need PPC?

PPC ads provide a direct channel for electricians and electrical contractors to connect with potential clients. They help you reach more people, generate qualified leads, and drive revenue.

Here are some of the benefits of PPC for electricians:

Expands your reach and visibility

PPC ads on search and social platforms put your electrical services in front of a wider audience than local print or word-of-mouth marketing ever could.

These ads place your services directly before potential customers actively searching for electrical services online.

For example, someone in New Jersey typing “electrical repair” into Google could immediately see your ad, connecting you to a customer in need right at that moment.

The term is searched 6,600 times in NJ every month. That’s a huge opportunity.

electrical repair search volume

At a time when having a prevalent online presence is essential, PPC ads ensure your electrical business is seen and considered by an extensive online audience, which aids growth and competitiveness.

Targets the right audience (at the right time)

PPC platforms like Google Ads and Meta Ads allow you to tailor your advertising campaigns to specific segments.

This could mean targeting homeowners within a certain age range or focusing on regions with high-density residential properties.

Advanced audience targeting options also enable you to reach users based on their online behavior.

For instance, your ads can target individuals who recently searched for home renovations or electrical safety checks.

google ads segments

Such precise targeting can bring in quality leads. Unlike SEO, your ad spending goes towards reaching individuals more inclined to require your electrical services.

Makes spending more efficient

PPC campaigns provide the flexibility to set a budget that aligns with your financial capabilities. Whether it’s $5 a day or $500, you have complete control over how much you spend.

google ads budget

You incur costs only when someone clicks on your ad. This distinguishes PPC from traditional advertising, where costs are incurred for ad space or time, irrespective of performance.

This model is particularly beneficial for smaller or emerging electrical businesses. You can start small, measure the effectiveness of your ads. Then adjust your spending based on what brings the best return on investment.

But there’s a caveat: Pay-per-click advertising lets you spend more efficiently. But there’s plenty of room to waste your budget if you’re not smart in your strategy and execution.

At HawkSEM, we’ve worked with clients who spent exorbitantly high on clicks and conversions. We helped them cut back on ad spend by as much as 30% and grow ROAS by 62%. So, be careful with your PPC spending to ensure higher cost-efficiency.

Provides flexibility with A/B testing

PPC offers the unique advantage of making real-time campaign adjustments. If certain ads, keywords, or target demographics aren’t performing as expected, you can modify them immediately.

With PPC, you can conduct A/B testing, trying out different ad formats, messages, or landing pages to see what engages your audience better.

This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your advertising strategy based on actual performance data, leading to more effective and efficient campaigns.

Eases measuring and tracking results

PPC platforms offer detailed analytics, allowing you to track real-time ad performance. There are also third-party PPC analytics tools you can use to see:

  • How many people clicked your ad
  • How long they stayed on your site
  • Whether they took action, like requesting a quote or calling your business

This data clarifies the effectiveness of different strategies so you can make informed decisions.

If a particular ad or keyword isn’t performing well, you can adjust your tactics on the fly, ensuring continuous improvement and efficiency.

Enhances brand recognition

Even when users don’t click on your ad, they see your business name, logo, and services. This repeated exposure builds brand awareness, recognition, and trust over time.

When a user later needs electrical services, your business is more likely to come to mind due to repeated visibility.

In a way, PPC for small businesses can also play a role in long-term brand building and recognition — beyond immediate clicks and conversions.

12 electrician PPC advertising tips from experts

Running successful PPC ad campaigns (and electrician marketing campaigns in general) is more than just following a set of steps. It requires better planning and execution, which has nuances.

Here are 12 expert electrician PPC ad tips to achieve better results:

  1. Target local markets with specific keywords
  2. Leverage seasonal electrical needs
  3. Promote your 24/7 emergency electrical services
  4. Target specific services to niche audiences
  5. Implement geo-targeting to reach local customers
  6. Incorporate real customer testimonials in ads
  7. Craft compelling call-to-action
  8. Use retargeting to re-engage past visitors
  9. Study competitors’ ads for strategic insights
  10. Focus on creating high-converting landing pages
  11. Engage customers with video content in ads
  12. Monitor and adjust your ad budget continuously

Target local markets with specific keywords

As an electrician, the success of your PPC search ad depends on targeting local markets. So use specific, location-based keywords in your campaigns.

For instance, instead of a broad term like “licensed electrician,” opt for “licensed electrician in [Your City].”

google ads keywords

This ensures your ads only display to potential customers in your immediate service area, increasing the likelihood of attracting relevant leads.

Research keywords commonly used by people seeking electrical services in your region and integrate these into your ad campaigns. You can use PPC keyword research tools like Keyword Planner and Semrush for keyword research.

Leverage seasonal electrical needs

You can enhance your PPC campaign effectiveness by aligning it with seasonal electrical needs.

For instance, in winter, focus your ads on heater repair services. During summer, shift to promoting your air conditioning repair services.

As you can see on Google Trends, more people in the US search for AC repair services during the month of June-July:

Google trend for AC repair service query

Tailoring your ads to specific seasonal requirements (such as spotlighting outdoor lighting installations in spring or emphasizing storm-proofing electrical services in fall) can make your ads more relevant and directly address the immediate needs of your potential new customers.

This approach can lead to a higher CTR as your ads resonate with the current challenges homeowners face.

Promote your 24/7 emergency electrical services

If your electrician business offers 24/7 emergency services, highlighting this in your PPC ads can attract clients who need immediate assistance.

People searching for emergency electrical services are often in urgent situations and will likely click on ads that promise an immediate response.

Your PPC ad copy should clearly state that you offer 24/7 emergency services, which should be a prominent feature of your ad design.

Consider using phrases like “Immediate Emergency Electrical Assistance Available 24/7” or “Fast Response for Electrical Emergencies Day and Night.”

Specifically targeting those in urgent need lets you cater to a critical market segment and position your business as a reliable and responsive service provider.

Target specific services to niche audiences

When advertising your electrical company, consider creating specialized campaigns for each sub-category of your service.

For example, if you offer commercial electrical services, use platforms like LinkedIn to target paid ads directly at businesses in your area.

This avoids generic messaging and allows for more personalized, relevant advertising, efficiently reaching the exact audience needing those services.

Implement geo-targeting to reach local customers

Geo-targeting advertising allows you to focus your efforts on the areas you offer your services.

For example, if your business is based in Houston, your PPC ads should be targeted to users searching for electrical services in and around Houston.

Top ad platforms like Google and Facebook offer flexible geo-targeting capabilities.

Incorporate real customer testimonials in ads

Trust is a key factor in a homeowner’s decision to hire an electrician. Including real customer testimonials in your PPC ads can enhance the credibility of your services.

Testimonials act as social proof, showing prospects that others have had good experiences with your services.

A quote or a brief endorsement from a satisfied customer can make your ad stand out and give prospects more confidence in choosing your services.

Craft compelling call-to-action

A strong CTA in your PPC ads is essential to drive action from potential customers.

Your CTA should be clear, compelling, and relevant to your electrical services.

Use action-oriented language that encourages immediate responses, like “Book Now,” “Get a Free Quote,” or “Contact Us Today for Immediate Service.”

A well-crafted call-to-action can increase the click-through rate of your ads, turning viewers into leads.

Use retargeting to re-engage past visitors

Retargeting helps you reconnect with individuals who have visited your website but did not make an immediate inquiry or booking.

You can set up retargeting ads to remind these potential customers of your services as they browse the web or use social media.

This ad strategy keeps your brand top-of-mind and can often be the nudge needed for someone to revisit your website and take action, such as scheduling a service call or filling out an inquiry form.

Study competitors’ ads for strategic insights

Observing your competitors’ PPC strategies can provide valuable insights for your own campaigns.

Look at how other electricians in your area advertise their services. Note the keywords they use, the style of their ad copy, and any special offers they promote.

Don’t copy their tactics — instead, understand what works in your market and find ways to differentiate your services.

For instance, if you notice competitors aren’t emphasizing 24/7 service availability, and it’s something you offer, highlight this in your ads to stand out. Tools like Semrush can help with competitive analysis.

Focus on creating high-converting landing pages

The effectiveness of your PPC ads also relies on the quality of the landing pages they lead to.

Your landing pages should align with the ad’s content, be visually appealing, and be easy to navigate.

Ensure they provide all the necessary information about your services and include a clear, easy-to-find call to action, like a contact form or phone number.

A well-designed landing page will help convert visitors from your PPC ads into actual customers by providing a seamless and informative experience.

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Engage customers with video content in ads

Video content can be particularly engaging in PPC ads on social media platforms.

As an electrician, you can use videos to showcase your work or explain common electrical issues.

Videos quickly grab attention and are more memorable than text-only ads.

They also allow you to convey a lot of information in a short time, making them perfect for platforms where users scroll quickly, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Ensure your videos are short, engaging, and have a relevant message to capture and retain viewer interest.

Monitor and adjust your ad budget continuously

Regularly review your campaign’s performance data to see which ads are most effective and which aren’t delivering desired results.

You may find certain keywords or ad times yield better conversions and warrant a higher budget allocation.

Conversely, underperforming aspects of your campaign can have their budgets reduced or be paused entirely.

This ongoing process of monitoring and adjusting ensures your ad spend is always targeting the most effective areas.

At HawkSEM, we use ConversionIQ for our clients. It’s our proprietary technology that provides us with actionable insights from campaigns, enabling us to optimize our campaigns in real-time and achieve high-quality leads and conversions.

From trend performance indicators and growth signals to audience and Quality Score optimization – ConversionIQ comes with a host of automation and reporting capabilities that make optimizing ad spending and performance more efficient.


All active HawkSEM clients get access to this tool for free. Contact us and talk to our PPC consultant to know more.

How to set up a PPC campaign: A walkthrough for electricians

Depending on the ad platform, the process to set up a PPC campaign can vary.

Let’s look at how you can create a campaign on Google Ads.

Start by creating your Google Ads account if you don’t already have one. It’s quick and simple. Then, log in and create a new campaign.

create campaign on google ads

Next, choose your campaign’s objective. For electricians and electrical contractors, this would typically be “Leads.”

choose campaign objective

Select campaign type. If this is your first ad campaign, go with “Search.”

select campaign type


  • Select how you’d like to reach your goal (select “Website visits”)
  • Choose lead conversion goals (select “Form submissions from your website”)
  • Name your campaign

Click “Continue.”

google ads goals

You’ll then get to configure your campaign.

This would include setting your bidding, choosing your target audience (based on location, segments, and other parameters), adding ad copy, adding keywords, and defining your budget.

google ads configuration

After configuration, review your campaign. And if everything’s alright, make it live.

If you’re looking for a more detailed guide on setting up an ad campaign on Google and Facebook, check out: How to Set Up a PPC Campaign: Step-by-Step Tips

Key terms in PPC for electricians

  • Cost per click (CPC): The fee you pay when someone clicks your ad
  • Bidding: The process where you set a price you’re willing to pay for each click on your ad
  • Auction: The process where ads compete in real-time to determine their placement in search results
  • Quality Score: A metric search engines use to rate your ads’ relevance and quality
  • Ad Rank: The rank of your ad on a search results page (determined by bid price and other factors like Quality Score)
  • Target audience: The specific audience group you want your ads to reach
  • Landing page: The web page someone lands on after clicking a PPC ad
  • Keywords: The search terms and phrases that trigger your ads
  • Impressions: The number of times your ad is shown
  • Retargeting: Displaying ads to people who previously visited your site
  • Geotargeting: Showing ads based on the viewer’s geographic location
  • Click-through rate (CTR): The rate (%) of people who click your ad after seeing it
  • Conversion rate: The rate at which clicks convert to desired actions (like filling out a form)

How to find an electrician PPC agency

Running a successful PPC campaign requires time, resource investment, and expertise. Working with ad specialists is recommended to achieve better and faster results.

So, if DIY is too much work and you prefer to hire an electrician PPC company, consider these questions:

  • Do they have experience working with electricians?
    Look for an agency with proven experience managing PPC campaigns for electricians or similar trades. Their familiarity with your industry means they understand your market and customer behavior, which is crucial for creating effective campaigns.
  • Are they known for good quality and support?
    Consider the level of service and support the agency offers. A good PPC agency will be responsive to your needs, offer personalized advice, and be proactive in making campaign adjustments.
  • What is their strategic approach and creativity?
    Assess the agency’s strategic approach to PPC. They should offer creative solutions tailored to your specific goals and target audience, not just a one-size-fits-all strategy.
  • Do they offer transparent reporting?
    Choose an agency that values transparency. They should provide clear, regular reports on your campaign’s performance and be open about their online marketing strategies and the use of your budget.
  • How much do they charge?
    The agency should offer clear, upfront information about their fees and service costs. Avoid agencies with hidden charges or vague pricing structures. Find a partner that provides a cost-effective service and knows how to lower CPC.

Team up with electrician PPC specialists at HawkSEM

HawkSEM is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, empowering B2B and B2C brands to scale faster. We’ve worked with clients like Microsoft, Honda, Nike, and Verizon.

And have a team of PPC specialists who help clients across various industries, including electricians and electrical contractors.

HawkSEM team

“We understand the challenges and nuances of lead generation for electricians. The market is unlike others, influenced highly by cost, quality of work, and trust. Knowing these on-ground realities enables us to build high-impact campaigns that convert times better,” says Yadegar.

“All our campaigns are led by senior strategists and engineered by PPC experts. A personalized approach has been one of our USPs that has helped us increase ROAS by as much by 19% and revenue by 99% for niche clients like HomElectrical.”

Transparent communication and extensive reporting are the core pillars of our electrician PPC services. We focus on building lasting relationships with clients and working as an extension of their team, in tandem with their long-term goals.

HawkSEM offers custom PPC packages tailored to the needs, budgets, and goals of electricians and electrical contractors.

The takeaway

Ready to attract more potential clients, capture qualified leads, and drive higher revenue? Let’s build a smart PPC campaign to promote your electrical services on search and social.

Book your free consultation with our ad specialist to let us know more about your business, goals, and expectations.

We’ll build a custom ad roadmap for you. Our electrical PPC services are end-to-end, so get in touch with us today.

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